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  1. 216th_Nocke

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    why "no"? I think I read somewhere further up you could add the new destructible buildings in the mission editor anywhere. And then make a group or template and share it?
  2. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    an IL2, please!
  3. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I already realized your new strategy. Who is going to be able to shoot at too old men in biplanes on a sightseeing tour over the Kuban mountains?
  4. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    a little late to the party, looks like only A8 and Bf110 are left? I'll give the A8 a try, if its not too late! ... and off to have it flown at least once before ...
  5. 216th_Nocke

    Mid 1944 italian theatre?

    Search Jason Williams's posts. Multiplayer is just a small minority.
  6. 216th_Nocke

    The "all-angle" Peshka

    Your 110 buddy was basically parked at the peshkas 6. At some distance, but parked. He was shooting at the peshka, the peshka at him, in a very stationary situation concerning angles. Why does he expect to hit the peshka, but not the peshka to hit him?
  7. 216th_Nocke

    The "all-angle" Peshka

    You got hit flying parallel to the Peshka at very similar velocity probably by the sideways looking gunner. I see no mystery here.
  8. 216th_Nocke

    Level bombing help

    Coconut convinced me some time ago why they fall long if you dial in a too high altitude, using this artistic scheme made by him:
  9. 216th_Nocke

    Level bombing help

    no, if altitude is lower than dialed in they definitely fall long, maybe I make a drawing later. But you also see that clearly if you dial in grossly wrong values.
  10. 216th_Nocke

    Level bombing help

    I disagree. Here's a video I did some time ago. For unknown reason it shows in shitty quality now, but I believe it still shows my point. I also just did some more tests in the Kuban mountains, with higher terrain, which proove that the bombsight altimeter does not do any conversion, but I am now too lazy to make another video from that.
  11. Perhaps he is on holidays, but then he is not announcing this very aggressively either, so please allow me to post this link: https://www.patreon.com/coconutside
  12. 216th_Nocke

    boost not working in I16 since 3.009

    thx for trying! scratching the head now, clueless...
  13. Well, as the title says: Just discovered that pressing the boost button in the I16, nothing happens, anymore. Some time ago it did. If I switch on the techno chat it does say "boosted mode" when going to 2300 rpm, but manifold pressure stays below 1000. Also the boost lever on the left does not move anymore. Could somebody please doublecheck? Cheers!
  14. 216th_Nocke

    Level bombing help

    Supposing everything else is set correctly, you are higher above the ground than what you set in the bombsight, if your bombs fall long. Use the altitude you read from the pilots gauge, after setting it to nearest friendly field, not the one you read in the bomb sight. Just a guess. Wind is dialed in correctly?
  15. Well if you put the beginning of modern science at 60 years ago, then Newton, Einstein, Schrödinger etc. are ancient stuff, and you should trust them?