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  1. This is unfortunate I purchased on steam but I want to be able to run standalone without steam, now without being able to see the steam key I can't activate on the website. Even without being able to see the CD key it should know what I have access to (using standalone) after linking the accounts, but that's not the case I bought BoM on steam, now when I run standalone BoM is locked...
  2. I want the Tante ju I want to win so bad
  3. Ok I tried again putting in extreme values and maybe there is a limit for the distance, I think 3 is the value for "high" so maybe I was just seeing the change to 5 Also that terrain.cfg tweak doesn't work anymore as far as I know
  4. Yea it does make sure you're making the change for the right preset you're using or make the change to all of them to be sure, I set my forest distance to 8 and the change was very clear to see, of course you'll still see the transition if you fly high enough but it is indeed farther away.
  5. One thing you can do is get High quality clouds mod (this lets you adjust a bunch of graphic options independently) Then in the gpresets.cfg file that you put in the LuaScripts folder find which preset you use (preset 0 = Low, preset 1 = Balanced, preset 2 = High, preset 3 = Ultra) Then you can change the forest_distance to 8 or more as well as changing forest_quality to 0.5, this makes the highest tree LOD lower (to keep framerate up) and the tree render distance farther, or you can keep forest_quality the same if it runs ok. Building distance is probably controlled by objects_distance but I never changed that. This will work for single player.
  6. I noticed this same thing starting with 3.0 and learned it's due to anti-aliasing, if you turn off AA planes will appear in front of clouds the way they should. They say it's always been like this and is a limitation of the AA implementation but I've always run BoS with 4x ingame AA and had never seen planes disappearing behind clouds especially not clouds that are 40km or more behind the plane. I think the only thing you can do right now is turn off AA and instead run at a higher resolution/DSR if you need too, hopefully they look into this because the effect looks really strange.
  7. I'm waiting for a patch before starting any new campaign hope it gets worked out
  8. He has a point and it would be simple to just show the plane when you hover over the squadron icon, instead it just shows the same icon on the side of a generic plane...
  9. Brief description: "Mission Save Error" Detailed description, conditions: During career completed mission objective, landed plane, finished mission but during saving game said "Mission Save Error" Trying to load the career character again gives the same error, can't continue career. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win 8.1, GTX 1060 nvidia drivers 391.01, i7 3770, 12 gb ram
  10. I think it's a need for the Dserver to be updated and optimized, I think they said they were planning to modernize it so hopefully it's next on their list along with interface optimizations
  11. It's not just planes getting pixelated in front of clouds, they completely disappear behind the clouds, turning off AA seems to correct the issue but I've always used 4x AA before 3.0 and never saw this, is this a new limitation? Also I noticed even using nvidia FXAA causes the issue, just letting you know.
  12. It is set to 4 but I'm captured, then I get a new mission and it's like 2 days later...
  13. Oh right so it's confusing why I'm able to continue the campaign after I'm a POW, I had thought my campaign was over but it keeps going I've been captured at least twice in this campaign now I think
  14. Hey I had to bail out on a mission and I was taken POW but just 2 days later I'm available for another mission. Well maybe the penalty for becoming a POW could be harder (like a month at least) or think of this, if each side collects POWs and someone only gets released if there is a POW to trade. If there's not a POW available to trade for your release then the campaign advances a week and a RNG decide if your team captures a POW. Also there was an error on the debrief for the mission I had but not sure what it was, tell me where to find it and I'll post it if you need it.
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