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    Very much a huge IL2 fan. Flew all of the missions in the first release's campaign. First with external views then later on without.

    I flew a long time with a LW squad and still have friends from that time. My main love has to be LW aircraft. I now only fly with an RAF squad and we have a great time with co-ops. The friendships now come first and the game used comes second.

    Aside from that I've also been a mercenary in two USL (closed pit) campaigns, winning one. I have a number of nom de guerres which I'm not sharing here.

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  1. Engine startups don't affect gameplay - just have the startup time the same period of time regardless of how you do it. GPS and technochat do affect gameplay. Not very good examples really. For what its worth, in a mp server I'd rather have engine start simplified, GPS off and technochat disabled. I'll live with it though, just like I live with TIR giving a big advantage etc etc etc. von Tom
  2. If it says Bf109F-4 1/2 it means you have 1 F4 available out of a maximum of 2. 2/2 means 2 available. 0/2 means none available etc. If it says 0/1 you have none from a maximum of 1 and so on. The dynamic is that you have to look after your best planes and if you don’t take care you have to use older models or do some transit flights to get some back. von Tom
  3. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if you could kill the gunners. One of my squad mates got killed by the belly gunner of a Pe2 when it was upside down at 50m. Joyous. I’m dreading the thought of AI B25 gunners. von Tom ps. And just for the sake of balance - whenever I’m in a Pe2 it seems very easy for others to kill me. Maybe that’s different server settings for you.
  4. Log into your profile on the TAW website and it tells you what you can use. von Tom
  5. Hurricane Defiant Battle Twin-engine stuff except the Me110 and Mosquito All of the fugly stuff from the '30s and onwards P51 (but the P7 is ok - go figure) In game: Po2 Bombers Ju52 von Tom
  6. Is it possible to change these campaigns into co-op missions? von Tom
  7. I've managed to sneak a look at the later chapters. In all it perfectly fits the Kuban map that we have and it is very odd seeing in text the very airfields that we fly over in IL2. I found myself thinking "Gelendzhik, I've been there" then realising (duh) no I haven't except virtually. von Tom
  8. Hah - in VR I find myself putting my hand up to cover the sun. Then I feel like an idiot. von Tom
  9. An interesting server - thumbs up from me along with thanks to those that have arranged it. von Tom
  10. If I'd not bought one I'd be running at mid-40s. Worth it for me, though the real cost to me is not as much. von Tom
  11. I've managed to do some testing. 4 x G6s v 4 x La5FNs, random skill set (including me) over Novorossiysk. Cloudy, with the merge at 3k. What I found was this.... Turning/tracking enemies etc at 3k was 89/90. Tracking/fighting at around 2k and it dropped to between 75 (looking down) and 85 looking level). Tracking/fighting firing at 1k dropped to between 70 (looking down) and 75 (looking level) (it was 89/90 looking up). Turning at 500m to 1k (not watching enemy fighters) was bizarre because it would drop to the low 70s but a lot of the time it was round 85 (which makes no sense) and then it would drop into the 60s for no apparent reason Landing fluctuated between 55 and 90 again for no apparent reason Flying down roads between the trees was between 65 and 75 I can see that I have gone wrong using the in-game fps counter because then by default you are looking up to your right and by default that is into the sky rather than down at the ground. In my defence I am not particularly interested in testing stuff, just whether or not it works well enough for me. @bombdetere in my opinion it's worth it. I used to agonise over fps but after about 10min using it I turned the fps counter off. Full retail price is a lot of money though. von Tom
  12. I’ll have a look when I get home. von Tom
  13. As is the suggestion that one has retreated when asked to provide more concrete evidence, when no such request has been made. Or perhaps you would be so good as to direct me to the request? von Tom
  14. This is like the erroneous belief that physics cannot explain how bees can fly. Physics can, but you have to understand why. I am not a physicist or computer bod so I'll leave this with the suggestion that you should try it then you'll see. von Tom
  15. Cool. I have a unicorn, and that is the only reason I could afford a 2080Ti. That and it *cough* is a work essential (saving tax, corporation tax and personal tax so it worked out at a real world cost half of retail cost) honest. I tried many things to get to a rock steady 90 with an 1080. For a long time it was fine even on ultra but then they changed the view distance and so on and I wasn't prepared to compromise on graphics. von Tom
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