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    Very much a huge IL2 fan. Flew all of the missions in the first release's campaign. First with external views then later on without.

    I flew a long time with a LW squad and still have friends from that time. My main love has to be LW aircraft. I now only fly with an RAF squad and we have a great time with co-ops. The friendships now come first and the game used comes second.

    Aside from that I've also been a mercenary in two USL (closed pit) campaigns, winning one. I have a number of nom de guerres which I'm not sharing here.

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  1. My old setup - 75mm extension on standard Monstertech desk mounts. This should give you an idea about height - this was fine for me albeit it was not completely natural - the grip was higher than it would be in reality. In VR this did not cause any kind of angst. I now have a VIRPIL T-50CM2 base with a 75mm extension and a Warthog handle. The grip sits lower because of how the base attaches, and that is also fine. Click the image for a larger version. von Tom
  2. Therein lies the problem, and the solution. Stick to boom and zoom in the allied planes (the Spit is great for it) and you’ll have the same success. The only real difference is that some allied aircraft have better elevator authority which means it is easy to turn too much and burn too much energy. As always, fly with friends as it is much safer. von Tom
  3. von_Tom

    How many?

    Oh goody, another .50 cal/109/190/LW bias thread. The arguments have all been rehearsed already so let's see how long this one goes on for. von Tom
  4. The attitude and the problem are distinguishable from each other. Rant about how you’ve tried a gazillion times really doesn’t help. It truly doesn’t. For example you said ‘I had a huge rant and rave on here a month ago still nothing changed.’ Saying - this is the problem, this is my setup and this is what I’ve tried to do to fix it, will help. That way people can provide targeted help i.e. update Windows, don’t update wirelessly, create/delete the updater folder and so on. Try listing what you’ve done and others who are more knowledgeable will provide constructive help. von Tom
  5. Click on the banner at the top to go to the main GB website. Login using your account details. Go to profile and there is a list on the right - choose "Purchases". If what you're looking at isn't in the list, you can buy it. von Tom
  6. If you go desk mount I very much recommend the Virpil T-50CM2 base with an extension and a Warthog grip (or similar Virpil one), and VIRPIL throttle. You can get the Virpil desk mounts as they're cheaper than the Monstertech ones. I went from a Warthog to the Virpil and it is far superior in "feel" and accuracy, and I suspect its longevity is greater. The joystick base is customisable too so you can get the best feel for you. Getting a Warthog may be a false economy if you are a keen virtual pilot. Caveat: Budget and costs/benefit allowing as getting them all will be around 1000 Euros including the desk mounts and extension, and that is a lot of money. von Tom
  7. it depends if you want a desktop setup or one on a desk mount. If you plan on VR then desk mount. Either way the VIRPIL stuff is very good. I’d go with the T-50CM2 base, an extension and a warthog grip. The throttle is good too. Pedals are the MFG crosswinds. I cannot comment on the Virpil pedals but someone I know has them and thinks they are very good. For both of these I ordered and after a little time they turned up. Nothing to criticise in the ordering or delivery process. Set up of the controls is a bit of a pain but you do it very rarely so not a problem. von Tom
  8. It is absolute rubbish. But at the same time, immense fun. As others have said you need complete air domination for it to not be a sitting duck (ah-hah). It is easy to take off once you figure out that some of the controls appear to be reversed to other LW aircraft. von Tom
  9. It could be because the game cannot render at 144 so it automatically defaults to 50% i.e. 72. If you set it at 80 but it cannot quite manage 80 it may be dropping to 40. 72fps compared to 40fps is a huge difference and much smoother. The easiest way to check is to simply turn on the in-game fps counter to see if this is what is happening. von Tom
  10. I haven’t checked if this is already suggested. Idea: Have a queue system so when you try to log into a full server it puts you in a list until it is your turn to join. Then it joins you automatically. Benefit: No more spamming to join, and it would allow squad mates to join the same server relatively simply. von Tom
  11. We’re in early access for Normandy, then we’ll be in early access for whatever comes next. Early access helps pay the wages of those that update everything. The way GB is set up, everyone can join a server as long as there is an aircraft on it that they own. That is far better than having to chop and change iterations just to comply with whatever a server admin wants. At the point where everyone has bought everything they can start again, with newer game engine and all that. /truly out this time. von Tom
  12. I’m late to the party but this is not particularly constructive thread - simply put the developers are selling homogenous titles to create an overarching game world dealing with the air and tank battles of WWII. There will always be room for improvement and development, not least because the development team has resources that can work on different things, rather than having everyone tasked to precisely the same thing. Plus their stated goal has been accuracy and to make the whole thing as good as it can be. For a niche project that means free ongoing updates as and when they have the technical information and resources to deal with them. The updates to the core engine are “free” in the sense that they are not charged for when they are released. That is because we have already paid for it, and early access helps fund all of these lovely updates that we get. The main benefit to the way they’re rolled out is that we all have the same core game. Great Battles is unlikely to ever be a completed project because there is always something more to do or improvements to make, or bugs to fix. That’s the way it goes with such a sweeping/niche product. There are no “core” issues, simply some issues that cause frustration to some. My view on the next iteration of IL2 will be a game engine overhaul to allow more aircraft in the air and possibly better net code, but like all bugs and features we just need to exercise patience. If that means dumping GB then so be it. I’ve had my money’s worth many times over. /out von Tom
  13. Small claims court? You’d lose. Hyperbole won’t get you any further but it will generate contempt for you and your issue. Others have had some issue updating but they resolve their difficulties without resorting to a rant, despite how unutterably frustrating such a first world problem can be. When you consider how many of us auto-update without problems it appears that your problem is specific to you. If you can’t solve it via the normal methods just save the inputs and skins folders, delete the entire game and download/install it again. von Tom
  14. MFGs are worth the cost and the wait to get them - most other pedals are a false economy. You only need to buy these things once as they are bomb-proof. The nice thing is that you are buying them direct from the manufacturer. I think I went with the cam that made resistance greater with more deflection. In-game the rudder curve is set at 50%. I wouldn’t say you get a “wow” moment with them. It is more the case that in every aspect they are incrementally better than what you had before. An alternative may well be the Virpil pedals. Don’t worry that they are a small outfit because most niche manufacturers are. Their quality is excellent. if you do go down the MFG route I suggest bolting them to some wood to stop them sliding around. If you want details pm me your email address and I’ll send some pics of what I did. von Tom
  15. SOLVED I use a Virpil joystick base with a Warthog grip on. I use TARGET (Thrustmaster software) to map my joystick lever to my middle mouse button. My middle mouse button is what I use for comms i.e. push-to-talk. I noticed that the ammo counter was ticking over a lot, as if the cannon were constantly reloading. I noticed that it did it every time I talked. I checked and for some reason the reload command was mapped to the middle mouse button, so every time I talked using push-to-talk I reloaded the cannons and lost 1 round. I have no idea why that command was mapped like that - very odd. So, now I know that in a 30-40 minute combat flight I talk at least 250 times... von Tom
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