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  1. My attention was brought to a war documentary that I had never heard of last week called 'Shooting War'.....It was a real eye opener and I'd recommend you watch it...Its on Youtube.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5RtjQr26nE ====================================== Theres a Documentary on at the moment on Ch4 (British) called 'The Great Escape The Reckoning'.....Heres a paragraph from the intro.... 'This is the story beyond the Hollywood legend: the remorseless hunt throughout Europe for the men who murdered the Great Escapers, in a dark mission of detection and revenge that lasted into the 1960s.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5I3nGpQBA4 ====================================== Just seen 'Into the Storm'.......a biographical 'Docudrama'......Brilliant portrayal of Churchill by Brendan Gleeson about Churchill through the war years......Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1nHXxqcTMQ ====================================== Documentary on Naval air combat culminating in a step by step narration of the raid on Taranto by the British flying Swordfish biplanes...... Quote from the documentary...."Despite flying the old fashionrd 'stringbag' (swordfish) the British pilots were 6 times more effective than their Japanese counterparts in their all metal monoplanes" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZzueAyKPW0 ====================================== Fascinating Documentary.....a must for B29 fans..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFdFo9Yo0LI ====================================== For those that couldn't see this because it was only viewable in the UK.....here's the Ewan Mcgregor Battle of Britain Documentary......a must watch! and the follow up documentary 'Bomber Boys' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnzNJ-RXIi8 ====================================== And someone has uploaded the 'Churchills Darkest Decision' documentary about the contravercial destroying of the fFrench fleet by the Royal navy after the French surrender.....Fascinating but sad episode of WWII.... http://www.tubemotion.com/media/16263/Churchills_Darkest_Decision_2009/ PS...I had to install a media player called 'DivX' to watch this.....worth it though... ===================================== The Airmen and the HeadHunters Another WWII documentary...This one is about the crew of a B24 that get hit by flak and parachute into the Borneo jungle and land amongst the 'Headhunters'......tribes that traditionally collect the heads of their beaten enemies.....Well worth a watch... http://video.pbs.org/video/1327179571/ ====================================== Spitfire Women Brilliant docu about the women from the UK , US Poland andother countries that delivered Spitfires and other aircraft (including 4 engined heavies) around the British isles during the war.... I've just watched it here but that will only be a link for UK....I'll keep looking for it elsewhere.... Well worth a looksee and a big eye opener about this unusual part of the war that many will not be aware of... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCcFw_VtboI ================================= BBC Docu-Drama (in 2 parts of 90 minutes each) about the sinking and subsequent rescue of the passangers aboard the R.M.S Laconia Sorry, I could only find a trailer of this film. The crew aboard the U-156 who initially sunk the ship (12 September 1942) and on realising that the ship was full of Italian POWs and civilians commenced a rescue operation and were also joined by other U-Boats in the area. All the U-Boats that were involved remained above the water line and tied lifeboats to themselves under red cross flags and banners on their decks. The U-156 radioed for help in english and was eventually spotted by a B24 of the U.S Army which fired on them after instructions forcing the U-Boats to submerge. Over half the survivors died. A fascinating story of compassion and military blunders.
  2. Independent programs for the original IL-2 series Here are some downloadable books and programs that can help an individual learn more about the original IL-2 flight sim. Although these are old now and probably known by most there might still be something here you haven't seen before and still are often at least a jolly good read... None of these are my own work however they are all hosted by me to make it easier to find and avoid deleted links. The pictures you see are all taken from the specific documents and programs to give you an idea of whats in them.... I hope you find something new to you here....and if not then at least some entertaining reading.... Be aware that at best these are upto 4.09. As far as I am aware none of these are copyrighted material so can be readily shared. ...lew... ============================================ InPursuit (PDF) A Pilot???
  3. We (FS) ran 2 servers on Hyperlobby for several years, one with cockpit on (skies of Fire) and one with cockpit off (Skies of Valor).....The Skies of Fire server started to become low on population numbers and was eventually not supporting itself with donations so was discontinued.....Skies of Valor is still running I was a big fan of Skies of Fire and only tried 'Full Cockpit' servers briefly and they never felt right.....When it (SOF) was discontinued I had to change my flying style and become a 'Full Cockpit' flyer or give up IL2...something that I thought I would never be able to do...But I did....and now it is becoming second nature....I have 500 hours on COD (according to Steam) and I still feel that I am not 100% natural with Full Cockpit....However, I love it...and I am slowly getting there.... So....If you felt like i did that 'Wonder Woman' view is the only way..Think again and stick with COD....Its a Blast!
  4. The FIRE SQUADRON The FS have been running the Skies of Fire servers ('Skies~Of~Fire' and 'Skies~Of~Valor') and the website since July of 2007. Both servers relied totally on donations and ran until 2011 when it was decided that the finances allowed for only one server, the 'Skies~Of~Valor' which still runs to this day. Both servers ran with some of the highest regular populations throughout the 'glory days' of the IL-2 series. The FS are predominantly an admin squadron. The squadrons goal was always to make accessible to the public an enjoyable environment for WW2 Flight Sim fanatics to be able to fly online 24/7 by providing free online servers for the community. Therefore members have always been choosen by existing members for qualities that would benefit the squad, servers and hence the IL-2 community. The squad has over 60 admin members from all over the world. http://www.skiesoffire.org
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