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  1. Yeah, I can't imagine that Omaha beach without grit BON plane set is good, but I have a pessimistic view of map.
  2. Another interesting thing about Ugra is: DCS was planning to update Normandy map in November(see announcement june 14th), there's no release date now.
  3. Hello @ICDP , please check the file"p47d28_d.dds", it's a 2K file.I thought it's a secret plan!?
  4. I hope we can get sandy beach and remove the strange farm or roads on the sandbank. Kuban map was done well, could we own the same quality on rheinland map? I go to check north coast everytime when game update, maybe someday I will be happy.
  5. I saw the damage texture file in P-47D28 still in 2K(The only one in Bobp planes), maybe they're planning to build a special DM for P-47.
  6. Brief description: In BOK career mode, the last day of campaign, there is a mission we can't proceed.Detailed description, conditions: see the map, waypoint 3 is out of the combat zone. (River cross cover mission)Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): win7 64bit , i7 4790K, 24GB RAM, GTX1060 6G
  7. It's should be G6 late,P-51B/C and P-47 razorback which can use in bobp career immediately.
  8. The same issue here..... There are many bugs recently.....😞
  9. Now it's work again!! with v4.001 II.JG52 emblem_v4001.rar
  10. Is it possible to make mods or something by ourselves? I dont want to see kamikaze enemy everytimes. Maybe there is a official fix in couple months later...................
  11. I’m wondering if someone can help explain this. In the official manual?
  12. Hi, could you please explain this for me? I'm just begin to use PWCG. ****** I've almost done my Kuban fighter career(bf-109), the Kuban campaign is near the end. My squad and team mate was always been dead easily, now they are all new face, nobody have 10+ air combat victory. I wont be sad for their death, because they just like robot, nobody is my comrade.😭 I miss the strong AI in IL-2 1946, they can really cover you, help you, and make a perfect bombing.
  13. Due to 3 contents develope at the same time, I felt the whole process is slow down... more and more bugs and lack of game detail accumulated.... It's good to hear that they said" we plan to closely monitor your messages in order to improve the quality of the project as much as we can in the last part of 2019." Don't rush on new contents before fix bugs and increase game performance.
  14. okay, I 'll give them "attack nearest air target" and try again, see if anything change.....
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