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  1. As Yuba said above. Had this too when playing with overclocking. Stopped doing it and it did not happen any more. If you are not overclocking maybe it gets hot? Dust?
  2. Mine is connected directly to the motherboard. But then this has only happened to me once, so I can't really draw any conclusion yet. It just draw my attention to see someone else was experiencing that too.
  3. It happens also in SP, it is not related to full servers.
  4. Rapidus, with all respect - I believe this deserves to be read again with a little more time and concentration.
  5. Interesting. It happened that yesterday evening my throttle stopped working in flight, the first time ever. I quit the game and opened the USB controller settings - the throttle was there and working. Maybe there is something? Coincidence? Aliens?
  6. Hi again Vander, Another proposal: Flying Circus flights starting on runway are often packed together a little too tighly, resulting in props eating the tails of their frontman. Possibly that happens with some wind because there are no brakes? I do now "unpack" them a little manually, that seems to work well. Could you perhaps integrate that? I am not sure if that happens only with WWI planes, but that is where I have seen it now repeatedly. And thanks again for your work!
  7. 9700k+rtx2080+32GB of RAM here. Shouldn't that be enough?
  8. I had that being stuck on the loading screen some time ago. I then "advanced" to getting in, but getting kicked after a couple of minutes. My connection is usually good, perfect for all other servers. I also hoost coops and never had trouble with anybody. That being said: I am under the impression that your server has some probably really difficult to identify problem which seems to affect some people, and others absolutely not. It also started only some weeks or perhaps months ago, before I could fly fine on your server. This is of course no complaint, just a hint. I really appreciate your work!
  9. Hi Vander, I have seen many AI flights disappearing because of crashing into each other. I started now to set all formation distances manually to "loose" (value 2) in a text editor and then resave. Since then, I have not seen them crashing anymore. How about making that the default? Looks still good to me. And thanks for this fantastic tool!
  10. How do I check for packet loss? Knowing your servers IP and pinging manually, perhaps? I have no clue where to find your servers IP. Will check ping tomorrow, don't remember exactly know if it did show at all in the server list.
  11. Getting kicked here the same. Only on this server. Also after 1-10 minutes. Several of my colleagues had the same problem. All other servers present no problem.
  12. I believe he calls out at the distance he starts firing, set him to fire at long distance and he will call out earlier.
  13. Fantastic! Now, please, go and have some holidays, and DO NOT read the forums for some time. We can't afford you to have a burnout!
  14. But this is with the "alternative visibility ". I was explicitly not talking about that, I consider that a failed intent to please people complaining about spotting difficulties.
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