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  1. Lovely STN! Did you do the rivet lines or were those original surface detail?
  2. Thanks Alonzo for posting that. Results rather inline with mine. This was also one of chilis older vr benchmarks with 90fps as a goal. Northbridge @4200 (default) Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 7284, 120000, 44, 78, 60.704 Northbridge @4600 Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 7766, 120000, 43, 82, 64.717 Thanks Chili, no holy grail but perhaps another small piece of the puzzle. Following your documenting with interest.
  3. Chili may I suggest also collecting user NB frequency data? Visible under memorytab in cpu-z. Did some very limited testing and would need someone to verify - but back then it had almost as much of an FPS impact as ram frequency. Certainly newer architecture will make a difference but wonder how much of it actually is the omitted NB frequency, that's been raised with each intel generation.
  4. Feathered what did use you for that wash. An issue I've been having with the mig enamel washes I've tried is that they apply and dry very coarse/gritty even at twice the scale. Perhaps a good thing for a 1/32 tank but not at all what I was trying to achieve. Tried some cheap artists oils instead and they behaved beautifully but took days to dry.
  5. Invaluable information on techniques Feathered! Thank you.
  6. I think it does. I’m sure more modern kits ad surface details and perhaps easier wing assembly, but this build was enjoyable and there’s no doubt the small plane decorating my desk is a fury. All I need. Feathered how do you even paint a model this small without an out of scale spray pattern (grain) all over? Quality airbrush or a magic paint formula? And do you have any giant scale (1/72) work uploaded somewhere we can see? I'm Guessing a 1/72 model from your workbench would look indistinguishable from the real thing
  7. Finally finished something, so I get to post 😄 1/72 Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I
  8. Stuck at work so wondering. Does pilot keep pressure on stick for a moment after loss of vision or is a blackout immediate limp fainting?
  9. Thanks for answering that one. Instead I'll just be visiting this sub-forum for proper vr news. /edit: ..and the best hardware reviews.
  10. I check both roadtoVR and Uploaddito occasionally but seen no notice of this announced and very interesting hardware. So either I'm blind or is pimax locked out of the warmth? If so what's up with that?
  11. I suppose you could make a sniper game for it also. Looking through a scope as irl.
  12. Pasted from a previous thread chili started. For clarity comparison, how that same ship looks on a 4k screen, 2x aa. Acer OJO I think.
  13. Sad but yes. It's nvidias playground and seems price development is only limited by the number of potential customers ditching pc gaming altogether in favor of a playstation. Amd save us.
  14. Because I've heard of others experiencing stuttering/freezes in dx11 games after an upgrade to turing from a 10-series card (that worked fine), while having no freezes in dx12 games. I haven't heard of any solution if yours is the same problem.
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