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  1. I was asked "Just bought this game" or "I played before and have account"every time , that's annoying. and then asked for linking account why?I have linked my account last month. After 3.005 update,I have linked account so many times.spent so many time to start the game. What could I do??
  2. I saw some shared videos of FC,the hitting sounds like punch at metal , the same with BOX,where is the hitting sounds of canvas?
  3. Takuya_liang

    DD today?

    Finally ................It's coming? Anyway.....Give me the RED HIGH HEELS
  4. Takuya_liang

    Why is there no Free Trial like for Rise of Flight

    Although I have purchased all content and many collector planes, I'll expect free access structrue of the game. Just like ROF, make a new training campiagn and few single mission for 1~2 free planes, seems good!!
  5. So,was 1C/777 studio expanded? I saw this line:"Our new Engineer-Programmer Kirill Konnov describes how the gyro gunsight works in detail:" I'm glad to see the dev team bigger and bigger!
  6. In Me 109 G-14,It seems you can't use full throttle to take off,or the engine will dead soon.
  7. Takuya_liang

    Yay! 3.003 on the way!

    wow finally..... 811.0MB
  8. Takuya_liang

    Developer Diary, Part 193 - Discussion

    I thought the incoming update is bigger than dev's expect,they said early access will start at May,and now is near the end of May. Hope we could enjoy a fantastic early access,worth the long waiting.
  9. Takuya_liang

    last BoBP plane?

    Me262 or P-38+1,or think about grand finale,how about P-51D? there are many flight simulation games include P-51D.It will be intreating to compare all of them. Jason said battle of bodenplatte beta test will start at this weekend maybe we could see some live stream or WIP video?
  10. Takuya_liang

    Developer Diary, Part 193 - Discussion

    Jane's has gave me many great time,I still like to fly Jane's WW II Fighters,even though that is hard to controlland with strange FM the planes which in Jane's WW II Fighters ,IL-2 Battle of bodenplatte will make an interpretation again!!!
  11. Takuya_liang

    Developer Diary, Part 193 - Discussion

    Waiting for early access one day like one year...... OK!!!I'll eat some good food,get enough sleep in these days until early access release ,then use my full power to fly the new planes of Bobp!!
  12. Takuya_liang

    Developer Diary, Part 192 - Discussion

    I Would like to see dev diary every week,no matter what update or development event or some pictures. no dev diary in this two weeks,what a long long two weeks
  13. Need this!!! Thank you @Gambit21
  14. As title, I binded wheel brake on my hotas throttle controller(Thrustmaster TWCS)with a axis slider. and binded another with a key on this throttle controller. I cant use the slider first ,or then tap brake key,the wheel brake will lock in full(100%) I need to move the axis silder up and down to unlock .the brake lock will cause I can't tap the key in taxi. But this issue was not happened on other games(DCS world,IL-2 1946,IL-2 COD),they works perfectly. Is this issue can be fix?? or someone have the same issue?? (Sorry for my poor English,hope I can correctly discrabe the issue)
  15. Takuya_liang

    VeteranenCampaign -- Chir Front

    Finally!!!Thank you guys!!! This is real a good campiagn which I want to play again !!!