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  1. The Guy is working with pimax now, so,,, 😛 Quite honestly I’m surprised to hear of all these teething problems people are having. With both rift S and reverb. Pimax and their 5k range in comparison seem to have had few. Not to mention the cv1, flawless. Never had to roll back a windows update and never ever had a screen flicker, thats after the cats have had their fun with the cable.
  2. True. While I'm sure they want the game working even on older systems, any extra headroom gained would likely go to more detailed scenery, ground battles, massive bomber formations and so on. On the bright side, our roof now is clock speed and you can only go that high in this department , regardless of budget. With better multicore scaling there at least would be (a very expensive) possibility of building a rig to handle whatever.
  3. Only controls as I don't make other changes. Make sure to manually delete the il2 folder as uninstalling from steam does not and leaves files from your existing installation. Again, I've only experienced performance decreases from some il2 updates and my migoto mod installation could very well have been the culprit.
  4. I'm not surprised they disapprove of this. And if a third party delevoper could do it, their own effort likely would make the S obsolete. Considering they haven't gone this route prior to investing in the rift S, makes the situation look like a boo-boo. As for the concept of a wireless all-in-one Hmd. I would and will, not with this generation though. Imagine all of todays E-sport gamers running around in an augmented arena of choice rather than sitting behind a monitor.
  5. For some reason my performance goes down with some of the il2 updates. Could be my Migoto installation as it's the only mod I use. But every time I get this after an il2update I manually delete the whole il2 folder and reinstall from steam (saved user settings). The performance difference is rather big and unmistakable.
  6. Agreed. We have had the self-justification bashing in this VR subforum from those that plunged out for a 4k screen and never tried VR. Plain annoying. It's not for everyone and never will be. This is the opposite of my impression. No steam or sales statistics behind my view on it and not trying to troll you either. AAA games are ~$30m-$150m productions and need to sell. The VR crowd is just not big enough to justify the very large cost of making, say a first person AAA game work well on a VR platform - as opposed to the numbers a game could sell by converting it to an xbox/playstation. From my point of view we never had this many manufactureras jumping on the VR bandwagon. Even though some of these new headsets are aimed at a relatively small enthusiast market sitting on top of the line hardware. Likely some of those manufacturers won't be getting their money back from sales but establishing a name is crucial if one believes in the future of VR.
  7. From what I've heard (and this is unreliable internetz info) these black screen issues could be related to power consumption and a motherboards ability to deliver the same through a usb port. If you have anything unnecessary connected it could be worth a try disconnecting it.
  8. I agree the limited first gen fov really is no issue, but only until you start flying in a competitive online environment. Just briefly checking your six is one thing but to shake someone off you need to keep them in view and counter their every move. To do that effectively a proper peripheral vision helps and also gives a higher situational awareness in general. Imho crucial to be effective in anything but a duel. One could argue realism but that kind of goes out the window when your up against owl-heads 😛
  9. Thank you for that back to back comparison Dburne. May I ask what your preferred ipd setting is with the cv1? It could very well be the reason for the perceived smaller horizontal fov.
  10. Best picture, standard fov, not so roomscale:ish. If your at ~63mm ipd, do most gaming sitting in a chair and have a nice gpu, go for it.
  11. https://youtu.be/HuobWbxGfnY?t=659 Hoping the timestamp works in that link. If not, at exactly 11 minutes in.
  12. I had my hopes up for this one. But, at ~11.30 they compare the lenses and sweetspot size to vive gen1 optics. Narrow sweetspot and as I understand it the first vive was behind the cv1 in that regard. "it's as if they moved over the gen1 vive lenses and added some wider field of view" They didn't really have anything positive to say there. Unless the cosmos can deliver, pimax is leading the show for me.
  13. Fiddlin, what was your previous hmd, if any? So I know what your comparing sweetspot size with.
  14. Chili did a quite substantial job with his review of the pimax 5k so all info as to what one can expect is there. I am however Looking forward to your impression regarding image clarity directly compared to rift S Blitzen.
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