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  1. I think this is the real question here. Would people riot if we get more or only allied planes for theatres where you're running out of axis options? (or vice versa, for that matter)
  2. I think you can edit <IL-2 install folder>\data\input\current.actions. Refer to devices.txt in the same folder for the device IDs.
  3. Please use hardware cursor. Cursor is noticably unresponsive.
  4. Would like to have two different bindings for on and off for functions that currently only have a single toggle binding. This would be useful for people with fancy switches. Ideally this would be complemented with the ability to map different bindings to press and release of a button. (I know that can be done with external tools) I don't know if all of these make sense. I was thinking it would be applicable to everything that's represented IRL by a control that has two different physical states. Landing gear Tail wheel lock Parking brake Air brake Bomb safety Bomb bay doors Canopy Window Cockpit lights Navigation lights Landing lights Formation lights Compartment lights (tank) External lights (tank)
  5. 4670 should not be that much better than a 2600, which is still very fast for its age. Also, I would not recommend upgrading from a 1060 to a 1070. It's just too much money for the increase in performance. Better to wait for a better upgrade opportunity. Perhaps when the 2060 is released? Blue light filtering can be done in software.
  6. Not sure what you're asking, exactly, but I doubt they have procedures in place for selling products other than through their webshops.
  7. This doesn't affect me at all, but am I understanding correctly that they only offer a desktop base now? Isn't this kind of a big deal?
  8. Ok, maybe not "always", but here is the first mention of it in this thread at least:
  9. Well they always said it would come after the first product, and since they're only now starting to ship that, I wouldn't expect the ministick version for a while, but I wouldn't discount it just yet.
  10. I've only used it for like one minute, but so far my main issue is the post actions area, which is very strangely placed. It should not be above the signature, and it should be anchored to the bottom (or top) of the post instead of sitting right below the post content.
  11. Ministick version was said to come "shortly afterwards", so... hopefully Q2 at least?
  12. Would make them useless for anything else where you wouldn't want that, though. But a center detent would certainly be useful. Isn't it easy to accidentally press the wrong button on 4 way hats?
  13. Ok, now I realise what Inkoslav meant, and we're not talking about the same thing. He's talking about needing to press a button for a short moment before action is taken, but I'm talking about something activating when you press the button, and deactivating when you release it. Eg press to turn on cockpit lights, release to turn them off. This doesn't make sense for regular buttons, of course, but it does for flip switches.
  14. Can't edit the title now, but I have decided to downgrade my suggestion to just having separate on and off bindings. Clearly hold bindings are difficult to implement, but I can't imagine adding on and off bindings in addition to the existing toggle bindings should be all that difficult. It's not ideal, but at least you won't risk getting stuck with "inverted" switches. Planning to get the Virpil throttle when it's released, so this would be really handy!
  15. So, it mentions further information regarding availability and shipping dates. When might we expect that? It wasn't mentioned anywhere that I know, but the store says available on December 12. Also what's the deal with the version with the mini thumbstick? Is that something that's coming later, or simultaneously?
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