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  1. We just had two missions as the 363rd fighter group, flying P38s in Sept. 1944, with the new version 8.0.0, - ... and ALL went just perfectly well and was extremely entertaining. Thank you!
  2. You are too fast. Whenever I overcome my lazyness and decide to post logs and mission where we had problems you provide a new version making that obsolete
  3. How about a possibility to generate completely random missions? To give the possibility to choose randomly even country, map, and time? I would love that.
  4. We are often seeing obviously justified kill claims being denied, and also pilots happily continuing their career after dying horrible deaths. Next time - would it help to post something here? The mission? Log files? Produce an error log?
  5. Sorry, it's not o.k. for me. First, what SharpeXB wrote above. Second, you can use your gunsight also to estimate if a bomber is 1, 2 or 5km away. Not at all with that scaling s***.
  6. Please do NOT use any "smart scaling" at all. I rather prefer to loose sight. How am I supposed to estimate a contacts distance when its size changes with distance? I need to be able to compare it to my revi dimensions. Or give an option to switch any scaling off.
  7. Hi Pat, May attempts to get a P38 mission with cold starts are failing when clicking that "mission" button. If I switch to start on runway the missions get created. Please find attached the corresponding error log zip. thanks for all! Lightning202002261302297.zip
  8. I have no idea why it is not working for you, but maybe it helps to know that generally it does work. I am running it in fullscreen with a second monitor attached all the time. In other words - keep trying, its not hopeless!
  9. As Yuba said above. Had this too when playing with overclocking. Stopped doing it and it did not happen any more. If you are not overclocking maybe it gets hot? Dust?
  10. Mine is connected directly to the motherboard. But then this has only happened to me once, so I can't really draw any conclusion yet. It just draw my attention to see someone else was experiencing that too.
  11. It happens also in SP, it is not related to full servers.
  12. Rapidus, with all respect - I believe this deserves to be read again with a little more time and concentration.
  13. Interesting. It happened that yesterday evening my throttle stopped working in flight, the first time ever. I quit the game and opened the USB controller settings - the throttle was there and working. Maybe there is something? Coincidence? Aliens?
  14. Hi again Vander, Another proposal: Flying Circus flights starting on runway are often packed together a little too tighly, resulting in props eating the tails of their frontman. Possibly that happens with some wind because there are no brakes? I do now "unpack" them a little manually, that seems to work well. Could you perhaps integrate that? I am not sure if that happens only with WWI planes, but that is where I have seen it now repeatedly. And thanks again for your work!
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