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  1. Remember it's still a significant improvement over the Rift and Vive Resolution wise: Rift/Vive: 1080x1200 per eye (1,296,000 pixels) Samsung Oddysey: 1440x1600 per eye (2,304,000 pixels) Bear in mind that the standard Pimax 8K is upscaling 2560x1440 per eye (spread out over 200 degrees FOV). The Pimax 8K X is the only one that does native 4k per eye (and requires 2 x DP connections and a hell of PC). For VR simming, I think the Samsung Oddysey will be a great choice. But for roomscale/general VR, the tracking of the Vive's lighthouses are superior, especially as far as c
  2. On the launcher you can click the settings button and change the resolution from there.
  3. Yeah my old laptop with a GTX 970m flipped in between an Intel intergrated GPU (which got about 8fps in IL2, definitely not 40-70fps!!) and I had it set in the nVidia control panel to always use the nVidia card. However on my new laptop it's only got the GTX 1060, no integrated option, so this isn't the issue.
  4. Will do! I'm not sure if my laptops BIOS allows me to disable hyperthreading to test that theory, I'll have to have a look. Well considering that I'm frequently below 60fps on the "balanced" settings, I don't think that's particularly good. My main issue is the frame times though leading to stuttering/jerkiness. GPU usage is floating around 50% so isn't being taxed very hard at all, and neither is the CPU.
  5. I'll have to confirm later this afternoon but I think it's turned off.
  6. Hey all, So I've got a new laptop with a Core i7 6700HQ, 16GB DDR4, 1TB Samsung 850 Evo, nvidia GTX 1060 and on every other game I've tried (Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Fallout 4 etc etc) I can do max/ultra settings without any issues. However on IL2, I've had to lower my settings to "balanced" and even then I only get between 40-70fps. When and the frametimes are pretty poor which leads to a obvious jerkiness/stuttering. Interestingly I've noticed that when playing other games, the CPU and GPU are under obvious load, the temperatures for the GPU reach about 65c and the CPU reach
  7. I'm more than keen to support IL2 as long as you guys provide what people are asking for. I'm really not too fussed about another Eastern front offering, but Brit/Med/Pacif would be an instant buy from me
  8. Yes sorry! My ignorance showing through here. Thanks for the clarification! I contacted Baur on the Russian IL2 forum. I know a couple of guys in the US who purchased and received a set no problems. I'm in the UK.
  9. It uses contactless hall sensors, not pots. If that's what you're asking.
  10. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but with, BoS and BoM, can we expect to see a BoB (Battle of Britain) addition at all? Would be cool to get some Spitfires/Hurricanes!
  11. Hey all, Surprisingly I don't see these spoken about very much and I really have no idea why. I came across them pretty much by accident and thought they looked amazing! Decided to just take a chance on them, sent a wad of money over to Baur in Russia and 10 days later I've got these beauties in my posession: I've sort of always scoffed at high-end pedals. My Saitek Combats were pretty expensive, and yaw-input is pretty boring... how much better can it really be? Well the answer to that is it's infinitely better! The Saitek's are absolute trash compared to the BRDs. The BRDs are u
  12. I've not used the T-16000m so I can't comment on that. But I will say stay away from the Warthog, it's just not great, especially considering the price. The center detent is pretty intense - you can get around this by removing the large central spring and only use the 4 smaller outer springs, but the stick won't hold the center under it's own weight anymore. The gimbal itself is also just garbage.
  13. So what is the reason that Europe customers can't buy the Gladiator?
  14. Good to hear. Everyone knows how great the base is. But I was curious how the grip was. The Defender m5 grip was abit too cheap for me. But the Gladiator grip looks much better! Also I read on the forums a while ago that the top button is a hat in disguise... is this true?
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