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  1. But there are still big differences between people for the same performance. We are not, at all, all equal when in VR, and some people are simply affected MUCH MORE than others by different nausea and headaches, at the same FPS & performance, than others. I'm lucky enough to be rather immune to VR induced sickness, but I consider myself lucky. I've seen many struggling while having far better hardware than mine, because they cannot sustain low FPS in VR, even average, or are affected by some other aspect of VR. Also, fatigue has a huge impact on how much you can sustain VR.
  2. The breathing at high altitude is indicating that you have your oxygen mask active, it has nothing to do with Gs. For me at least, in VR without any chat / technochat enabled, it's usefull, I use that to know if I should activate supercharger
  3. I did 2 additionnal planes following your specs, D9 & Tempest : Fw 190 D-9 , combat settings, no MW50 : altitude at 300 kmh: 1550 m max altitude : 1960 m (test error?) Fw 190 D-9 , combat settings, with MW50 : altitude at 300 kmh: 1610 m max altitude : 2070 m Tempest, emergency power : altitude at 300 kmh: 1606 m max altitude : 2010 m Tempest, emergency power, Sabre IIA : altitude at 300 kmh: 1635 m max altitude : 2055 m There's something fishy in my discrepancy for max alt with your tests, I prob
  4. kalbuth

    VR zoom

    You are the best, @Jason_Williams & team. I truly mean it.
  5. OK, so that's the main thing tackled
  6. Even at 600m I can see some issues with icons. 1st is that they usually appear even when the plane is masked by your own plane frame, which leads to people spotting others when they should not be able to. So this would need to be fixed first. Also, an icon is far easier to spot and that can lead to spotting something that you would not usually spot (I'm not talking about IDing and IFFing, but spotting the simple presence of a plane), even at 600m. I don't know how to solve this one properly, if that is ever felt as too much of an helper. Maybe making the icon slowly appear only after a ce
  7. I do this, mostly by ears. They warn me when to get an eye on gauges because "something sounds odd". Been flying tech chat off for a pair of years now. I can count the number of engine overstress on one hand, you get used to it pretty fast, tbh. Ofc, I'm probably less "to the edge" than someone flying "percent perfect", but that's imho more in-line to how it was flown back in the days, I like it. Since ears is a consequence of RPM (the thing that catch your ears are changes in sound pitch, which come with RPM change), mostly, I can say I fly by RPM , though there's also a ATA component i
  8. No, what he did was to point out VR users as exploiters, he did this multiple times, on multiple platforms. He has been far farther than pointing out people exploiting Migoto in 2D. He was very contempt labelling VR users as "happy to exploit their advantage". So yes, I can very easily argue with his behavior, and I indeed find the first answers absolutely hilarious and to the point.
  9. Because that would be the sensible thing to do. +1
  10. This post should be updated, I have a ForceFeel and it definitively works with Simshaker Wings, in IL2
  11. I concur, I'm one seeing a far better performance from IL2 VR than DCS, that's not even a match. And everyone in the group I fly with agree, we are 3 with VR, we all see better perfs from IL2. @IdahoBookworm I don't know what could be the source of your issues, but this is not a generalized issue, tbh. I was very worried by this DD when I saw DS being implemented. My first thought was "dear, knowing what DS did to DCS VR perfs, this is a terrible news ". Now I read you guys here, it seems you are tackling it the right way, changing AA tech in parallel, etc... I'll wait for the fin
  12. DCS Spit requires constant braking and seems to have very low reponse to airflow going through rudder. Based on what Zacharias has been explaining for months now, I tend to prefer IL2 Spit ground handling, though it has its own quirks
  13. Well, it's a tough position you are in, balance is a b*** One could allow "advanced" planes only to thoses having shown their ability to do things while returning home, but I bet CB popularity would be tanking under such kind of strict rules... There's no win solution. I was just pointing that Scharfi's position is perfectly understandable, in my eyes moreso than the "win in any way or form", but that's my old eyes...
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