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  1. Brilliant post! Here's my squadron illustrating some of your points:
  2. A quick mission on Wings of Liberty against the last German objective. Things got funny on the way back to base when I randomly turned at just the right moment and got in a dogfight with a 109 and won.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to keep that in mind for future videos, especially since you're not the only one who's pointed that out.
  4. Roblex, some of my newer guys didn't understand the instructions to pull off the taxiway at the end of the runway and move up to the dugouts, and just ended going to the dugouts & nets at the end of the runway and despawning. Random Expert was also going to give me the boot for being idle and waiting for everyone to line up, so I couldn't get that shot. We departed with 10 IL-2s & 2 LaGG-3s, all returned home safely, despite the impression that a hastily organized instruction on where to park might make it seem. The most heavily damaged IL-2 was the one that was smoking all the way back to base, but thankfully we train emergency engine management in FFS, so he was able to get it home. Oddly enough it wasn't the AAA that got him - you can see he got damaged by one of the bomb blasts as he flew right over top. Jade_Monkey, I woke up one day the other week not knowing a thing about video editing, and decided to learn it - so I'm not quite as knowledgeable about it. I recorded at 1080P with OBS Studio, and did all my editing in Hitfilm 4. The letterbox is just that - an effect overlaid onto the video. I'm a newb at this. Thanks, man! That is a pretty epic Stuka raid!
  5. A raid conducted by 12 members of the FFS squadron on September 17th, 2017 on the Random Expert server. 10 IL-2s and 2 LaGG-3s attack a German artillery position with overwhelming force in a massive coordinated figure-eight attack. All aircraft returned home to land safely. Zero friendly casualties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwQHB-m__u4
  6. I made my first YouTube video today - it's only fitting that it's of the squadron I run...
  7. This happened while I was flying with my squadron: "Why do my RPMs keep going up!?" "You're in a dive" "Wha---OHSQUIRRE--" *BOOM!*
  8. A few notes: -The level autopilot seems to be broken by the new patch. Using turn left / turn right just makes the aircraft react way too harshly, and it has rendered that functionality nearly worthless in level bombing unless you're ridiculously careful. -The trim adjustments in the 109 no longer match the documentation for take off, level flight, or landing configurations. Outside of that, it seems great so far.
  9. You could check out FFS We're a non-faction binding unit, so you can fly what you want, when you want, and we also have an active member base in the EU. Check out our forum post if you'd like. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29226-ffs-non-faction-binding-tactically-based-squadron-people-who/
  10. Neptune, you may also be interested in FFS. Check out the recruiting post in this forum. We're a very active unit with a great number of pilots in US & EU.
  11. Hi WildBlueYonder! I run a unit called FFS that you might be interested in. Most of my guys are Luftwaffe pilots, so you wouldn't find yourself out of place with the 190 at all. We also regularly hold training classes and help each other develop our skills. We're also holding a training class today at 13:30 MST (GMT+7), which if my math is right, that's 21:30 your time if you'd like to join us. Some of my most active members are in the UK/EU as well, so you wouldn't be alone. Here's a link to our recruiting post: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29226-ffs-non-faction-binding-tactically-based-squadron-people-who/ Here's a link to an imgur album that shows FFS operating just 2 days ago, in case you wanted to get an idea for how active & versatile we are: http://imgur.com/a/iuJnQ Send me a PM if you're interested!
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