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  1. Akagi have found!! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/21/humbling-wreckage-of-japanese-ships-from-battle-of-midway-found-in-pacific
  2. I love jazz, I love swing, I love mustang!!!
  3. I hope the shoreline can be remake, there are too many copy/paste textures and jaggies now...
  4. Would you share how you make the glass effect working on gauges😏
  5. IIRC when DCS2.5 released last year, also had poorly performance, all we can do is keep calm and have patience.
  6. Do another thing, play another games, wait two weeks, you will see sunny😄
  7. Awesome!! everything is good, besides the big files and disk space😄
  8. Thanks, for me, "Fullscreen On + Target FPS = 100 + DRF = 0.8" is very effective. but I still don't understand why clouds became a fps killing machine after v3.201.
  9. I can touch down at 90mph in game, definitely not 110~120mph.
  10. Arras map have better buildings, but about craters & shore, low res textures & jags everywhere. I like ROF map more...... Please tell me this is a "VERY" early access.
  11. This mod not for multi player, if I put it into game files (*.gtp), could I play online and use the better zoom in ability? will I catch by cheating?
  12. I noticed that takeoff, glideslope, landing speed the same with P-47D-28!? I don't remember that P-51D need 110~120mph for landing.......
  13. In 3.201 Clouds is the performance killer!! My test result: weather on cloudy/average/heavy = fps 50~70 clear & overcast = fps 90~120 I just went into a server with clear sky, I got 90~100 fps In the other servers 50~60 fps. i5 4660/ddr3 16gb/gtx1060 6g
  14. SP/Arras & Rheinland map:fps:120+ very smooth , even higher than Kuban or Porkhorovka map. MP:very poor performance on all map, fps around 50~60 It's might be a net code optimization problem??
  15. The VHF Radio lights on 3 new planes(P-51D-15/P-38J-25/Tempest Mk.V) Faint or no glory effect.
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