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  1. Feel free to give me a nudge if there's anything I can do to assist.
  2. Ciribob - if it helps, we were using the A20 to test the in-plane intercom and the Tiger to test the in-tank intercom.
  3. I recommend two books: Typhoon Wings of the 2nd TAF 1943-45 by Chris Thomas - Osprey Combat Aircraft series number 86 - ISBN 978 - 1 - 84603 - 973 - 7 Typhoon Attack by Norman Franks - Stackpole Military History Series - ISBN 978 - 0 - 8117 - 0643 - 8 And of course the 2TAF book that the earlier screenshots were taken from.
  4. Tangmere Pilots are currently on summer furlough, so now is the perfect time to get your OTU done in time for resumption of Ops in September.
  5. Quite frankly that we be the death knell I think. The lack of built in VR (something I'm pretty sure they would have done by now if they could have) will be the kicker for many people. I find IL2:GB a much, much superior product with much more realistic looking models (just an opinion) and without all of the baggage that this has. This poor old lady should be allowed to pass away peacefully in her sleep in my opinion.
  6. Really sad that this dead horse is preventing this theatre from being developed in Il-2:Great Battles.
  7. These are all way too shiny now that the new graphics are in place. No promises, as I'm very busy at the moment, but if I find a chance to update them I will. Probably with the new 4k template that was released just after I finished this project.
  8. I'm a little lost. You say this is for 'Full Real'? Surely a real network of manned airbases would radio around if they were under attack? That's all that those daggers represent. Removing them would result in less reality, not more.
  9. Was similar for me when I first joined. I was trying to transition from 'Easy Mode' to Complex Engine Management and that involved finding buttons for all sorts of new things, which just took time for me until I could remember where it all was. I just stuck with it and now I'm like that annoying kid at school that they can't get rid of.
  10. I have a group that can be set to do two things. In this scenario the flight of 4 aircraft is split into two pairs for direction purposes. a) send the flight to an attack area and patrol for x minutes b) if either aircraft in either pair is damaged beyond y percent (typically down to 85% integrity) then both aircraft from that pair attempt to break off, dive for the deck then zoom home. The group is not perfect as it doesn't work all the time. For instance if someone hits a plane just after it receives the command to bug out it may turn turn back to defend itself. It's also a bit clunky as it involves two sets of routing logic - one for normal and one for damaged. I'll zip it up if it is of any use https://1drv.ms/u/s!AumCbU9W2zRejwFRgx___4tki-El?e=xyljR3
  11. OTU serves several purposes. It confirms that you can keep the spinning bit pointing forward most of the time while allowing both you and us to decide whether you fit in.
  12. Not sure that's correct. I made a tank range mission recently and tried to stop the nearest targets from shooting at me by making them neutral - they still did.
  13. There is (or at least was) a known issue with Check Zone MCUs sometimes not functioning correctly within a player-hosted Dogfight game. They work just fine in Single Player, DServer hosted Dogfight and Player/DServer hosted Cooperative. I haven't kept an eye on this issue lately, so I'm making an assumption that it hasn't been fixed yet. If it has, then just ignore this post. I'm also not sure why you are Object Linking the Check Zones directly to anything. You would generally only need one CZ for each group (two if you wish to detect objects in and out), not one for each object within the group. Give me a nudge if you wish, though I don't get to browse the forums as often as I used to.
  14. Thanks guys, will try working that lot in when I get a chance. Hanu, whenever I've had problems getting planes to land it is usually because I forgot to set the command Land on the ground. Might that be it?
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