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  1. Hi Stoopy, The only things with that assumption, are that my server (the one that had issues that night) is the one that generally is able to handle the higher load and in a practice run that I did just beforehand, the mission ran perfectly fine and dropped all of the cannisters. It was really odd.
  2. I had a Deathmatch mission that I constructed for our online squadron recently that involved a token 12 C-47s dropping cannisters (as they have no paratroopers yet) as part of Operation Varsity. While testing the group seemed to frequently bug out and crash the whole DServer if the C-47s were hit by defending flak while actually dropping. The weird thing is that on the night of the mission we flew on two separate servers with the exact same mission files and one crashed while the other didn't. Very frustrating.
  3. Looks to me like it is in full 3D view and that the camera has been vertically rotated by 180 degrees.
  4. I've been wondering whether the 'invisible tree' thing may be due to differences between the season maps and precisely where trees are positioned on them.
  5. Hi guys, I know it's a bit new still and not many will have it yet, but which detents are you guys using (if any) for warbird simming? Mine has come with the 'aerobatic' set pre-installed and I'm kind of assuming that either no detents or the classic/classic plus set would be most appropriate. A description of the sets from the Virpil site follows below Thanks in advance
  6. Amazing. Thank you again. Have a great time this Christmas and New Year and stay safe.
  7. Hi Rob, If you can give us a list of those static aircraft model changes that you've done and which model translates to which, that would be super. I can then start pre-populating some airfields to save some time after the projected release of the next version. I have a mini-campaign set up for my online squadron to fly over the Xmas/New Year break starting on Sunday 27th. Thanks in advance PS - Fantastic work! It's almost like a whole expansion pack.
  8. One of the things that I find most unrealistic about this game is that all the roads, rivers and railways are so tree-lined. Most of them have trees for almost their entire length. It's absolutely absurd. Sure, many do have trees along them, but not evenly spaced every 10 yards along the entire length.
  9. I'm considering making a mini campaign for the guys in TP running on a DServer on a separate machine to the one I fly on. Would I need to install the mod on the server machine (the one that I also design the missions on) that hosts or just on the client machine?
  10. Feel free to give me a nudge if there's anything I can do to assist.
  11. Ciribob - if it helps, we were using the A20 to test the in-plane intercom and the Tiger to test the in-tank intercom.
  12. I recommend two books: Typhoon Wings of the 2nd TAF 1943-45 by Chris Thomas - Osprey Combat Aircraft series number 86 - ISBN 978 - 1 - 84603 - 973 - 7 Typhoon Attack by Norman Franks - Stackpole Military History Series - ISBN 978 - 0 - 8117 - 0643 - 8 And of course the 2TAF book that the earlier screenshots were taken from.
  13. Tangmere Pilots are currently on summer furlough, so now is the perfect time to get your OTU done in time for resumption of Ops in September.
  14. Quite frankly that we be the death knell I think. The lack of built in VR (something I'm pretty sure they would have done by now if they could have) will be the kicker for many people. I find IL2:GB a much, much superior product with much more realistic looking models (just an opinion) and without all of the baggage that this has. This poor old lady should be allowed to pass away peacefully in her sleep in my opinion.
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