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  1. Takuya_liang

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    too fast for BOK(Korea).... I think Ar234 is in Dev's pocket list
  2. We'll have fun in next month, U-2VS in the career mode. Looking forward to seeing female pilot model, we can join the 588 nightwitches squadron, right!?
  3. Bought! I'm making a strenuous effort to read story with huge english.......... It's worth it....
  4. Yes, it's avaliable in 109s & 190s. Indeed, you can't lean closer when canopy is open.
  5. Takuya_liang

    Pacific Campaign.

    Seaplanes are interesting to me. They already in ROF, hope we can see them in the PTO too. I 've never played reconnaissance/attacker seeplane lunch from ships, maybe IL-2 PTO will make it come true!!
  6. Takuya_liang

    DD today?

    2 weeks later, everything will be fine.......
  7. Takuya_liang

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Just watched the new video by 1CGS. The power of Cannon is back!?
  8. Takuya_liang

    109 cockpit gauges

    Especially in P-40E & MC.202 , obviously they're below 2K. I love 4K skin textures & normalmap bump txetures , also I hope the cockpit in every plane can be update to 4K in nearly future.
  9. Even in the beast like K-4 or Mk.9, I can only feeling slightly torque. more torque effect and rudder control will be close to RL
  10. Takuya_liang

    DCS news

    In DCS, just pay for more money to get WWII environment, but the early accese period is extremely long. You can shoot down B-17 by only one round machineguns.
  11. Takuya_liang

    Graphics, models and maps

    Brief description: bf109 K-4, Can't see cockpit lighting from outside. Detailed description: When turn on the cockpit light, we can't see cockpit lighting in external view. Additional assets:
  12. Takuya_liang

    109 cockpit gauges

    No.....I only see it in He-111, should I reinstall the game!?
  13. Takuya_liang

    109 cockpit gauges

    look into DD202, the pics of dora... It's rarely they made glass on the gauges, and we can see reflections on it. Maybe Devs are plannig to deliver on something new!!
  14. Takuya_liang

    109 cockpit gauges

    Sorry, I'm not good at English, I can't narrative well. At least, give us the specular highlights, like He-111s. This is an old technic which used before, right?
  15. Takuya_liang

    109 cockpit gauges

    I saw cockpits which in "Chuck's Guides" was beautful ↓ There are glass reflections on the instruments. this guides update dates : 09/04/2016 Even it was somehow a little matt, but IMO it's better than now Version. Besides He-111 H6&H16, glass all taken out.