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  1. I have downloaded the older software and it still has made no difference, I have also reinstalled IL-2, it jsut seems that IL-2 doesn't like the X-56
  2. @Brzi_Joewhere can i get the original drivers/software, and my game didn't ask to change joystick, my computer registers the joystick but IL-2 does not, any inputs are not appearing in IL-2.
  3. hello, I just got my new x56 joystick and throttle. it is registered by my computer but not by IL-2, please someone help I really want to fly agai. thanks!
  4. thanks for all the help I'll be sure to read through!
  5. Hi I've had IL-2 for a while now and started playing multiplayer about a year and a half ago, of course I wasn't expecting to shoot anything down but now that I've stacked up a couple hundred hours in the game I've realized that dog fighting in a 109 in a nightmare, I cant seem to do anything without stalling, and I try to be smooth whilst turning and I just can't seem to figure it out, I dive on targets only to have them turn away with ease, if I follow I either stall or they outrun me and they have a friend come in to kill me. I've also realized that when the 109 stalls it makes no sense the way it does such as in this video: (credit to JG1_Barton for the video) , now apart from the stalling etc, I'd like to ask if there's anything I can do or if I am doing something wrong, from what I've seen on the topic I'd want to bee doing a boom and zoom, although this always fails and I am already well aware that turn fighting is a big no so idk what to do. if you can help me that's great if you've been experiencing the same or similar problem share it, I feel as though this needs to be tweaked and looked at in game. thanks
  6. hey can someone help me I use the joystick logitec extreme 3d pro and I was going to test fly the ju-52 for the first time but found that the throttle for engines 1 and 2 was normal but engine 3 was reversed so when 1 and 2 were throttled up engine 3 would do nothing pls help me.
  7. YESSSS FINALLY!!!, I've been waiting ages for news on the JU-52 3mg! I cannot wait for it to be released! I just hope it's before I leave over seas
  8. hello i was just wondering how to change sides with the waist gunner and rear gunner on the He-111, Pe-2 and Ju-88 please tell me how this is done as it is very annoying having only 1 side available and also same goes with belly gunners thnx.
  9. hmm I am actually rather surprised at the support this got literally 1 day after posting I'm actually rather shocked cheers guys!
  10. it's simple for those who love this unique aircraft but find it sad to be the only one non-flyable just support this discussion and hope they update that.
  11. Yeah, now that Il-2 BoM is done can we please have a flyable JU-52? it's the only aircraft the player cannot control pls IL-2.
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