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  1. If it’s that bad it sounds like alternate plane visibility is on. If testing online, berloga is running with this option enabled. As for 2d, it’s there, but highly resolution dependent.
  2. Suspect most are so awed playing in 80fps glory that proper benchmarking has been temporarily shelfed. Obviously the big change was a load transfer from cpu to gpu but that was a good thing and something most wished for. I’m temporarily running a 2070s strix oc, comparable to a stock 2080 unless raytracing. Though choosing rather high settings, my gpu usage averaged 55-65% pre-deffered, and after went up to 85-95%, with 2x msaa as the only change in settings. Unscientifically measured on a regular night of multiplayer, same server as always. I’d say running ultra settings on a soon to be previous gen and mid range gpu are till modest system requirements.
  3. You checked running processes? No funky trojans you could have picked up already with the fresh install? I remember some bloke on this forum had prime95 auto start with windows without knowing, complained about both performance and loud fan noise at ‘idle’.
  4. The game upscales distant contacts to compensate for the non-retina resolution of our monitors/hmd’s. The higher the resolution you run it in the less of this handicap you get. Zooming on the other hand can disable that upscale and you get a weird shrinking effect at certain distances. This is also the reason why supersampling or running high resolutions on small monitors won’t help spotting.
  5. Migoto fixed one of the major disadvantages vr players had in a competitive online environment. Many went vr because this mod/fix finally helped level the playing field. It really is a big issue, likely larger than what the devs thought as the vr crowd today is huge and just had their chair pulled out from under them. I fully understand the strong emotions and putting a lid on so many voices can work,,, but usually has the opposite effect.
  6. Interesting reading a first hand and long term oc experience with this chip. What voltage are you at today running 4.8? My approach was more modest though I question it now 3 years later. Started running my 7700k @4.8ghz with a voltage of 1.25, passing avx enabled Version of prime95. Today, I need 1.33v to pass that exact same Version of p95 @4.8. So, been upping voltage over the years but maintaining frequency. Adding to your advice even a careful 1.25v oc ‘degrades’ a chip over a few years. Likely regular no-oc usage as well considering intels 3-year warranty @stock speeds. I am definitely considering a bit more aggressive approach with the next chip.
  7. What voltage are you running Bernard? And does it pass stresstests? The 7700k’s are a few years old now so I’m surprised to hear of one still chugging along at 5.1.
  8. I see chili. I’m sure you will methodically test this with il2 as well. But does seem my theory of distributing a workload across more cores vs have fewer more heavily loaded, is wrong, in regards to heat.
  9. Chili why disable cores? I can see a reason if trying to reach as high a clock as possible for an all core stresstest. But For il2 and the way it utilizes cores, you should get lower heat/more oc headroom by having more of them for that thread to jump around on. Am I missing something?
  10. Geting back to topic. Would not ddr5 (eta 2021 afaik) be a rather big performance step In regards to what we need here? I suppose the 10900k could be the last ddr4 generation. Worth to consider unless in a hurry.
  11. Had to test 2d vs vr mem usage. With discord, hwinfo, joytokey, oculus home and all those open my not so clean windows 10 install uses almost 4gb of memory. Kept an eye on memory usage for a few multiplayer sorties and even on a very busy Mp server it did not go above 8gb of total system usage. Trying a heavy sp mission with low and full cloud cover, rain, fog and lot's of ai I peaked out at almost 9gb of total system memory, but was mostly closer to 8. This is in VR, Ultra, with extreme clouds. Cranked all settings to full and in 4k 2d-mode that same mission peaked out at 8.5gb total system usage, but again was mostly closer to 8gb. Are you using any resource heavy mods? You memory usage is going through the roof compared to mine. Care to explain these physics?
  12. Lovely STN! Did you do the rivet lines or were those original surface detail?
  13. Thanks Alonzo for posting that. Results rather inline with mine. This was also one of chilis older vr benchmarks with 90fps as a goal. Northbridge @4200 (default) Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 7284, 120000, 44, 78, 60.704 Northbridge @4600 Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg 7766, 120000, 43, 82, 64.717 Thanks Chili, no holy grail but perhaps another small piece of the puzzle. Following your documenting with interest.
  14. Chili may I suggest also collecting user NB frequency data? Visible under memorytab in cpu-z. Did some very limited testing and would need someone to verify - but back then it had almost as much of an FPS impact as ram frequency. Certainly newer architecture will make a difference but wonder how much of it actually is the omitted NB frequency, that's been raised with each intel generation.
  15. Feathered what did use you for that wash. An issue I've been having with the mig enamel washes I've tried is that they apply and dry very coarse/gritty even at twice the scale. Perhaps a good thing for a 1/32 tank but not at all what I was trying to achieve. Tried some cheap artists oils instead and they behaved beautifully but took days to dry.
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