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  1. Hey there, thanks for the reply Andre! Very good to know this. Although I'm sad to learn that the Stall FX AoA onset/full setting isn't actually adjustable in IL-2. BTW: Got my shaker FX working much better now. Turns out I had a partial / intermittent internal transducer failure, nothing to do with your fine software. Cheap hardware was the culprit all along. I kind of fixed it temporarily, but not sure how long it will last. In case anyone is wondering, this is the shaker I'm using (it is not very durable): https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002LQAHPE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Been playing around with the various settings recently in Beta 2.4. I have a few questions: 1) The General Settings window is too large to fit on my monitor unless I temporarily reduce Scale and Layout in Windows 10 from 300% (recommended) to 250%. I run a 4K desktop on a 1080P monitor for OBS recording reasons, and also require large scaling because it's a projector. I can still use it somewhat awkwardly by going back and forth, but hope for a future version that is better at self-scaling. 2) Ground Bumps - More Options. How does this work? I can only check/un-check "Randomize Bumps" but the two sliders above it always say "not connected" and won't move. 3) Some settings are greyed out / not usable when IL-2 is running, but fine when it's not. Some appear to be BMS-related, but some definitely are not. For examples: the "more options" button on each of Ground Bumps, Gun Fire and Stall/Shake.
  3. Aha! Thanks. I just started out and I had assumed it was the same file swap method as the DCS version which I already own, but apparently this one is completely different. I like this way better, actually - easier to keep track. Hope the DCS version gets the same setup at some point. I still get terribly weak effects, especially for the gun. Almost nothing, or sometimes weak and cuts out even with the gun still firing, or even a second or so after it stops firing. Very odd. I can get amazing strong shakes by just watching a video (not Simshaker), so I know it's not my hardware at least. I guess I'll have to figure out how to modify or create new wav files that work for my bass shaker.
  4. Also, whenever I try to substitute a custom sound file (like gunfire.wav) it just resets it to the standard one when I relaunch the program. Maybe it's the wrong Bits/Hz or something?
  5. I get very weak gunfire effects. Also, this message: 18:25:31.26 PBE AddMixerInput Exception: All mixer inputs must have the same WaveFormat Any ideas?
  6. I have a question for the devs regarding the new FOV number shown under the FPS value on screen (cool feature, BTW). Is it Horizontal FOV, or Diagonal FOV, or what? The reason I ask is that my Pimax Artisan is advertised to naturally display 140 degrees Horizontal FOV, but I tested it on another program and got 128 degrees HFOV (SteamVR rendered limit for my device). But for IL-2 GB, the in-game counter only says 111 degrees when in default (non-zoomed) view. This is way too small for either type of FOV limit on this device, unless it really means Vertical FOV, which would be a very unusual spec to use, IMO. Isn't this default view supposed to be accurate to the SteamVR rendered limit of each model (i.e. natural / non-zoomed)? TIA
  7. ^ That is an interesting comment blitze. I hope they didn't actually TRY to change the non-zoomed FOV. I mean how could that even work? Every HMD design has it's own natural rendered FOV that must be used or else the result is always going to be some kind of warped image..... fine if temporarily zooming, but bad for normal view. Then again, I'm not a VR expert either.
  8. Pimax Artisan here. The "VR Fishbowl" bug hit me hard with this new patch, and I did already report it on Han's other thread. No work-arounds have helped. Example: sitting in the A20 rear top gunner position, I can make the vertical stab/rudder bend a couple feet just by rotating my head slightly left or right (not zoomed in). It seems to affect mostly Pimax units, and some Odyssey / Vive units too?
  9. I have this problem too: 1. Have you "fish-eye" trouble with normal zoom after 4.006d update? YES - exactly this. Example: Gauges appear to slide left a bit when I rotate my head right. New problem started today. 2. Which VR device model you have? Pimax Artisan. Tried with PP on and off - same result. 3. Have you d3d11.dll file in <game_install_folder>\bin\game\d3d11.dll folder? No it is not there. 4. Is PC restarting solving this issue? No, it did not help. NOTE: My windows desktop is set for 4K, but my monitor is only 1080p (for VR recording/cropping reasons). I noticed that IL-2 auto-changed my in-game resolution setting to 640p after the update, and now will not allow 4K to be set any more like it was before. Tried 1080p in-game but still the fisheye problem exists. I would like 4K to be available again too, please.
  10. Ahh.. my mistake. That was from January. Somebody posted a comment on Reddit that confused me. nvm
  11. From today's IL-2 update: "9. Added initial support for SimShaker to be used in conjunction with JetSeats and other audio powered feedback devices. " Andre: What does this mean for existing SimShaker customers? Do we get more / better effects today, or does it mean you will be introducing new features in your future updates? PS: I only currently own the DCS version of SimShaker Sound Module, not the IL-2 version, so I guess it makes no difference to my sound-based effects in IL-2?
  12. I really wanted an SBD and carriers, but got a DH.98 instead. "Life is like a box of chocolates."
  13. Me too, cannot login tonight. And all 7 other guys on my Discord too. So, we all went to play a different sim instead.
  14. I was just now in the rear seat of the UV2 Biplane on WOL. I don't own the module, but was flying gunner with a friend. I use Oculus Rift, and have flown gunner before using it in other planes no problem. So I was facing forward in the rear seat to start as normal. When I took the gun, it made me stand up higher, but it still made me facing forward so I could not see what I was shooting at. Even when I tried to aim down sight, same result. We got bounced by a pair of 190s so I shot blindly in desperation, and sawed off our rudder :-) And then WOL auto-banned me for a day 😞 Anybody else see this new bug?
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