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  1. Turn off the in game AA and sharpen, try to use Reshade FXAA/Adaptive Sharpen/Clarity/Colorfulness/HDR, you'll get higher fps.
  2. Thank you, I 'd like to learning high power Russian fighter from La5-FN !!
  3. DCS have done many things well, which IL2 GB can look up to it.(excellent user manual, training missions, high quality cockpit etc) and I think they're on the way.
  4. I have Prepared my spare F5 key...... wololo........
  5. Every two weeks , my F5 key will be broken.......😅
  6. This week =Me262 , and 2~3 weeks later =P-51 WOLOLOOOOLOO~~~~~~~~~
  7. Jason said we have 40+ planes to update, and we really got it(P-47D,K-4,F-2,spit mkIX etc...) I hope 4K cockpit textures & higher poly count will be the next.
  8. Oyster_KAI

    Spit XIV

    It's sad that IL-2 GB can't provide a simulation level FM, we need more patience,after all,this is early access.
  9. In the first time,I simply used 3 double up rubber bands,got good responds.but I worried about the durability of rubber band.I tried 2 stiffer springs to find the best tension.now it's working great!!
  10. Try DCS spitfire mk IXc, that's crazy, I spent 2months to figure out the correct curve settings.by contrast, il-2 GB devs have done a excellent job.
  11. Stop putting jedi master on gunner seat, or stop using force to aim.get out of the gunner seat jedi
  12. I'm using TFRP rudder pedals too.factory setting is too light to control,I adjusted tension and use 60% Yaw Curve,now very easy to handle ground taxi ,take off etc.
  13. GJ!!! If the edge of hole can darker...it's probably looks like a real one. like DCS style.
  14. Looking forward better and better AI dogfight skill....and..... any improvement about AI formation flying? they always can't keep formation, they fairly don't listen to my command.
  15. in my case, it was wrote missionReport itself to data folder start from 2019-12-5 . so far , there are 12000+ files , and I just deleted all of these.
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