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  1. I really wanted an SBD and carriers, but got a DH.98 instead. "Life is like a box of chocolates."
  2. Me too, cannot login tonight. And all 7 other guys on my Discord too. So, we all went to play a different sim instead.
  3. I was just now in the rear seat of the UV2 Biplane on WOL. I don't own the module, but was flying gunner with a friend. I use Oculus Rift, and have flown gunner before using it in other planes no problem. So I was facing forward in the rear seat to start as normal. When I took the gun, it made me stand up higher, but it still made me facing forward so I could not see what I was shooting at. Even when I tried to aim down sight, same result. We got bounced by a pair of 190s so I shot blindly in desperation, and sawed off our rudder :-) And then WOL auto-banned me for a day 😞 Anybody else see this new bug?
  4. Hi JimTM, Thanks for the reply and advice. I did previously check the list files on a few different missions I had tried and they had correct paths. The missions I think came from servers that I had joined in the past I think. And yes I had tried the other things you mentioned too. I will try opening and re-saving using mission editor maybe next.....
  5. I am trying to host a non-dedicated server for a few hours so a small group of friends (5?) and I can mess around / teach newbs how to fly etc. I have no idea how to create mp missions yet, but I have lots of pre-made ones to use anyway. I assume dserver is not necessary for this. So I select multiplayer/dogfight and then click on the "Create Server" button, and pick an existing mission in the dogfight directory. The server starts up, and I can fly around in it fine. But if anybody else tries to join, their game hangs forever or crashes to desktop. Every time. My ports are forwarded, my antivirus/firewall is off, to my knowledge everything is correct as I have done this for other (non-IL2) games before. I kindly request the wisdom of my fellow flight sim community.
  6. I just downloaded the update and did a quick test. I can confirm that the dev did indeed fix this problem today, despite that they did not recognise it before. Thanks to everyone who sent in a support request, and a special thanks to the dev who eventually listened with an open mind to their customers, and put the quality of their product first.
  7. Your test does not produce the same result for me, but then again I don't have that much roll effect in my profile (90 degrees of roll is way too much IMO). If that is what you meant? The roll axis in 3.001 seems to now be attached to the airplane frame of reference, rather than attached to the virtual pilot's head (like the other axes are). So rolling your head produces different (unexpected) results depending on where your virtual head is facing at the time of the roll input.
  8. As I mentioned a couple times already in this thread, TrackIR's own 3D view tool is broken also (same as BOS 3.001). It always has been. There is even a 2-year-old video confirming this posted above. It does cause confusion for some people discussing this bug here, but most game devs typically ignore it and implement TrackIR correctly in their game anyway. That is why no other games are affected. :-)
  9. Last Friday I received the following email reply from ICGS Tech Support: "We have once again checked the interaction of the game with TrackIR Installed the game Installed software for Trackir No problems found" So, I then asked them to clarify the meaning of the "no problems found" part of their reply; as in either they cannot reproduce the symptoms I had reported, or else they think those symptoms are normal. I am still awaiting their response on that. For reference, these are the symptoms I had reported to them (plus my video and this thread), prior to their above quoted reply: "Assuming the user has not disabled the TrackIR roll axis in the TrackIR settings, then some symptoms are as follows: 1) Look 180 degrees behind you in game, then roll your head: it rolls the screen view the opposite (wrong) way. 2) Look 90 degrees to your side in game, then roll your head: it won’t roll the screen view at all. 3) Look 0 degrees in front of you in game, then roll your head: it rolls the screen view the same (correct) way."
  10. I am a bit new here, so please pardon my optimism. My experience so far is similar to the OP: get no acknowledgement of bug reported here or via support page. Even worse: I got a one-liner denial of responsibility for a real bug I reported a few weeks ago. Then no response to my follow up. I respect how busy the devs must be, but I assume they must already have a constantly-updated working list of bugs. So why not just share it with us via a special document page on this forum once a week? Perhaps a list with a status rating such as : reported, confirmed, unable to reproduce, fixing, testing, fixed, patched. And maybe a priority rating, estimated difficulty rating, and discovery date also. Or whatever they already use internally. Perhaps a bilingual forum member could volunteer to translate it if needed. I don't think that would take them any/much extra time, since it would be part of an organisational triage-type process that they must already be doing anyway. It would go a long way to improving / expanding communication with their customers. I think it would help us to be patient knowing they did get our reports and are looking into them. And also then we can appreciate if they may need to focus on somebody else's bug before ours.
  11. Interesting discussion point, as it pertains to real life vision. Thanks for sharing. Similarly, it is not realistic to be able to pivot my virtual head 180 degrees each way to look straight backwards (like an owl) while strapped into a cockpit, but I really would miss that ability in all these games, if it were removed or broken at some point. I am glad that none of them impose anthropomorphic limits onto the TrackIR motion (actually, Elite Dangerous does a little bit). Anyway, in the game roll input is not primarily used to change the perceived angle of a particular object we are viewing. That doesn't help me much usually. Where it does help me is in aligning the view to best fit the scene or subject matter I wish to keep in frame. Most monitors are 16:9 (W:H), or even higher aspect ratio for those with multi-monitor setups. The human eyesight area ratio is a bit less, but similar. Tilting (rolling) my head allows me to naturally look at the complete area I wish to, if it doesn't fit the non-tilted view. I find this can be important especially when combined with barriers to vision such as canopy frame, seat headrest, etc. But like you say, everyone has their own preferences that are equally valid to them.
  12. Agreed. The roll axis somehow got de-coupled from the viewer's virtual head and just attached to the aircraft seat instead.
  13. Yep, as I mentioned somewhere above yesterday I think, TrackIR has always displayed it that (wrong) way in its 3D view. There is even a video of it from 2 years ago here: Nonetheless, all the game devs implemented it correctly in their games, prior to Bos 3.001 anyway.
  14. Sorry, I don't understand this statement exactly. If you meant that the frame of reference (for further head movement inputs) moves along with the orientation of the user's head, then I think that was always the case. Like even now, if you face backwards then shift (=slide) your head left, the screen shows your view to the back and then shifting to the left (not right) according to the way your virtual face is pointing (not the aircraft seat). That is the correct response. The only difference since BoS 3.001 that I see, is now when you face backwards then tilt (=roll) your head left, the screen shows your view to the back then tilting to the right (=wrong way). So I guess just the roll axis alone does not "follow" your virtual facing direction any more, but rather stays put relative to the aircraft seat instead. That is the problem in a nutshell, from my observations.
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