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  1. now it is 3.002b in quick mission,I can't select a parked plane or let plane on the runway...... what's going on?
  2. my stick : VKB gladiator mkII Very easy for accurate moving,landing ,aiming,or taxing. Pitch: -------------- Sens: 90 Dead Center: 0 Dead Edge: 0 Roll: -------------- Sens: 36 Dead Center: 0 Dead Edge: 0 Yaw: -------------- Sens: 36 Dead Center: 0 Dead Edge: 0 Noise filter :0.01 (not sure it is work?) If the quick responce plane (ex yak) is not too sensativity , the other plane will be OK,YES!! IL-2 BOS sereis is so Awesome!!!
  3. VeteranenCampaign -- Chir Front

    I miss this campiagn,waiting to 3.001 update!!
  4. Opposing Fleets at Midway

    People all around me who play flight sims,everybody cant wait for this big hit,It's must be a big bomb of flight sim world!! and I'll purchase the early accese of "Midway "(in November this year?) Thanks for development group!!