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  1. A lot of it is time. I have bought all of these modules over the years thinking, 'Ok, after this (insert time consuming event) I will have time to play around more with this game.' Of course right after that is another time consuming event which takes up my time. I want to, it is just getting the time. And all of my time was spent in modern AFVs, like I'm sure some of us here. The oldest thing I drove was an M113A2, a Vietnam war piece that the US Army kept around until the mid 90's. Armor was M60s and M1s, not exactly antiques like the Tiger, or T-34.
  2. I haven' tried the Tiger yet but I have had some experience in armored vehicles over the years. Some, like the old M113 that I rode it had a fair amount of vibration, especially at speed. What may not be modeled is the human's ability to compensate for that vibration. The eyes can adjust and maintain visual control under most cases of vibration. Probably this should be modeled so that while the vehicle is vibrating a person should be able to maintain the ability to view without excessive interference. Using any kind of sights would be different but the Mark 1 eyeball should be able to compensate for the vibration.
  3. Just from all the games I have played, the 109F4. The plane always felt light and responsive.
  4. I wouldn't mind it but there are other combat aircraft that could be added that had a real impact in the war. A 1946 scenario is certainly something to look forward to but I am not even sure the 335 has any combat record to speak of. I don't think it really ever progressed beyond the prototype stage.
  5. It's a cool plane that you will fly a couple of times and then never play with again. Unfortunately flying transport aircraft in these kinds of games isn't a great sell.
  6. Ship classes have to be included as well. IL2: Pacific Fighter's had a real problem with this. Ship classes have to include at a minimum. Kaga, Akagi, Hiryu and Soryu, all individual ships Kongo Class BB Mogami Class CA Myoko Class CA Kagero Class DD These could be the main strike force of the Kido Butai at Midway. Other BBs, like the Nagato Class and Yamato class would be nice but were back a ways and weren't directly involved in the battle. As for the US you have to have: Yorktown class CV (obviously) Northhampton Class CA New Orleans class CA Farragut class DD Benham class DD Others have talked about the aircraft needed. I would love see cruiser launched aircraft sent as spotters but I'm not sure how recovery operations would be done. Okinawa would be more complicated for the US side. Not much for the Japanese. Yamato, Yahagi and the same destroyers could be modeled. The Americans would be more complicated. You would need a lot more as far as naval assets go. Nevada class (could be modified for Pennsylvania class) BBs Tennessee Class (also modified for West Virginia Class. Mississippi Class BB South Dakota Class BB Iowa Class BB Essex Class CV Independence Class CVL Baltimore Class CA Cleveland Class CL Fletcher Class DD Various APAs, AKAs, maybe some DEs and even a CVE class like the Sangamon or Casablanca class CVE
  7. It should be effective in this game. The faults with the aircraft were in its high altitude performance with the Allison engine. We shouldn't see that much of that in the game.
  8. Would be nice to get a resolution to this. I would like to fly but I'm not reconfiguring every single game on my box for one game simply because three monitor support is 'broken'. I'll wait till it gets done.
  9. It did. I flew it with three monitors all the time. Now it is just night flying, without instruments.
  10. I have it too. Three screen setup. Completely black. Not a good thing. Actually have time to fly this and maybe put my imput in on a SimHq review. Not a good start.
  11. I had a double bean burrito for dinner. Not sure if all that gas will lighten me up but I am sure it will make my wife a luftwhiner for the rest of the night. You know you are getting old when you see a pic of a cute girl in a bikini and wonder if she would like your son. (He is 16 btw).
  12. Patiently waiting for sure. I'm off Monday night and Tuesday so I should be able to set up all my stuff and get up in the air.
  13. I have to respectfully disagree with this. Without the Allied presence in the west, and in North Africa Hitler would have been able to free up many of the troops that were guarding the Western approaches to fight in Russia. The German 7th Army is an example. Instead of sitting in Northern France waiting to take the rest of the country in the event of an Allied invasion to the south it would have been free to fight on the Eastern Front, possibly replacing some of those less reliable Hugarian/Romanian/Italian groups that crumbled under Operation Uranus. The crack units of the Africa Corps wouldn't have been trapped in Tunis but would have been able to be involved in the invasion. More importantly, the logistical support that started flowing in early 1942 wouldn't have been present. You stated that the trucks and all of that were helpful but wouldn't have affected the final outcome. Yet you fail to realize that the biggest reason that the German invasion failed in 1941 was due to logistic failures. Many of those troops brought in during the Battle of Stalingrad were brought in on trucks made in the US. Without them the grind would have overwhelmed the defenders and the city probably would have fallen. Also forgotten was the fact that had Britain been defeated it probably would have been a much easier task to get Japan to attack the Soviet Union from the East. Many of the divisions that Stalin used to throw back the Germans came from the East, in fact the best troops often were considered to be the ones in the Eastern theatre. If Japan had fought, even if she didn't win it would have stressed the Soviet Union enough to probably crack it. Stalin couldn't fight a two front war any better than Germany could. With Britain defeated and essentially India, Malaya and Burma under pseudo German control (as well as the middle east and it's oil supplies) there would have been a strong case for Japan to attack the Soviets. The Germans could have supplied the Japanese with Oil from the region without the need to immediately take out the Dutch East Indies. In fact, with England gone, the DEI probably would have come to an 'agreement' with the Imperial Japanese to give them control of the region, ala the Vichy French. The ultimate reality is that no country could have won the war on it's own. Even the US wouldn't have been able to do it, short of developing atomic weapons and nuking the Japanese and Germans into submission. Without the USSR the German Army would have easily beaten back any attempt to regain France or Western Europe. Without England there would have been no staging areas to send supplies to the Soviets and their logistical problems would have increased dramatically. The Caucauses campaign probably would have been successful since the Germans would have had larger numbers of troops to use in the campaign and would have robbed the Soviets of their biggest sources of raw materials and oil. I won't even get into the potential southern route into Russia via Turkey or Iraq. Without the US there would have been no supplies available that would have helped keep the Soviets fed and supplied. Without the Chinese the Imperial Japanese would have been free to take out Soviets from the Eastern side of the Soviet Union.
  14. Looks pretty good. Probably will fall in days that I work so I won't get an immediate chance to fly but those are the breaks.
  15. It won't be flown much if implemented. There will be the hard core guys and many of us would try it out but against front line fighters it probably will not be flown much. There was a reason the 110 was pulled from front line service in 1942 and used as a night fighter or heavy fighter over Germany. Don't get me wrong, I think it should be available. But as a later on add on aircraft.
  16. Get a bottle of Jack Daniels Pour a glass Spend two hours setting up my HOTAS setup so that I have all the buttons mapped. During this time drink at least 1/2 the bottle. Try taking off. After about four attempts realize I am too pissed to fly and go to bed. Go to work for the next three days, come back and realize that I forgot to write down all my keymaps and I don't remember what button does what. Start all over again. Might take another bottle of Jack.
  17. Luke, when did you get your CMB?
  18. Ach, right during the start of my son's offseason workout. Means three more days sitting and watching my son practice instead of flying. I don't think it will play very well on the laptop. Might have to try though.
  19. I wish I had the money to contribute but money is tight right now. Might change my mind and incur the wrath of the wife if more info is put out.
  20. Probably shouldn't use flamer and the ripping off of pants in the same sentence. Just saying
  21. I used one for my purchase. It worked just fine.
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