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    Very much a huge IL2 fan. Flew all of the missions in the first release's campaign. First with external views then later on without.

    I flew a long time with a LW squad and still have friends from that time. My main love has to be LW aircraft. I now only fly with an RAF squad and we have a great time with co-ops. The friendships now come first and the game used comes second.

    Aside from that I've also been a mercenary in two USL (closed pit) campaigns, winning one. I have a number of nom de guerres which I'm not sharing here.

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  1. The FPS for me remain pretty steady but the stutters are like constant tiny twitches - it is very subtle but it is there - the best example I can give is that it is like 10 years ago whenyou used to fly next to someone and they jumped back and forward like ping issues. It is the same but on a much smaller scale All MP with no HUD. von Tom
  2. Bear in mind that the visibility is condition dependent. An example is the op our squad flew last night, using the default setting rather than "alternate". With the sun behind us we could see contacts way further than before. Sometimes a bit unrealistically as a light grey aircraft rather than, say, a dark grey or green one, but we could still see them. Heading into the sun we could see aircraft much closer. They were probably there to be seen anyway, but we could not pick them out until much later. von Tom
  3. I much prefer the hotfix version rather than 3.201 - it looks more real to me. Yes contacts were easier to see in 3.201 but more gamey. It all depends on the player though, so more options is ok. My real hope is that the "expert" servers don't enable easy spotting. Still fun though. von Tom
  4. Likewise, and my squad mates just LOVE it. Actually they don't, but that makes it even more enjoyable. 🤣 The implementation has been done really well too. von Tom
  5. All, how many would buy a digital version of BCRS4 rather than a hardcopy/book? If you vote yes, please also say what format it would have to be in. PDF is always tricky because it can just be copied and shared around. @ Developers/moderators please let this stay up as the content of this book is relevant to the late Kuban peninsula battles. von Tom
  6. It is not very nice when your plane is set on fire. Not very nice at all. I was quite discombobulated (my word of the day) until I fumbled very quickly for the bail out key. I do not recommend it. von Tom
  7. My bad - 3DGimoto conflict. Need to press LeftALT and K a few times. von Tom
  8. Just like you did for volume 4, asking for payments to fund the book, but via https://www.kickstarter.com/discover/categories/publishing . A question - how many would buy an ebook copy, and in what format? PDFs are tricky because it is impossible to prevent them being copied and shared out. von Tom
  9. Tough one this. He's one man with a very limited budget, so the production costs of a e-book may be too high when set against the likely number of sales. Not only that but you'd want a colour display for the aircraft profiles, though the photos are all black and white. Speaking personally, for the vast majority of my reading I use a Kindle e-reader (which cannot display photos). For something like this I much prefer a book in my hand. von Tom
  10. The more you play the easier it is. We have some many resources to get used to identifying aircraft. It is much easier than in reality and the extra pixels help crystallise the instinctive recognition. Doesn't stop my squad mates from shooting at me though... von Tom
  11. A lot of identifying is almost instinctive or subconscious even, so your brain takes in twin engine and single tail but long nose and comes up with A20. Even a few pixels can help immeasurably with this. You could do what some of my squad mates do, call everything an enemy (even me) and shoot at it. von Tom
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