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  1. 216th_Nocke

    Nvidia DSR - are you using it ?

    All this seems to be really very subjective. I am on 1920x1200, using DSR at 2880x1800, and its by far the best image I ever had. No comparison to what you can achieve with those settings jokerBR describes, have gone through that. But yeah, just amazing. Someone further up writes he sees no noticeable difference with DSR, the someone here says its the best he ever saw. I had to set desktop resolution to 2880x1800 too to get it really working, b.t.w.
  2. The discord overlay, supposed to show who is talking, is working just randomly for me. No matter what I try - sometimes its there, sometimes not. I was wondering if someone perhaps has figured out some black magic to make it work reliably? Do I have to spit over my left shoulder before starting it? Or the other way round? Thx for any idea!
  3. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I'll take the 3rd IL2, please!
  4. If I remember correctly, I had similar problems because of spaces in the game installation directory name, as you have. I copied the installation to a directory without spaces in the name, and it worked. That was some versions ago, though.
  5. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    confirming my IL2. Thx Cat, thx Tip!
  6. ... of course the questioning continues .... may I ask, Master, how you send the logs and messages to the discord server? Unless you do not want to give that away, which would be perfectly understandable ... ... and a perhaps related question: after the first mission ends, it stops with the message "Execution aborted due to failure: No entries found suitable for result extraction". Maybe just because nothing happened, because I set the mission time to only 15 minutes for testing, and did not do anything?
  7. I did not check that small button in front of "campaign reset". On step further now, thx! 😀 Hallelujahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! It started !!!!!!!!
  8. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    ahhhhh......I missed this. Nothing like FNBF. Thx Tip!
  9. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    If there would be an IL2 left over, I'd take it. Otherwise, a Yak 1b. Thx!
  10. 216th_Nocke

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Looking forward to getting slaughtered by the latest 109s !
  11. Hi there, Had another little session on this today. Managed to connect from the web interface to the server controller. Scheduled a mission, it was able to start the dserver, which also found the correct sds-file. However it seems no missions are generated? To be sure I did not just set the path to the mission files (DynCampaign_1,2) wrongly, I searched my entire harddisk, to no avail. Any hint is greatly appreciated, thx in advance!
  12. Thx both! I am a step further now and will have a rest again before tackling the remaining stuff
  13. Hi Coconut, Seeing the stuff going on here I thought I'd continue with my troubles here so it could perhaps also serve others? I got everything built, managed to run the SetPasswd.exe which successfully inserted the password hash in the config file. However, starting the SturmovikServerControl.exe, I get this: 2018-08-05 13:45:11.7989|ERROR|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$SturmovikServerControl.ServerState|Failed to load type 'Campaign.ServerControlPlugin.Plugin' from assembly 'C:\Users\jung\Documents\Coconut\Campaign\Bin\Campaign.dll': 'method not found "Microsoft.FSharp.Core.FSharpChoice`2<CampaignServerControl.Api.ScheduledTask,System.String> CampaignServerControl.Api.CampaignServerApi.StartOrResume(System.String)".' 2018-08-05 13:45:13.7677|INFO|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$Main|main: Listening on http://localhost:8083/ 2018-08-05 13:45:13.7677|INFO|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$Main|main: Ban checker started 2018-08-05 13:45:14.8285|ERROR|RConClient.Client|Failed to connect to game server: Es konnte keine Verbindung hergestellt werden, da der Zielcomputer die Verbindung verweigerte (translates to: could not establish connection, target computer refused) I can connect to the server controller in my browser, and see a window with 2 tabs, "IL2 Sturmovik server control", and "Primary dserver instance", both with a username and password form. However I can't log in in any of the forms, and I am afraid that could be related to the missing method above? Any help greatly appreciated, thank you! edit: this is my SturmovikServerControl,yaml (login data deleted): Server: ControllerUrls: - http://localhost:8083/ AdminPasswordHash: ...removed Instances: - Name: Primary DServer instance Description: trying to get a Coconut campaign running ServerHostname: localhost ServerPort: 8991 Login: removed Password: removed OffLoadServerInput: ReqKill GameDirectory: C:\il2\ ChatLogDirectory: LogDirectory: ChatLogUpdateEnabled: false CampaignPluginAssembly: C:\Users\jung\Documents\Coconut\Campaign\Bin\Campaign.dll CampaignPluginType: Campaign.ServerControlPlugin.Plugin CampaignPluginConfig: CampaignConfig.yaml
  14. Vinyl records are not mono, just some of them. Uncompressed you have the same amount of music on a cd as on a vinyl disc. I guess you are thinking of mp3s. If you do not hear the difference betwren a good analog recording and a 128kbps mp3 you must be very lucky to have a really bad music equipment. A 35mm analog fotography is roughly equivalent to 87 Megapixels.
  15. 216th_Nocke

    A20 Bombsite shaking issue

    I think I had that yesterday in an A20. It was not a random, but sort of a rythmical shaking of the bomb sights. Indicators periodically moved away and then jumped back. Definitely because of open cooler.