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  1. SvAF/F16_radek

    Model Pilot

    I see, perhaps some preshading I omitted. Will carry on with my attempts. Very inspirational to find your build when working with a similar color aircraft.
  2. SvAF/F16_radek

    Model Pilot

    That looks incredible. Apologies for me reviving old things but have to ask. Stn how did you Shade those wing ribs? It's very subtle and would love to try and achieve something similar on a hawker fury I'm trying to build. Just looks too uniform without some modulation, and a regular dark wash doesn't really want to cooperate with me that way. Old matchbox 1/72 fury, semi matte alclad, gloss coated with x-22 and very very raised wing ribs as expected on these older kits.
  3. Chili what is the ipd range of the 5k+? I'm pushing 70mm with the rift, eyes next to my ears.
  4. SvAF/F16_radek

    VR view lock

    I had a slight tracking jitter when my sensors were badly calibradted. As in the cat moving them around without me running oculus setup again. Figured it was old age for a while but noticed I had that same view-vibration when running the benchmark track, with the hmd lying still on the table. This was however a high frequency vibration mostly visible when focusing on distant objects at the high zoom levels only the migoto mod allows. If this sounds like what your having and you are running a rift I suggest re running the oculus setup.
  5. Haven't had a chance to check yet but this would explain why I fell ~10 fps behind chili. Our rigs are similar in cpu and have been performing evenly til lately, despite him running a 1080ti and me a 1070. I should be pegged at 100% gpu load then, will verify as soon as I can.
  6. SvAF/F16_radek


    'Gaming' gpu's have become so powerful they are growing in popularity in other areas as well. One of those being visual effects. Compared to calculating on a cpu it's like outsourcing tedious tasks to india. At work we are now switching from cpu to gpu rendering and building a Gpu based render-farm. I suppose that makes us a target audience for these titans. Still going for the 2080ti's though as they are currently more bang for the buck. Even when you have to consider buying a new rig/software licenses for every 4x cards.
  7. That’s Great chili, but strange. I’ll have to do some tinkering to figure out where that 10fps went. Will keep an eye on gpu load but haven’t noticed it approaching 100%.
  8. SvAF/F16_radek

    How is the Yak/Lagg more durable than the P-47?

    Yes by the belly rear gunner station.
  9. SvAF/F16_radek

    Over my shoulder view in VR BoX

    Yes I agree. Larger fov not multiplying rotation as this would probably be either barf-inducing or just very disconnecting. It’s track-ir that needs fixing, for the sake of realism
  10. Would be cool if you could verify my result once you can, as your rig is comparable in performance. I'm still somewhat uncertain if my last benchmark was affected by migoto mod remains. This one was a fresh reinstall of il2. I don't use any other mods or extras.
  11. I think so too but was trying to answer the question without including my own values. If they continue optimizing then maybe, but right now no, you still won't be bottlenecked by anything above a 1080 unless you want to reach for very high supersampling. This is with a rift in mind. Pimax would probably need some more gpu-meat but with the wider fov(increased drawcalls) will likely increase cpu frametimes also.
  12. I received a ~14fps improvement compared to previous version. This by using the benchmark track and settings outlined in that test. So currently it's all down to how you define significant coupled with how much Supersampling you plan on using.
  13. My result for 3.005 was: Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 7766, 120000, 43, 82, 64.717 I didn't benchmark my rig for 3.006, but Chili did and reported a 7fps drop in performance from 3.005. My result for 3.007 with no changes to rig or setup whatsoever. Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 8624, 120000, 44, 90, 71.867
  14. SvAF/F16_radek

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    Out of all the VR experiences, movies and games I've tried, this and Lone echo honestly is the best. Lone echo is not on steam so an easy choice.
  15. SvAF/F16_radek

    Low FPS no matter what

    Forecastingstone, Ironk’s brother is at 4.2ghz and your at 3.3, this is not comparable performance wise in il2. Games are typically not as cpu dependent as il2 and dcs. While waiting for that cooler I’d download cpu-z to check what actual speed your cpu/ram is running while in game. You could also measure your single thread performance as outlined in the first post of chili’s benchmark thread and by so check if your in line with fps expectations. (Though it would be somewhat off as we don’t have any benchmarks for current version) As for the frametimes, alonzo explained this in his post, you want to stay below 22ms to reach 45fps. An oc will decrease your cpu frametimes. Not excluding something else is wrong but making sure hardware is ok is a good start.