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  1. TP_Silk

    U-2VS Tail Gunner

    I'm not entirely sure why you would remove the rear-seat crewman in what is essentially a trainer/twin-crew machine.
  2. I don't remember seeing a 'days' or 'weeks' box on the timer MCU...
  3. Hi Jacko - I think the general consensus is to have a longer run between the last waypoint and the attack area command while still making sure that they have sufficient time to fly to it. Folks are saying to set it as far as 10km from the last waypoint.
  4. 1C need to revert that change - I'm pretty sure that it was unintentional. It does look awful though.
  5. Not so sure about that - if we download the files one of our missions by connecting to a hosted session of it then someone re-saves it, they can host it again right away on their own DServer even with spaces in the title. We've done this several times when a server has had small issues and crashed early on our Ops evening. Maybe that's not what you meant though. Or it could be specific to in-game hosting I suppose. As I said, we use Dservers.
  6. Jason - our squadron regularly works with missions with spaces in the titles and we send the mission files back and forward between us. The names aren't particularly long or complex, but spaces in the mission name or file name do not appear to in any way affect people being able to connect to the games. The only difference is maybe that we host on DServers because of the bug where check zones don't work properly on player-hosted Dogfight servers just now. The critical thing is that when you unpack the zipped files onto your machine, you should do so to a sub-folder of the .../multiplayer/dogfight/... directory and once you have unpacked them you need to open the mission in the mission editor and then just save it. After that all works fine. We host in this way at least once a week and fly three times a week together on a hosted Dserver for practice. I would say that your points would probably comprise a 'best practice' still though for fail-safe.
  7. You have to do this so that the mission will work properly. I've always supposed that this is so that absolute file paths get re-saved in the mission files, but you would probably know better than me. Certainly it is not possible to host a downloaded mission without re-saving in the location you're going to run it from.
  8. Jason - did you re-save it after extracting it and before trying to host it?
  9. Hi Jason - I was hosting multiplayer dogfights on my machine after the patches on Sunday and also had a hard lock and crash twice. I didn't particularly think anything much of it until I saw this. Please let me know if you want/need further details and I'll PM them.
  10. TP_Silk

    Arty Batteries

    The main problem that I find with AAA is that in the game it has been designed to be more accurate than in real life so that one doesn't have to have so many actual guns. Remember that each of those guns (and searchlights if you include them) will have their own AI logic running and using up processor, so lowering the number and raising the accuracy is a great compromise for the mission designer. If you really want to turn the sky black, find artillery appropriate for the altitude you want and then add a number of 3-gun batteries each at low AI level so that they're not so deadly as to be no fun at all. I find that the large caliber AAA guns are best for flak bursts as the medium and low calibre guns tend to look more like MG tracer.
  11. TP_Silk

    Hype about ME262

    There were two reconnaissance missions by Ar-234s overnight 31 Dec to 01 January. None took part in the actual raid according to the books I read on the subject.
  12. Is that 2d on a screen or in VR? VR makes a lot of difference to frame rates and the like even before throwing all those bombers in.
  13. TP_Silk

    Is the cockpit clickable in VR?

    Many people would rather have tanks than clickpits though - at the end of the day it's a business decision by the developers and the producers as to where the money is best spent, and they've decided that it's not on clickpits. They do occasionally change their minds (think Ju-52), but not that often.
  14. TP_Silk

    Ship formations question

    I had noticed this a couple of days ago. I think I'll apply Gambit21's fix as he knows what he's doing and has helped me out of a fix many times previously. Now I just need to work out how many ships I can get active within the Kerch' Strait at one time without it overloading the server and causing outdated data hit messages.
  15. TP_Silk

    Head tilt?

    Certainly if you use either head tracking or VR you can do it easily.