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  1. The biggest bug in Spit9 is the "invincible flap" you never stall with flap down. full pull back on the stick take off with flap down is safety. but it's early access, patient....patient....
  2. FC vol.1 won't sell well merely because no pitch curve. I bet we'll see pitch curve before the end of early access. Maybe like this.........
  3. I still hope more aggressive & violent AI, but not on tail gunner😭
  4. Agree, FC SPAD have higher res texture & higher poly model, but ROF SPAD is totally better. later planes look good though..............at least lighting effects is good. I've saw some good canvas textures on FC, if FC can make more detailed performance on glass, metal etc..........
  5. You can try my damage decal mod https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vc1mfqVVH9bA7m7tqq5UJPDYVe_GBPB9/view?usp=sharing
  6. Thank you @ICDP , I always enjoy your wonderful skin. Sorry about that DCS topic, our 4K skin looking good at big holes, and DCS one looks more realistic at small holes. maybe we can learning from that.
  7. I checked damage decal in DCS, they used only 2K texture but in game, it's far better than GB(4K) I don't know why, might be a technical issue. maybe Ugra can provide some experiences to save our WWII planes 👀
  8. I try to repaint P-40E cockpit, finally, I can get more comfortable in SP. I still hope that someday the official 4K cockpit will come. download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JLTgafDoKA0uBE9B1P2WA52KWnEyQUEX/view?usp=sharing 2019/07/08 UPDATE new Ver. more detail
  9. We have several official 4K skin in game, and only P-47D with no 4K damage texture. some 4K damage textures not really work well, but perfect in Flying Circus planes. I'm wondering which technic did FC used...
  10. I made some higher resolution textures for p-40E(which is the lowest resolution )and 190s. It's make me more comfortable in SP. I hope these can be make by official, or someday, ICDP and other skin makers recieve technic from official. Great day will come when we have 4K cockpits.
  11. I jumped into FC yesterday, noticed that I need to push stick hard when high speed or diving. If we can have a option for adjust pitch center on the ground before flight, like old ROF, flight will be easier.
  12. Great job!! the animation of propeller seems to be upgraded
  13. I just purchased FC Vol.1 and I'm excited!! The planes are better than I've seen on youtube before!! I'm still looking forward to having a Career mode,which is uncertain, though. Also like to see some water plane, if we could see FC vol.2.....3....
  14. Yes I have, should I delete it or edit it?
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