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  1. I have an opinion and I'll express it.I'm not alone either.Remember the cliffs of Dover shitstorm???Dev's need to be reminded that quality will not be ignored.The tanks in generic Il-2BOX are just as representative of the level of simulation as tank crew,or what was the point of putting them in?Things have been reported long ago and not been addressed.So you get what you sow.
  2. That video above demonstrates 3 major flaws right outta the gate....damage modeling...penetration ...and physics.All the things most important to a tank sim, That T-34 should have been a mobility kill at the very least half way thru the engagement.Even a tiger gets penetrated within 300 feet. As for physics ,a tank doesn't act as if its on the moon in terms of gravity.Y'all wanna pay 100 bucks for bullshit..be my guest.
  3. I have tried the tanks...Lame controls ,lackluster interiors(for tanks in il-2 generic) and fantasy damage model at 80.00 BUCKS (PROBABLY CLOSE TO A 100 WITH TAX) ... I don't think so. Seems to me these Tank Crew DEV's need a kick in the arse to get them motivated to do a decent job. It ain't cutting it from what I see. Gives the rest of the titles a bad name IMO. They need to step it up if they want my money.
  4. If that is any indication of what TANK CREW is all about I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.That was f-ing garbage.Whoever the DEV is they need to back to whatever computer school they graduated from.I wouldn't pay 10 dollars for that crap!!!
  5. If you use joytoKey it works intuitively on a hotas...in fact I got it working just like a real tank simulator(steelbeasts).The thing is I had to go find software...learn how to use it and reconfigure my controls. I should NOT of had to do that. The default set up is just plain stupid. (And broken IMO)
  6. Fixerd it myself using JOY TO KEY software.
  7. well we are trying to but its soooo bad its almost not worth it. a lack of common sense in its design makes it almost impossible. There is no reason that we shouldn't be able to set our HOTAS controls the way we want them to work.
  8. who ever came up with this control scheme for tanks need to give his head a shake. You need to add joystick turret control and not have the gun auto return to hull when pressing T. T press should stay at point you are looking until pressed again and then realign to the point you are looking at upon second press. A gunner slew to target command if you will. How about some dev feedback on these controls since there has been many posts about it.
  9. rgr that...thanks for the reply.If a dev sees this post...its a really stupid thing to have it set this way...just sayin.
  10. TrackIR and joystick sensitivity are linked in the settings.This shouldn't be the csae as when I set the joystick sensitivity to how I want it, it also sets the trackIR to the same setting.The resault is a slow panning for head tracking.Why is this happening and is there a fix??They should be exclusive to one another.
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