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  1. The seat cushion of Yak-9 is looking so good!!
  2. Rhineland map should be like this.......but.............
  3. I tried to fly over Rhineland map at night, there is no lights there even above a big city. I hope this can be release by official or user mod, whatever. or maybe Deferred Shading can solve many things, include city/village lights.
  4. @RaFiGer Your new G6 normal map file and skin made very well, if it is possible put it into official update?
  5. Great job!!! quick glance at these 2 screenshot, it's feel like real photo!!
  6. More DM beta test result & Career fix please!!
  7. Before more AI behaviour and career bugs fixed, I have zero passion for this game, look forward to next tuesday.
  8. wow, this mod getting better and better, and it's seems extreme cloud setting cause worse cloud instead, "high" is OK.
  9. I knew some Chinese and prepare to translate for a while, we plan to share translated text together then integrate into traditional and simplified chinese, so Jason, if you want to test both chinese, I can help you (with other Taiwan IL-2 GB enthusiast), if not, I'm out. there is little difference between traditional and simplified chinese, Taiwanese and Hong kong people can read simplified chinese, but not very fluent.
  10. They're working on the same things, I hope Il-2 GB won't be late.
  11. Make a wish Arras map can also have improved rivers and shoreline. small town and village add to Rheinland map.
  12. Looking back at the past years, next dd will come at 1/24
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