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  1. I tried hard to like theP39 - but it did not work. Apart from not climbing, loosing tons of whatever meager speed you might have obtained in any movement, it's the visibility. It somehow always lulls me into believing I am checking my surrounding, just to suddenly have tracers coming by left and right and getting killed by someone I never saw. Often I even hear there is someone around, but can't find him. It seems to be built to create an impression of good surround visibility, but in practice totally fails in this aspect.
  2. I do not have excel, but here is my result in OpenOffice - 21m for 0.6 bar and 240kg. I also did it on a pocket calculator - same result. Sort of weird. I think I found it: In the last term of your expression you use D21, which is your mass, instead of B21, which us the pressure difference.
  3. For the cross-checking I added the script and the formula in my post. So far I can't find an error, but of course there might be one. Could you post how you did it?
  4. well ... using the formula from the wiki you are quoting above I do arrive at these, different, results: Formula from wiki: I used this (admittedly quickly hacked..) octave script clf M=240; dp=linspace(0.1,1,50)'; s1=M^(1./3.) .*exp(0.9267-0.5112*log(dp)+0.0398*(log(dp)) .^2); M=500; s2=M^(1./3.) .*exp(0.9267-0.5112*log(dp)+0.0398*(log(dp)) .^2); M=1000; s3=M^(1./3.) .*exp(0.9267-0.5112*log(dp)+0.0398*(log(dp)) .^2); grid annotation('textbox',[0.3 0.3 0.1 0.2],'string','240kg'); annotation('textbox',[0.35 0.35 0.1 0.2
  5. Thx again for your much appreciated work, flying coops using your tool is indeed the most fun to play this game! One question: We'd sometimes like to have some of us flying bombers, others escorting them. Is there some way to figure out in advance, before mission generation, what squadron will have the escort task, so whoever would like to do that could transfer there? Can it perhaps be inferred from distance to next fighter base or something alike?
  6. Suggestion: Get a little deeper into it. Study physics, if you have the time. And then, when you know what you are talking about, come back to your discoveries. You will never be able to maintain 50g for 4 days, because your mass will approach infinity as you approach the speed of light, so you will need always more, infinitely more, energy to get any more acceleration.
  7. I was not thinking of "the germans", but of young soldiers. Maybe brainwashing is not exactly the right term here, but at least they had a strong and effective propaganda going on in the Hitler youth, and in the schools. I have heard people talking about it working from own experience. They believed the shit. Now as you write that Werra guy was already nineteen when Hitler took over than that does of course not apply for him. Just plain stupidity then in my view. I would make a difference between germans escaping to go on fighting, and allieds doing the same. My sympathy is with
  8. Not in Canada, in Germany he was brainwashed. I guess we have a misunderstanding here? To be out of the war and do this to get back into it is just plain crazy.
  9. Just amazing how brainwashed these guys must have been.
  10. Mind to explain how to check that?
  11. Perhaps everybody giving an opinion about the sound levels should tell us his age? Maybe that hissing sound of the wind has high frequencies we older guys just don't hear? I am 61, and for me the wind is not too loud ...
  12. Just wanted to say we just had 3 really nice Coop missions in a row. Absolutely believable action going on. Ground attackers doing their job, others trying to prevent them from doing so. Nice formations flying around. In the last mission no contacts, which is also great because the AAR shows there was action going on, just not scripted so we would meet it - but with really good atmosphere due to night time and full moon. Thanks a lot, PWCG is all what I am doing with this game now!
  13. Hi Pat! We have been running a very enjoyable coop campaign for quite some time, but for several missions now there are absolutely no germans (enemies ..) showing up. We did check that they have plenty of planes available in all squadrons. I also increased the plane deletion radius to 150km to no avail and am running out of ideas why this could be. If it could be helpful for you have a look at the error report - otherwise don't bother, we'll just start a new campaign and see what happens. Thanks again for this great piece of software! Kuban20200910210910
  14. I am deeply impressed. These are by far the most immersive missions I have flown so far. Thank you, Gambit!
  15. Of course I have an account. Used it once when I installed my current windows and used a local account since. Found myself forced to figure out that account again. Of course it was blocked, them telling me something had been done that broke their rules, of course without telling me what that would have been ... So finally they got me because I am a flight sim junkie ...
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