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  1. @So_ein_Feuerball Hi, There is a difference in texture design between Dora and Anton. The advantage of D9 is because it has a better texture matching design and the model itself has more polygons. Reorganize, redraw, upscale, test, study the details and confirm the historical correctness, and verify the materials and colors. These have taken me a considerable amount of time, and I don’t have more time to stack up to achieve greater results unless I become an employee of 1CGS.
  2. I have always felt that German radio chat is too exciting, and try to tuned down their speak pitch to make them sound calmer.
  3. I tuned down the pitch of German radio chat, now they don’t sound so nervous and excited. (This pack not include TC radio chat) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lK0J3-hGz0YnxnqdqOMjxPCQvzVhpjtp/view?usp=sharing
  4. And now, the fatal thing is the AAA or the AA gun on the ship I bailed out about 2km away from them. My parachute was hit, I was still alive, but the pilot fell down and was killed by a bullet in the air...
  5. The engine sound and wind sound in cockpit, G physiological system is very good!
  6. I hope that AI pilots will learn some short shooting or precision skills from the current rear gunners, and the rear gunners should not have the ability of "force shooting" or full-angle precision shooting.
  7. I deleted my credit card info, and re fill it again, it was worked for me
  8. I had a Xsolla payment service problem before, but it's seems easy to solve by reset your credit card information.
  9. Guys, if your steam dont update for a long time, clear steam cache (will let you download new version IL-2 immediately) and restart steam.
  10. Yeah, more improvements than FC MOD2.1, not only instruments
  11. All Bf-109s, Bf-110s, Fw190A3/A5/A8, P40E, Ju-87, Ju-88, Ju-52, He-111s, Hs-129, IL-2M43, Yak-9/9T and FC1 planes. See how much you can find
  12. Hi everyone!! You can uninstall this MOD because the official update is newer than this MOD🎅🎄 If you are not using JSGME, please carefully remove files other than (Planename)_B.dds and Custom_photo.dds. Working with the Devs team is a magical and enjoyable experience. There will be more cockpit improvements in the future. This MOD is no longer necessary, this thread may be deleted or kept as a footprint memorial.
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