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  1. There is (or at least was) a known issue with Check Zone MCUs sometimes not functioning correctly within a player-hosted Dogfight game. They work just fine in Single Player, DServer hosted Dogfight and Player/DServer hosted Cooperative. I haven't kept an eye on this issue lately, so I'm making an assumption that it hasn't been fixed yet. If it has, then just ignore this post. I'm also not sure why you are Object Linking the Check Zones directly to anything. You would generally only need one CZ for each group (two if you wish to detect objects in and out), not one for each object within the group. Give me a nudge if you wish, though I don't get to browse the forums as often as I used to.
  2. Thanks guys, will try working that lot in when I get a chance. Hanu, whenever I've had problems getting planes to land it is usually because I forgot to set the command Land on the ground. Might that be it?
  3. Has anyone managed to find a reliable way to send all aircraft from an AI flight home after an attack area command? I currently have a group that spawns 32 Bf109s in 8 groups of 4 with each Schwarm consisting of a linked pair that has 'On damaged'reports that sens both aircraft in the pair home if one is damaged. So far so good. What is currently not working is that the remaining aircraft that are not damaged either do what they are told and go home or more frequently are so interested in chasing player aircraft that they stay much, much longer than they should. Basic logic for each 4-ship Schwarm is... The two pairs get activated and fly to their first WP. Once there each pair has its own 'Attack area' command less than a minute away set to (for example) 4 minutes. 5 minutes after reaching the first WP each pair has a timer and high priority WP to return to an airfield then land UNLESS If one aircraft of a pair is damaged more than 10% both aircraft in that pair will break off, dive for the ground then bug out for the home airfield. Changing AI level does not seem to affect this in any way, I just get a random number of aircraft that will do their own thing rather than follow the commands. Any help on making this more reliable will be appreciated. The group itself is rather complicated due to the way that the aircraft should follow one logic (bug out) or another (go home at end of attack area timer).
  4. The map certainly lends itself to playing out the Dieppe raid in 1942 with Spitfire Vs and the first few IXs. There's also the possibility of the Amiens raid (Operation Jericho, Feb 44) in Mossies and Tiffies.
  5. Yes, I get that it's only the German ones and only the Hakenkreuz. I thought your post meant that you had included all German aircraft from all expansions in the update and that's why it was so large. Obviously not. Thanks anyway.
  6. @VBF-12_Stick-95 The new skin pack seems to only contain the five BoBP aircraft. I have the other pack installed and if want the new pack activated at the same time it throws up an error message as follows: Folder "data\swf\il2\worldobjects" has already been added by the "Historically Correct German Official Skins for BoM-BoS-BoK" mod. Folder "data\swf\il2\worldobjects\planes" has already been added by the "Historically Correct German Official Skins for BoM-BoS-BoK" mod. Enabling this mod "may" have adverse effects on your game. Are you sure you wish to enable this mod? EDIT: Never mind. I have manually combined the two and that works fine. I'm pretty sure that the link only gives the five aircraft though.
  7. Bunny provides free tea and biscuits during the interview as well. If you ask him nicely he'll show you his pictures of the CO in lederhosen.
  8. Both I and some of my friends that build missions for our online squadron regularly experience issues with the Prokhorovka map in mission builder in that the editor crashes when we try going to 3D or the viewer in top-down rather than map mode. Here are the steps taken (Crash dump file attached). - Open Mission editor (STEditor.exe) - In Mission Properties box click on Terrain Presets - Select Prokhorovkasummer - Click Apply - Cancel the Save As or save as Test_Mission - UI map loads - Click on Toggle Camera or the 3d View option - Mission editor crashes - Windows Event Viewer records the following with Event ID 1000: Faulting application name: STEditor.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5cf900d8 Faulting module name: landscape.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5cf900b9 Exception code: 0xc0000094 Fault offset: 0x000000000002c6c7 Faulting process ID: 0x3214 Faulting application start time: 0x01d55aa09b529974 Faulting application path: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\editor\STEditor.exe Faulting module path: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\editor\landscape.dll Report ID: cca806ff-5fb3-4840-9f41-2336d83bb652 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: My game is installed through Steam, not sure if that is relevant. I have tried deleting the two files in the directory structure with the name landscape.dll and then re-acquiring them through the Steam file verification tool. This issue has also been discussed on the forums with no fix or workaround identified in this thread thank you for your attention. STEditor.exe.12820.zip
  9. I believe you can buy the modules from whichever source you wish, though you will not have access to any early access content, so you would have to wait for full release to get the Bodenplatte content for example.
  10. We have just announced our next campaign, Lavochkins Assemble, which will commence on 8th September and is scheduled to run until just after the new year. As the name suggests we will mostly be flying the Lavochkin La-5FN during this campaign, but will also have some missions with everyone in Pe-2 series 87s. The campaign will cover the historical period from September 1943 to approximately January 1944 during which the VVS was supporting the Red Army landings at Yenikale, north-east of Kerch'. If this sounds like fun, pop by our website and drop in an application. Silk FC for TP Campaigns (Yes, I do get to choose the cheesy names for the campaigns)
  11. Tried the reset command and the map still will not open in top-down 2D view for me. I've even deleted Prokhorovka Presets folder and got it to reload from Steam via the file verification function. This is seriously annoying as I can't accurately place objects on the map.
  12. If you think of each 'expansion' as a plane set you won't go far wrong. You don't need to buy Battle of Stalingrad first for instane. If you are only interested in the Bodenplatte aircraft then just buy the pre-release for that and play the aircraft as they are released. The Bodenplatte single player content is not ready yet though, so no campaign or map for it. Multiplayer servers can use any map that the host owns in conjunction with any aircraft that they make available AND the player owns. For instance I could create and host a map where the Ju52 is available but could not fly a Ju52 on it because I do not own that aircraft, however someone else that does own it could fly on my map regardless of which version of the game the have as long as they own that one collector aircraft.
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