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  1. Well, I'd argue that 1:1 becomes less important with distance. And to be fair, I exagerate in my "aww my gawd, it's insanely less than flatscreen zoom!!11", it sure is less zoom than a flatscreen, but not in the 5x I mentionned, probably, sry for that. And like blitze said, I don't use anymore any zoom enhancer and I do fine. What I don't understand is why the game gives less for VR users? I don't really see the reasoning behind this. That said, IL2 isn't too bad in this matter. DCS on the other hand .... the zoom level diff is insane (and no, there I'm not exagerating )
  2. Then by that standard, the flatscreen zoom should be nerfed because there's not even comparison between what level of zoom VR can achieve and the insane binoc given to flatscreen. If you feel the VR zoom level is the correct one, then the flatscreen zoom level should be nerfed to oblivion (ie: to the same level as current VR zoom level) Be prepared for an OCEAN OF TEARS when this is implemented 😄 Not only do VR users have to deal with worse resolution making IDing a plane of the same size more difficult for the same level of zoom and target distance than flatscreen users, but on top of this, the max zoom level in VR is something like 5x lower than max flatscreen zoom level. That's a tad bit too much of a difference 😄 Why you feel offended by someone asking for a bit more, no clue.... Or you feel the need to show how above "blind VR fan club" you are?
  3. Unlocked tail wheel 109 .... turns fine and don't react to counter brake to stop the turn. Doesn't react to stopping and counter brake to get out of loop. Loops endlessly even out of power like on ice. Reacts more to right rudder than right brake while at zero speed. It makes zero sense. And that's just the 109. All the Browns example are talking about wrong planes or just brake effectiveness to shorten landing distance. It has no connection to taxi situation and how the brake behaved in taxiing situations. Saying "see, the brakes were not efficient for a western pilot during landing runs, so them having less effect than pushing rudder at start of plane is fine!" is quite a stretch. 2 completely different situations. And really, it's not a difficulty issue. Problem is not that it's difficult. It's that it is un-realistic. I'd go as far as "stupidely unrealistic".
  4. Jason said it was a long range goal Quote from the interview : Jason: “No, it’s a long-range goal for us." They have still that in mind, but since Pat is on it (big way, if you haven't already, check out Pat's plan, it's awesome), they are not working on it, waiting for PWCG to implement and see where to go from there. The best bet currently is to go for PWCG, it already has a functional coop generator, and it will only get better
  5. for all questions regarding PWCG, there is a dedicated subforum here : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/99-pwcg-for-bos/ As for our question, it will ovewrite, but I would make a different directory. Better answers will be found in above mentionned subforum
  6. Dear... So from the pictures above, it is also OK to go further than the 150mm that was "allowed" for T50? I see a picture here doing what I was expressely told to NOT do if I wanted to have a safe T50 and be in warranty (I'm talking about this : https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_08_2017/post-1993-0-31020700-1503078062.jpg ) : * more than 150mm of extension, which can lead to overstress on the base * base directly on a solid mount just under it without clearance (I think the picture shows the base actually attached via its frontal attachment thingy), as for example pulling the stick will also overstress the base touching the mount under it.... I'm quite at loss at the T50 allowance
  7. Same song each time. Their "super batch", "enough to fill in a hangar", etc.... last 4 hours on their website, then out of stock
  8. With this state of mind, Internet wouldn't be born. Luckily you were not in charge back then. I still dont see the reason behind your charge against nux
  9. You need to import a configuration file first. They are located at the same place you have installed the Virpil configuration software
  10. 2 bads do not make 1 good. There are unrealistic things already, so GPS on is OK? Errrrr.... I don't see the reasoning here. It's not because there are some unrealistic situation that it makes other unrealistic things OK. Zero relationship.... There will always be something not OK, so this kind of reasoning just leads to automatic "realism is useless" conclusion. It's kinda akin to "whataboutism"
  11. Actually the original incident & kick from the server was not with Bubi. But I don't see the reason for name hunting here.... PS : Ropalz, don't talk with me IRL then AFAIK I've yet to be banned from life
  12. I don't know how my next text chat, humour attempt or venting is going to be taken by the local admin next time, and how he's going to invoke an unwritten rule to kick me out because he feels targeted. And how any discussion on a channel they control is going to be deleted. Honestly, I have read with eyes wide in disbelief the big text in bold requiring a "show of repentance". Repentance? For not following a rule he couldn't be aware of? Are they serious? I'm at loss of words... All written in bolded, colored, named and shamed way and ofc it triggered an ill tempered response, so now they go all white knight "you showed your true colors!"... These latest response don't go in the right direction at all from my PoV, in terms of having some learning to do. It's sad the whole thing as gone so public, but it has gone so public here because it's the only place where it could happen, as any attempt at discussion with admins has been promptly deleted on their Discord. I literally watch live the Discord messages disappearing.... They can't delete messages here, so if I have a message to pass to them about the issue, it's the only place I have. I've zero link with Hauggy, that night was litterally the first and only time I talked to him and played alongside him, but, even though I would not chute-kill and I think it's a stupid move, the way I've seen the whole thing unfold, it could very well have been me ending up being treated that way by just saying the wrong words at the wrong times, accidentally crash into another (admin) plane (yes, sorry for some here, but it can totally be accidental), or whatever unknown wrongdoing. Or because I defended someone who "should show repentance" (yeah, I'm still baffled by the audacity )! I'm not eager to play somewhere I can get kicked anytime
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