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  1. Suggestion: Get a little deeper into it. Study physics, if you have the time. And then, when you know what you are talking about, come back to your discoveries. You will never be able to maintain 50g for 4 days, because your mass will approach infinity as you approach the speed of light, so you will need always more, infinitely more, energy to get any more acceleration.
  2. I was not thinking of "the germans", but of young soldiers. Maybe brainwashing is not exactly the right term here, but at least they had a strong and effective propaganda going on in the Hitler youth, and in the schools. I have heard people talking about it working from own experience. They believed the shit. Now as you write that Werra guy was already nineteen when Hitler took over than that does of course not apply for him. Just plain stupidity then in my view. I would make a difference between germans escaping to go on fighting, and allieds doing the same. My sympathy is with
  3. Not in Canada, in Germany he was brainwashed. I guess we have a misunderstanding here? To be out of the war and do this to get back into it is just plain crazy.
  4. Just amazing how brainwashed these guys must have been.
  5. Mind to explain how to check that?
  6. Perhaps everybody giving an opinion about the sound levels should tell us his age? Maybe that hissing sound of the wind has high frequencies we older guys just don't hear? I am 61, and for me the wind is not too loud ...
  7. Just wanted to say we just had 3 really nice Coop missions in a row. Absolutely believable action going on. Ground attackers doing their job, others trying to prevent them from doing so. Nice formations flying around. In the last mission no contacts, which is also great because the AAR shows there was action going on, just not scripted so we would meet it - but with really good atmosphere due to night time and full moon. Thanks a lot, PWCG is all what I am doing with this game now!
  8. Hi Pat! We have been running a very enjoyable coop campaign for quite some time, but for several missions now there are absolutely no germans (enemies ..) showing up. We did check that they have plenty of planes available in all squadrons. I also increased the plane deletion radius to 150km to no avail and am running out of ideas why this could be. If it could be helpful for you have a look at the error report - otherwise don't bother, we'll just start a new campaign and see what happens. Thanks again for this great piece of software! Kuban20200910210910
  9. I am deeply impressed. These are by far the most immersive missions I have flown so far. Thank you, Gambit!
  10. Of course I have an account. Used it once when I installed my current windows and used a local account since. Found myself forced to figure out that account again. Of course it was blocked, them telling me something had been done that broke their rules, of course without telling me what that would have been ... So finally they got me because I am a flight sim junkie ...
  11. what a clusterfuck ... turns out you need to be logged in with a microsoft account to use this, and are then forced into some obscure xbox stuff? Any idea if I can use this without using a microsoft account on log in to my PC?
  12. This game is really good in teaching us how limited our focus is. I am now recording most flights, and using Storebror's utility to automatically restart the recording. It is very instructional to watch a recording after situations as you are describing. In most cases you will find that you actually could very well have seen the guys shooting you down later - but you were simply not really watching. You probably thought you were watching - but our brain is very limited in processing capacity and playing dirty tricks to hide that. While we normally believe to be seeing everything within ou
  13. another suggestion: the possibility to take over config changes from other campains when creating a new one? Save a config as a template perhaps?
  14. just curious - how do you then limit rpm without stress on the crankshaft? Wouldn't running at 1.42 ATA result in immediate and catastrophic overreving without any sort of brake, be it the propeller, or whatever else?
  15. Sorry ... 5 minutes after posting I realized exactly what you are writing about energy conservation and deleted my stupid post, hoping nobody had seen it yet. I should think first and post second, not the other way round ...
  16. Having 80 or 90fps does not mean anything. The weird thing with the time delay is you can be in varying degrees of slow motion, perhaps not even noticing it, while still having high frame rates. Hosting Coops I have seen two different behaviours on overload: The"normal" one: You get the server overload message, tick delay in the server application goes up and sps down, the game stutters for the clients. The time delatation thing is different: There may be an initial server overload message, but it goes away. However the slow motion stays, but its smooth, not stuttering. And the really surprisi
  17. Wikipedia says from around 15000 built around 3500 were lost to combat causes, i.e. around 20%. Those 0.7% would amount to just about 100 planes lost.
  18. when that happens usually if you take the initiative and just take off they wake up and follow
  19. I cannot retire or transfer pilots anymore in a Coop, Version 10.1.0 and 10.2.0. Didn't that work previously? I can do add a pilot though. In a single player campaign I can retire and transfer pilots. ESevenb20200709220766.zip
  20. Hi Pat, We were running a campaign starting with 109E7s on moscow map. Made it to March, 1st 1942 and the next mission was on the Stalingrad map. However after the mission we got the message that PWCG could not find any log files from that mission. Nothing hat changed, I found log files correspnding to that mission in the data directory as usual. The error report zip is attached. Thank you for all your work! ESevenb202007012207592.zip
  21. A minor issue: We just made it in our Moscow campaign to 1st of march 1942. The debriefing for the last mission flown on the Moscow map was already showing the Stalingrad map. Version 10.0.0beta.
  22. I was looking at it from the bombers point of view I often have to make weird detours on my level bombing flights to pick up the escort. Might be easier to adjust waypoints for the escort, or better said their spawn point?
  23. When changing altitude values one has to press enter while still in the input field to get the change registered. About the climbing waypoints I don't know, I believe I successfully moved them around. b.t.w. Patrick, do you perhaps see a possibility to make all waypoints moveable, i.e. also the rendezvous and target ingress poitns?
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