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  1. Ilyushin Advice

    Typically when performing a ground attack you will want something like a 3 second delay (for static targets at least) and to drop from sufficient altitude to allow the bombs to arm much like when skip bombing ships.
  2. Re-downloading the original files will be ineffective as they will still be incompatible with the current version. Depending on mission, some will work after being re-saved in the mission editor (remove .msnbin file, open the mission in the editor and then save), although some will be corrupted and (for instance) have very blue wash colour that makes it almost impossible to fly in. I need to take a look at some of my old files that have this happening and see if there is an easy fix by maybe adjusting the map/season/weather settings or something.
  3. I noticed something similar in a practice mission the evening - I was following a Ju-88 and A-20 in formation (don't ask, but both were spawned from a German airfield). and while the Ju-88 was rock solid in my view, the A-20 kept disappearing and reappearing. I thought it was just me or something odd to do with my Oculus, but maybe not. GTX-1080TI Oculus Rift i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz 16GB RAM and running on an SSD
  4. Small first steps...

    In the properties box for the mission itself the top field is the name of the Mission - if you change that and use 'save as' at the same time, then it should (most times, depending on whether you have sacrificed sufficient chickens) do what you want. Incidentally that overall mission property box is where you can set things like weather, date, season, etc as well.
  5. Cheers guys, will give it a go. Hopefully they'll sort this out sooner rather than later.
  6. It appears that you can't save an SDS file with external views allowed in Custom mode after the upgrade to 3.001. I have tried several times to open an existing sds file and allow external views, but it keeps turning it back off once you select Save and Exit. I have also tried resetting to Normal - this allows external views, but once you go back to custom and untick the bits you don't want, it won't save properly again. This is reproducible easily.
  7. Resaving old missions

    Doesn't work - the .msnbin files have changed with the release of BoK - same thing happened when they went to DX11 - major changes to the game mean that the binary files from previous versions won't work. The fix you suggest will only work after minor changes
  8. Resaving old missions

    Another way is to just open the editor to a new mission then go to Tools -> Resave All Missions in Folder - this will remove the need to rename/delete the .msnbin files. If you're going to do this I recommend that you take a copy of anything first and leave enough time for your PC to process the save process.
  9. Formation Leader

    On activated objects any links for commands, landing points, etc are automatically passed to the other aircraft in the formation. Reports are not passed as they are specific to an object (at least that is my understanding) and so will need to be set for each object in the formation. I have a group that was designed by someone much cleverer than me that has a 'morale' trigger in it so that if a formation of fighters, for instance, loses the lead or loses too many aircraft the remainder will turn back and exit the area. I think that should be available from the shared groups area somewhere.
  10. Formation Leader

    If you have set it up with activated units rather than spawned units then if the leader is shot down/destroyed then the next aircraft in the formation assumes the role of leader and completes the actions assigned. When level bombing the way I do it is to assign the 'Attack Area' command and set it to the height you wish to bomb from. Then you assign the length of time for that attack to something a few seconds over how long it will take to fly from the previous waypoint to the attack area (by a few seconds I mean enough for all the aircraft to reach that spot). Once that is done set a 5 second timer to activate the first homeward bound waypoint and the bombers will set off back home once the attack area command time is expired. It sounds a little long-winded, but it works a treat.
  11. Looking for Soviet After Action Reports

    Try this or this
  12. You do realise that that Pe-2 if firing 12.7mm rounds at you? A .50 caliber round in your engine is going to seriously mess up your day whether you have in-line or radial engine. Anyone that approaches a bomber from the rear needs and then just stays there deserves every round they get (me included). Quite frankly your wish to approach from behind an auto-win is ...... shall we say 'unrealistic' ?
  13. Nothing to do with Steam - it's in Oculus Home
  14. Try Settings -> General -> Library Locations I have two entries: ...\Oculus Apps ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game Not sure if that's how my Oculus picked it up, but it's in my library on Oculus Home
  15. You can now tell Oculus Home where to look for your game libraries. Try that