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  1. TP_Silk

    Yay! 3.003 on the way!

    Been touted as both together as far as I remember.
  2. TP_Silk

    manual engine start up

    I know - it's almost like the forum search facility doesn't exist!
  3. TP_Silk

    Panic stop to a train

    Remember to make your Stop command far enough away from the point where you want the train to actually stop to allow it to slow down and stop. Try these settings from the Manual (p70).
  4. TP_Silk

    Squaring the vulching circle against 262's

    In limited numbers to represent the comparative scarcity of the a/c maybe
  5. TP_Silk

    Squaring the vulching circle against 262's

    Unusually, neither. I was born in the midlands and brought up in the South West of England (Devonshire). I moved to the North East in 91 mainly so that I was the other side of the country from my ex-wife when I left the Army. The people up here are friendly and the beer is not too badly priced.... I'll stick with that :D
  6. TP_Silk

    Squaring the vulching circle against 262's

    Maybe I just 'don't get it', but I really do not see why people would complain about use of a legitimate tactic that was developed early on to counter the threat of these aircraft. Yes, it will be hazardous if either the mission designers implement flak protection or their comrades mount a CAP over the bases, but otherwise it is exactly the tactic used against Me-262s until, as stated, the Luftwaffe developed protective measures. Shooting a 262 on approach isn't vulching - it's a legit and historical tactic.
  7. TP_Silk

    AI A-20B for the BOBP career

    To be honest, that is probably along the lines that mission and campaign designers are already thinking. I give the idea a big thumbs up. At the end of the day we often end up making compromises regarding exact plane types or exact bases even when trying to produce accurate campaigns. I don't see this as any different.
  8. Not seen anything yet, but I'm keeping my eyes open. My gut feeling is that as 1C/777 have so much on their plate with the various announced projects (Bodenplatte, Tank Crew, Flying Circus, collaborative release of collector a/c), and as the end release for Kuban slipped just a little (still well within expectations though) they are probably being a little cautious about announcing any form of time-frame further than they know that they can reasonably hit.
  9. TP_Silk

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    BlackSix has already confirmed that the Me-262 is possibly to be available in both A-1a and A-2 variants (link below), so that is one fighter and one bomber configuration. As has already been stated as well, many of the aircraft in the set conducted CAS/AtG missions on a regular basis. Some of them even more regularly than they flew in pure fighter configuration. With that much mud-moving capability are we really going to miss dedicated bomber aircraft? Don't get me wrong, I would love to see the B-25 as a player-controllable aircraft or better yet a Mossie, but until we find out what may come along as extra collectable aircraft we have enough tools in our box to have a lot of fun anyway. And yes, in our squadron's current campaign (Ju-88s) and in the upcoming one (A-20s) I fly twin engine bombers because I think they're fun. EDIT: Forgot the link - here it is
  10. I was just comparing this with Google Maps of the same area now. It's mahoosive! Have we had any word about drop tanks yet? From my reading I know that most, if not all of the German fighters engaged in Bodenplatte were equipped with them and that many of the Allied fighters were too.
  11. I'm probably as familiar with it as anyone else here given that we have not had much in the way of specific details yet. I read the proposals and plan for it and still don't think that it will be able to address the issues you raised. For instance, I assume (and yes, I know that's not a good thing to do) that most folks that don't use voice comms at that moment most likely do it for one of three reasons. Either they have their own squad voice comms up already, or they can't be bothered, or they don't believe that their English (or whatever other language) skills are up to the job. None of those three things will be addressed by Air Marshall. I agree that some form of coordination would often be welcome and that the proposed feature is a great step forward in achieving that, I just don't believe that it will be a universal panacea to fix the MP woes.
  12. It seems to me that the issues you're describing are all about player choices. I'm afraid that no matter what 1c/777 come up with, it won't make people use the feature. If folks don't use TS now, they won't log onto it to be told what to do by a random player that they don't even know. That, of course, is merely my opinion, not a definitive response.
  13. Sorry, but they're not pretty great...... they are bloody fantastic As you say, too much realism is not necessarily a good thing. EDIT: I can certainly think of some structures within the map area that, while historically correct, have no place at all in a flight sim.
  14. TP_Silk

    VKB Gladiator does not work

    Couldn't say for sure - not counted them - I know that I use both 'modes' plus the pinky switch for some stuff. I've also got a throttle quadrant full of button assignments. I'm not saying that you're wrong to use SV Mapper - just that you should test without it too to find out where the fault lies.
  15. TP_Silk

    VKB Gladiator does not work

    My Gladiator Pro works fine in game without using any other tools. Try it without SV Mapper? It could well be that program not recognising the stick rather than IL-2 BOS not recognising it.