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  1. I'm having trouble with track records not working properly.

    All track files recorded on the TAW server just appear on the black screen. Recorded on the WoL server is fine, but on the TaW server, it just comes up with a black screen.



    The operating system is Windows 10 64x and the language is Korean. Is this going to be a problem?

  2. i sent support tickets 3 times but nothing happened. so i write my problem this forum.

    I bought BoM premium edition when 2017.02.28 with promo code. and i was choose 'Buy for yourself'.
    but there is no activation key button. i can see only 'send gift' button.

    So i can't login this game.
    if i login BoS, download launcher version, then '#5 : license key is not activated' message continuosly pop up. and steam version same too.

    how can i solve this problem?



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