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  1. TP_Silk

    Post your Favorite Warbird Whistle

    I remember Hawker Hunters flying out of RAF Chivenor in North Devon in the very early 70's. I used to love going to their open days and watching the flying displays there. That was my introduction to military aircraft.
  2. TP_Silk

    Post your Favorite Warbird Whistle

    Why settle for a whistle when you can have whistles AND howls??
  3. TP_Silk

    How much of a bribe to get P-47 this week?

    As a partially interested observer, I'm sitting here wondering if this thread is the tip of the iceberg. My thinking is that even if they do bring it out soon, it won't be available in any online maps until the Bodenplatte map is released. The soviets only received three P-47s in 1943 (the latest time frame for the sim currently) for evaluation purposes with a further 200 in 1944, and even then very, very few were used operationally according to what I've read (extract from Wikipedia article in the Spoiler below. So while folks may have fun in Quick Missions with it, it is very unlikely to show up in WoL or KOTA for instance.
  4. You may also reduce resolution to help. It seems from your screenshot that all the HUD items are small and that could well be because of resolution issues. Typically VR runs at much lower resolution than a flat screen monitor, sometimes even at only 800x600.
  5. I have to admit that I don't know whether AI ground vehicles and ships have multiple AI assignments. I just know that the aircraft do.
  6. To be honest I'm not sure how much resources those things take up - I would assume that frontline weapons fire will require an AI Logic to some degree and I know that FPS can be reduced when rendering smoke, but I haven't looked at how much of a draw on the server they are. Maybe someone else here can answer that better than me.
  7. Generally with our missions we load the default 1C/777 scenery such as bridges, towns, villages and airfields for the whole map and leave it like that. If you're really concerned about resources then you can open the imported groups and just delete everything that is outside the area of operations. What takes up most resources is anything that requires AI and the more crew members those units have, the heavier the resource requirements. I once wrote a mission where I wanted the airfield we were attacking to be populated with the appropriate aircraft so dumped a load of FW190 A5s, Hs129s and the like around it. I soon realised my error when it cam to testing time and the server resources went through the roof. Those aircraft swiftly got replaced with the standard 'static' block models that don't require AI and all was well. Apart from that I tend to deactivate any 'flavour' group once it has been bypassed or has flown out of visual range. that should generally be enough. Remember, the more AI crew members there are, the higher the call on resources as each of those gunners (or whatever) will draw on what you have.
  8. I've seen this when hosting directly from in game in Dogfight Server mode. The Check Zone MCU does not seem to work there, but it is fine in Co-operative or even in DServer Hosted Dogfight. That has been going on since the last major change.
  9. Mission is here https://app.box.com/s/ifaqdymrqkt76rq6s7vwh0oawv1hds6c SDS is on one of Prangster's Machines, so I'm positive that it is fine. So, if we all tried to spawn into one server, it stopped letting us at 13. If I hosted one copy of the mission for one Staffel on my machine and Prangster the other on his, then we could all spawn in to our respective spawn points. One thing that we didn't try and maybe should have is to have everyone try to spawn into my version of the hosted mission, but time was marching on and we wanted to get flying before the snows hit in November The mission is done now, we got around the issue this last week. I think that Jacko is just trying to see whether this is something we're going to maybe encounter again next week.
  10. My wish list for VR doesn't even come close to incorporating haptic gloves and clickpits at present. I would much rather that things like resolution, field of view and even making the headset cooler to wear were addressed before even thinking of things like clickpits. Yes, I know some love them, but personally I would probably not use that functionality anyway as I really couldn't be bothered.
  11. TP_Silk

    Why has ammo bug not been fixed yet???

    Frankly, while this may be a priority for you personally, it really isn't something that needs to given any massive priority at the moment. It is annoying, sure, but as has been pointed out, Aircraft and systems are mechanical and sometimes things go wrong with them. Just look at this as one of the things that could go wrong occasionally with the one you take up. Of course, if you are that desperate to have the issue fixed, then you could possibly try collecting data on when it happens, what you were doing at the time, which server you were on, etc and forward that to the developers to assist them in pinpointing the issue rather than sitting around and just whinging about it. The more data you and others send them, the easier it will be for them to find out the cause and fix it.
  12. Jim - players could not even join the server once 13 were in. It was really odd. The two spawn points were more than far enough apart not to actively interfere with each other, or at least you would have thought so. Certainly when the two groups started spawning in they were a couple of hundred meters away from each other at the nearest point. The field itself was Kalinin-South-East, which is a grass strip and the two spawn points were fake field runway spawn, so each should have been able to accommodate 15 Bf-109s spawning in simultaneously. Eventually we got around this by hosting the mission on two separate servers with one Staffel spawning on each server, but that obviously meant that we weren't able to have the full Gruppe experience.
  13. TP_Silk

    Allow mods on DServer?

    Or you can just turn it on/off in the Settings => Game => Allow Mods tick box and then re-start both your game and your DServer 😊