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  1. I don't have any answers, but I'm curious how you would manipulate the sound in a meaningful way.
  2. Huh. Is/was that type of binoculars a common one? (internationally) My grandmother used to have a pair that's nearly identical. (she wasn't a German tank commander as far as I know)
  3. Don't know about a tutorial, but I can try to put it plainly. The game outputs telemetry that can be used to produce haptic feedback. Haptic feedback can be delivered mainly in two different ways: A massage cushion, such as the JetSeat A tactile transducer (or "bass shaker", essentially a subwoofer), such as the ButtKicker In order to produce haptic feedback based on the telemetry from the game, an interface is required; that's what SimShaker is. SimShaker transforms the telemetry data into something the haptic feedback devices can use. If you use the JetSeat: You need no additional hardware. Since it connects via USB, SimShaker controls it directly. If you use tactile transducers/bass shakers: Since they are regular speakers, SimShaker controls them by producing regular sound signals. This means that you need a regular (analog) sound output device dedicated to SimShaker - be it a sound card integrated onto the motherboard, a dedicated internal sound card, or an external USB sound card - to which the sound signal can be sent. You will also need one or more (depending on how many bass shakers you plan to use) amplifiers to drive the bass shakers, because a sound card does not provide enough power to drive them in its own. SimShaker lets you decide to which sound device the signals will be sent. SimShaker sends sound signals on the same outputs that you connect your speakers or headphones, why you can't use the same sound device for it. If you have a free analog sound output device - maybe because you use some digital output, such as USB or HDMI - you can use that for SimShaker, and do not need to buy an additional sound card. If you only have the onboard sound card, and you use that for your speakers or headphones, you do need to buy an additional sound card. As you can see, there is a lot more to take into consideration when going for bass shakers, compared to JetSeat. Hopefully it helps someone.
  4. It's up to you to choose what hardware you want. If you want the massage pad feedback then you'll want to get the product you linked. The other option is to get one or more transducers (essentially subwoofers) which mounts directly onto your rig, and amplifiers with which to drive them. You'll also need a sound card with free stereo outputs. ButtKicker is one popular brand.
  5. You only need an external sound card if you already use your existing sound card (including integrated ones) for your speakers/headphones. Not sure if you can plug in your regular speakers and SimShaker consumer into the same sound card.
  6. SimShaker is the software you need in order to drive transducers, such as the ButtKicker.
  7. I've just seen that DCS lets server hosts disable telemetry output, so that could be an option if cheating is a concern with potential future telemetry.
  8. Don't the two red switches between the throttle handle and the smaller lever seem pretty difficult to reach?
  9. I think this is the real question here. Would people riot if we get more or only allied planes for theatres where you're running out of axis options? (or vice versa, for that matter)
  10. I think you can edit <IL-2 install folder>\data\input\current.actions. Refer to devices.txt in the same folder for the device IDs.
  11. Please use hardware cursor. Cursor is noticably unresponsive.
  12. Would like to have two different bindings for on and off for functions that currently only have a single toggle binding. This would be useful for people with fancy switches. Ideally this would be complemented with the ability to map different bindings to press and release of a button. (I know that can be done with external tools) I don't know if all of these make sense. I was thinking it would be applicable to everything that's represented IRL by a control that has two different physical states. Landing gear Tail wheel lock Parking brake Air brake Bomb safety Bomb bay doors Canopy Window Cockpit lights Navigation lights Landing lights Formation lights Compartment lights (tank) External lights (tank)
  13. 4670 should not be that much better than a 2600, which is still very fast for its age. Also, I would not recommend upgrading from a 1060 to a 1070. It's just too much money for the increase in performance. Better to wait for a better upgrade opportunity. Perhaps when the 2060 is released? Blue light filtering can be done in software.
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