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  1. TP_Silk

    Russian compass

    Could also be because the compass units themselves were imported from Western sources. I emphasise that this is purely a guess and not based on any fact.
  2. TP_Silk

    Is this the end?

    No - this is The End
  3. TP_Silk

    Need Help with Squadron Dates and Plane Types

    Talon_ mate - you're basically talking to the wrong part of the team. BlackSix'w response to you indicates that he is not involved in the area you are trying to provide information for. Give the guy a break My suggestion is that you try the Developer Assistance > Historical Data forum or possibly the History > Aviation or Weaphons and Equipment forums. Links below https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/11-historical-data/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/14-aviation/ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/15-weapons-and-equipment/
  4. TP_Silk


    Submarines often attacked on the surface, especially at night or in low visibility. Remember, some of them even had deck guns and those certainly couldn't be used underwater and were not for defence so much as offence.
  5. TP_Silk


    I recently crafted a mission for the Tangmere Pilots whereby we were to attack a Soviet port in Ju-88s covered by Bf-109s. The attack was timed to coincide with an attack by a group of German torpedo boats and it looked lovely approaching the target area and seeing those boats speeding into the attack below us. There's no reason why that shouldn't have been a submarine instead. Incidentally I looked recently and could find no instances of any submarines of either side being lost to air action in the Black Sea. Of course it is possible that this is because I didn't look hard enough or in the right places, but it does illustrate that you shouldn't necessarily be thinking about attacking and sinking submarines that are a part of any mission or indeed that they should necessarily be on the opposing side.
  6. TP_Silk


    At periscope depth submarines would often still be visible from above. Think of shots of the coastline where you can still see rocks and other features under shallow water - that's essentially the depth that submarines would be at when operating their periscopes. After that it would depend on water conditions and clarity.
  7. TP_Silk

    Size of the forum just got tiny????

    It was a vision test to make sure that your eyesight is up to taking one of those lovely birds out for a spin later 😋
  8. TP_Silk

    Oculus Rift set up

    One thing to be aware of with Laptop machines with a discrete graphics card is that they are often set by default to use the on-board graphics card until a certain threshhold and then switch to the graphics card for heavy duty work. You may therefore need to set IL-2 to run ONLY on the graphics card if you want to run on a VR Headset.
  9. TP_Silk

    New Static models

    I just realised how little sense my post made. I switched half way through the second sentence. Still, you obviously got the drift of my question
  10. TP_Silk

    Escort Mission

    Mustang is still under development as part of the Battle of Bodenplatte expansion pack and is not yet in game. By the way, it's Kuban, not Cuban
  11. Has anyone heard whether or not there is a plan to include new static block models for aircraft? I was recently very disappointed to find that if I want to populate an airfield with planes on the ground other than the few included early on. It would have been good to include Spitfires or 190s or Hs-129s on airfields either just for visuals or as strafing targets, but as it stands you have to include Linked Entity models for that and each one you add ramps up the AI cost of the mission.
  12. TP_Silk

    Unable to record tracks

    Cause found. My installation of BoS hadn't created a 'Tracks' folder so when I was pressing to record it didn't know where to place the tracks and so just didn't work.
  13. Do you mean on the NDB? Cos that's already switched on and working for the A-20s. Or do you mean I need two NDBs, one for each type and each set to a different channel? I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a way to change Bendix frequency in the plane. (could be wrong though). EDIT: I was wrong. It is in the aircraft. Default key assignment is L-Alt+C to toggle between Axis Radio, Compass and Ally Radio. You learn something new every day - thanks Luke.
  14. It appears that the Bendix radio in the P-39 L1 does not appear to work. I have a practice mission where I have A-20s and P-39s at the same air base, which has an NDB set up. The A-20s can read the NDB signal but the P-39s cannot.
  15. TP_Silk

    Remove radio chatter?

    Sounding awfully Colonial British there Gambit old bean. Can't have the natives talking over the top of us, what? 😋✌️