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  1. Hi Pat, We were running a campaign starting with 109E7s on moscow map. Made it to March, 1st 1942 and the next mission was on the Stalingrad map. However after the mission we got the message that PWCG could not find any log files from that mission. Nothing hat changed, I found log files correspnding to that mission in the data directory as usual. The error report zip is attached. Thank you for all your work! ESevenb202007012207592.zip
  2. A minor issue: We just made it in our Moscow campaign to 1st of march 1942. The debriefing for the last mission flown on the Moscow map was already showing the Stalingrad map. Version 10.0.0beta.
  3. I was looking at it from the bombers point of view I often have to make weird detours on my level bombing flights to pick up the escort. Might be easier to adjust waypoints for the escort, or better said their spawn point?
  4. When changing altitude values one has to press enter while still in the input field to get the change registered. About the climbing waypoints I don't know, I believe I successfully moved them around. b.t.w. Patrick, do you perhaps see a possibility to make all waypoints moveable, i.e. also the rendezvous and target ingress poitns?
  5. I am really scared now by the germans in their flying locomotives.
  6. Just wanted to join and say "thank you". We are flying coops twice a week with 5 or 6 pilots, and especially since version 9 this is by far the most fun and satisfying way to play this game. 👍
  7. what happens too is that they kill each other on the ground before you find them ...
  8. There is a key binding for lowering the radio volume, somewhere down in the planes settings. Just don't lower it completely - that makes the text go away too.
  9. The "problem" (not a big one...) is that our beloved AI leaders do often execute really drastic speed changes, I was thinking it could help to be able to edit speed. Maybe the reason are large differences between climbing and cruising speed? Thinking again it's probably nothing to be fixed from within your generator. Nevertheless, if its not much trouble, I'd really like to have the possibility to change speeds, just for fun and the illusion of having more influence on the mission. b.t.w. I realized that when I edit waypoint altitudes, which sometimes is important e.g. to adjust to cloud height, one has to press enter in each single field after changing the value, otherwise it will use the old one. Java thing? Or something with an easy fix?
  10. You can move the waypoints, also change altitude for the waypoints. Which reminds me that I always wanted to ask if it could not be possible to add fields for editing speeds for waypoints, too?
  11. Well I treat it as a random thing, which apparently it also is. I usually fly at continuous power. Combat power "for some minutes", not measuring it exactly. Emergency only for short moments like e.g. in an emergency. And if I am in a critical situation and burn my engine - it's just part of the game. Just treat it as an engine which doesn't like to be overstressed. Enjoy and don't enrage yourself because you are afraid to loose some theoretical competitive advantage at some point. It has been discussed to death that the timers are not a nice solution, but then there is no better one everybody would agree one. It has also been said that the devs are working on a better engine model. Just give it a rest.
  12. It seems that timer and percentage stuff can really become an obsession. I sincerely recommend to switch messages off, go with a little bit less power, and relax ...
  13. Wonderful graphics now, looks almost like a new game, thx! Two small points: - Please, give us the possibility to switch off the techno chat messages even if the server allows them - all planes look like I16s against clouds from some distance now
  14. Somewhere in the settings you can change measurement units to be fixed or depending on the plane. I had that set to plane dependent at some point and then forgotten about. As a result I got the distance for the P40 shown in miles, for the 109 in kilometers, resulting in my confusion.
  15. As you chose to fly as red leader you will fly an La5 here, as player.
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