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  1. TP_Silk

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    Ok, so I still had this mod enabled during ops last night and can report that it still enabled viewing of smoke emitters from long distance and that it is the ships that it doesn't seem to like in multiplayer mode. Very odd!
  2. TP_Silk

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    @IckyATLAS - as 307_Tomcat says above, I host my own server and have allowed the use of mods to test. All other mods are active, but it seems that the view distance ones aren't taking effect.
  3. TP_Silk


    I support the decision to only turn GPS once every other week on a Saturday as a test. Common sense appears to have prevailed over elitism for now.
  4. TP_Silk

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Got this installed and working now for SP, although I needed to put the mod into my IL2_MODS folder for JSGME rather than directly into the existing Data structure as it says in the first post. As I said, works fine is SP with ships visible from a distance of around 25km at 5000ft in an A20. Tried running this on a Dserver with mods enabled and for some reason it was back to a draw distance of around 10km at 5000ft. Are single player draw distances handled differently from multi-player?
  5. TP_Silk

    Tangmere Pilots - Space still available!

    Announcing our next campaign - Unternehmen Taifun Unternehmen Taifun - Operation Typhoon - was the German plan to push East through the Soviet Union and capture Moscow in the Autumn of 1941. This campaign will mainly follow the exploits of II.Schalchtgruppe/Lehrgeschwader 2 flying in Bf 109 E-7s as they moved back and forth across the battle space but will also take in some action with II./ZG26 in their Bf-110 E-2s. The campaign will be flown over the same period in 2018 as it took place in 1941 and I hope to provide a sample action from each week wherever possible for our Sunday Ops schedule. Further details are available on the Tangmere Pilots website in the Operations Room for members and recruits.
  6. TP_Silk


    There's even a facility within Oculus's virtual desktop that can accomplish the same, but I don't use that either as I don't want it there. Besides, there's no advantage in that over just bringing up the map screen. This isn't about access to maps, the ability to map read, the ability to navigate. It is about whether or not to have a simple marker on the map that indicates where you are and about not having to go to the sheer arse ache of calculating your position every 30 seconds in a furball so that you can know exactly where you are when you manage to escape it.
  7. TP_Silk


    ooooor they could leave it on and see if the 'must fly full real or I lose my immersion, which is far more important than yours' set leave...... either way works
  8. TP_Silk


    Turning off GPS would be a shame. This is an excellent server for the most part and I have said so before. Whilst I can and do often fly with no GPS I see no reason at all beyond the harder-core of simmers wanting it off for that to happen. I guess it depends on who you want to use your servers at the end of the day. leaving GPS on will attract a much wider selection of people than you would get by turning it off. This never is or was about how difficult or easy it is to navigate.
  9. TP_Silk

    Water reflexion issue on Kuban

    Aaaaaaahhhh - you mean refleCTions...........
  10. TP_Silk

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    OK - looking a little more specifically, the question is asked in the linked thread He is specifically asking about the two portions of the process for the Mission Templates Editor and the Mission Generator that I take as being Developer produced rather than community produced. I would say that the answer in that case is always going to be 'because the way we generate missions is proprietary and we don't want our competitors getting that information'
  11. TP_Silk

    Developer Diary 201 - Discussion

    The way I understood it, the NDA isn't for access to community-developed tools, but to the proprietary tools that the developers have come up with to generate missions. I would say that (provided I am correct of course) that is a perfectly reasonable approach. Two different parts of the equation appear to be in the DD - the community-developed tools and methods that use the proprietary generator tools to come up with a campaign? Am I wrong? I vote that it's about the NBA instead.... or the NHL.......... or even the NFL 😃
  12. High revs will only cause the damage if you maintain them for too long. There has to be some system in place to simulate engine behaviour in a model that only exists as Ones and Zeros. If you're burning out your engine on take off then try backing off once airborne. Typically I lift off, gear up, adjust RPM and Manifold for a climb then (if deployed on the aircraft I'm in) raise flaps and trim for a climb.
  13. TP_Silk

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Much fun to be had on this server. The squadron I belong to have flown both sides and very much enjoyed each outing.
  14. TP_Silk

    Tangmere Pilots - Space still available!

    Unfortunately mate even our midweek fun flights and re-flies of missions tend to be at around the same time GMT. We have a number of members who reside in British time +1 and +2 that mean that we would find it very difficult to accommodate both ends of the scale. We often fly on a training server starting at around 8pm UK time and then move across to one of the public servers or our own Ops server come around 9pm. For further info please feel free to PM or email one of our responsible adults
  15. TP_Silk

    AI Puzzlement

    You probably don't need the timer as long as 12 minutes, but certainly you want it set up for 2-5 minutes in case the AI need to go around. I'm not exactly certain of what causes the situation you describe at the start, but it kind of makes sense that it's something along the lines of the lead aircraft crosses the border of the attack area and goes into an attack routine while the other following aircraft are still outside it,. then because the order has been triggered, it doesn't necessarily trigger for the second/third/fourth aircraft. This could be absolutely 100% rubbish, but it kind of makes electronic/programming sense to me.