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  1. IMO, even if most people can pay $40 or $50 for an aircraft, the development energy of this small team can't handle it. No one wants to wait 3 years for a full fidelity aircraft. I saw that 1CGS started looking for 9 new devs vacancies for IL-2 team in March, and it seems that it's not easy to fill these vacancies. I look forward to the expanded team being able to manage the existing SIM content very well and implement the engine update.
  2. This screenshot is a version before 4.505, the welding texture on the right edge has not been fixed. The welding texture of this support rod texture have a mapping erorr, needs to be fixed when devs have time. There are some texture and model errors to be repaired in 109s cockpit, which are already in devs' task pool. Please wait patiently.
  3. As far as I know, the Ministry of Defense of Japan and civilian military researchers have collected a lot of WWII aircraft Operating manuals. Clear cockpit photos and equipment details are more scarce than data, But I think money can solve everything. If many people in Japan can provide more enthusiastic assistance, it should save a lot of money, but this is unlikely. Anyway, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and China, so many flight simulation players are unwilling to join IL-2GB, just because there is no PTO in the game.
  4. I am also a musician, and operating DTM software is fairly proficient for me. I forgot how many files I edited. It took me about an afternoon. glad to help you all.
  5. Although the brake in this SIM is very weak and cannot prevent the ground loop from starting more than half a circle, the criterion for judging whether it will enter a large loop seems to be the throttle position... taxi while keeping the throttle below 15% to ensure safety.
  6. This is a wish list of great features. If the sounds of various engines can be louder, and the volume difference between high and low rpm is clearly displayed, we only need to control the throttle with "feel" and "ears" . I think Dover series blitz/Tobruk did a good job.
  7. The worst slow motion scene I have encountered so far is the fifth mission of "Achtung Spitfire" (maybe there are too many ground units). The frame rate is about 90, but it is a bit close to playing at 1/2 speed. I changed the frame rate limiter from 120 to 60, which has made a good improvement, at least it won’t be painful to play the game. In Career, I can also play smoothly with medium density in the Rhienland map.
  8. Today I used Graphic presets 96, instead of 128. No obvious graphic difference was found, but the cloud is still very good!!!👍 The FPS hit has been reduced a lot, so I recommend Graphic presets 96.
  9. Rowdy, As I see more and more clouds, I still feel pleasantly surprised!! Even if some FPS drops, these clouds have made huge progress The colors of the cockpit and the ground are now clear and bright, giving me the illusion that the game engine has changed. Rowdy, you must continue to create better clouds. I really enjoy seeing these new clouds in the sky now.
  10. Awesome!!👍 I used v15 greysky+3D OVERCAST 2+Cumulonimbus 3 FPS dropped by 10-20 on average. I like the new colors of the landscape and skydome. This is indeed the best cloud I have seen in GB...
  11. It seems that the sky affects the color of the landscape a lot, great job Rowdy!! Can I expect that one of the features of this new version is complete fix the watercolor edges?
  12. 1CGS/777 may have been secretly undergoing core and graphics upgrades. The challenges in the future seem to be getting more and more difficult, and the Pacific may really be a very important move.
  13. I think it may not be accurate to call 4K cockpit. At that time, very few actual files may be 4K (4096*4096)😛 but it is true that the improved cockpit can achieve the effect of 4K files no less than the GB series.
  14. Version 4.601 upgrade list: Bf-109E7 Bf-110E2/G2 He-111H6/H16 Ju-88A4 Ju-87D3 SpitfireMk.Vb/IXe
  15. @Jade_Monkey Let us continue to work hard to pay attention to the development of sound to make this SIM better Some engine sounds in the game show more details and can have enough volume when running at high speed. But for example, some later aircraft engines, although they have more power, they are very quiet. My wish list is: 1. The sound details at idling speed, for example, Fw190A6 does a good job. 2. Different engine speeds and throttle positions correspond to different sounds, at least the volume must match. At present, not only is the volume limited to a certain range, but
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