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  1. There is nothing wrong with 1946, it is a very good game and certainly a great series. But using that logic would insinuate that fliers of EAW really would have no reason to buy and play IL2 in the first place. Likewise Red Baron 3D fliers would have no interest in Rise of Flight. Guys that flew the first version of Flaming Cliffs should have no desire to play later versions. BoS is a new game, with new features and improvements not capable in the old engine of IL2: 1946. The fact is that the engine was stretched far beyond it's original capabilities. What was done with it is amazing but it is as far along as possible. Getting BoS doesn't mean that IL2 is done, it just is another cog in the wheel, hopefully the start of a series that is as successful as the first game.
  2. Oh, I'm sure more will be found. It was so much easier when the games looked like Aces over Europe. Rivet counters couldn't find any rivets to count.
  3. Monthly sub is fine for some games but you have to be careful when you mix box sims with online ones. Personally, I like the model that ROF uses now. You can buy the planes you want to fly and ignore the ones that don't interest you. I have bought quite a few games in ROF but some, like the seaplanes flat out don't interest me. I don't have to feel compelled to buy them. If I change my mind later, then I will get them. I think it works out well and if you buy a half a dozen planes a year you pretty much are doing the same thing.
  4. I kinda hope it remains sim lite for the most part. If it does, and it gets people into the genre then it will be a good thing all around. I wonder how many people have looked at serious racing sims after playing games like Need for Speed? I know I got into simming starting with US Navy Fighters, not exactly a 'hard core' simulation. I am sure that there are many fliers that flew some of Novalogic's early and 'dumbed down' jet simulators. I know I did. I am sure that there are some people that will gravitate toward more 'realistic' simulations after playing these kinds of games.
  5. If I remember right, and my memory is pretty fuzzy at this point, the Fw190 was released almost immediately after game shipped, as a free download and was part of the game from after the first week or so. In all honesty, the time difference meant that for all intents and purposes the game shipped with the Fw190A4.
  6. The Rata is probably the more important aircraft to add to this game. Yeah, it is hopelessly outclassed by the Bf109F4 and G2 but many were still being used during early part of Case Blue. The Hs129 would be nice as well. Still think the JU52 is extremely important in the game, more so than even the Rata considering the time period.
  7. I agree, it is a minor problem but one that should be relatively easy to fix. No one expects an uber level of polish in early pre-alpha versions but this is the kind of stuff most devs want to hear from in the early phases of development. Trust me, it is better heard now than after the game is released.
  8. The 190 didn't come with the initial release, it was added on as a download.
  9. I posted this on SimHq but it probably should be pointed out here. I bought Aces over Europe in 1993 for about 50 dollars. According to this site http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ that same 50 buck game would cost 80 dollars today. Some folks think that 90 dollars is outrageous but in all honesty, the prices have been too low for too long.
  10. You seem to forget that the original IL2 had only a few planes as well, different variants of the IL2, Bf109F, LaGG3, P-39 and such. It didn't start developing into the multi headed monster until later on. Even the Fw190 didn't appear in the release version, it was added later. Got my preorder in, even went for the 90 dollar job. Wife is going to flip.
  11. He looks nothing like Tom Cruise. They promised me Maverick.
  12. I would be worried about headaches with the Oculus Rift myself. I would think that eye strain could be a major problem.
  13. Luke, when did you get your CMB? I've been an EFMB badge holder since 1988. I have been trying to convince myself that I need to pick up Vol 3 of Black Cross/Red Star. I have Vol 1 and 2.
  14. Makes me wish I was closer, would have loved to see the game in action. I've been to San Fran several times but never made it on the Hornet. I've been on her sister Lexington in Corpus Christi a couple of times but I have some connection to her, my grandfather served on both Lexingtons (CV2 and CV16) during WW2.
  15. I've been a CH guy my whole life. I have tried Saitek and Thrustmaster equipment and it has been very good but I continue to go back to CH. I have never had a problem with any CH joystick or throttle. Granted, it is a lot lighter throw than the TM series of joysticks but that is a personal preference on my part.
  16. It's sad that they put that movie poster front on the book. It is a good, historic account of the entire battle. The movie bears absolutely no resemblance to the book.
  17. Part of the issue as I see it is the theater and the battle that is being represented. Lets face it, if this was a representation of the Western Air War over Germany in 1944 this probably wouldn't be a big deal. High level bomber intercepts would negate any need for detailed ground forces. But there is a significant part of the battle, where the Soviets were desperately trying to funnel troops across the Volga into Stalingrad while the Luftwaffe was bombing and strafing to stop them and then later the breakout where infantry and armor assaults on the flanks led to some desperate winter attacks. It would be difficult to render and I certainly don't expect massed troop attacks but some kind of infantry involvement would be nice. And no, it won't be a deal breaker, just something that would be nice.
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