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    Very much a huge IL2 fan. Flew all of the missions in the first release's campaign. First with external views then later on without.

    I flew a long time with a LW squad and still have friends from that time. My main love has to be LW aircraft. I now only fly with an RAF squad and we have a great time with co-ops. The friendships now come first and the game used comes second.

    Aside from that I've also been a mercenary in two USL (closed pit) campaigns, winning one. I have a number of nom de guerres which I'm not sharing here.

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  1. Tempest isn't superior to the Dora. Different yes, but not superior except in terms of firepower. The 262 use is fine as it is. When I'm flying red it's really quite exciting to see them buzzing around and it adds to the fun. von Tom
  2. Had 2 of these tonight - first one a fighter chasing Merlin that I hit very badly and it was spiralling down into the sea. The second was a Pe2 that I set on fire. Way it goes. von Tom
  3. It may have cut wires so it flops about. I've had it where you have to counteract the wallowing around by constantly doing opposite stick movements. von Tom
  4. These things. But this is missing the most important tip of all. Fly with someone then you have 2 pairs of eyes looking. When you do, fly line abreast around 400m apart so you can watch each other. Practice flying as a pair to get the turns right. Give the heading e.g. turning right onto 180 then you can look for each other. von Tom
  5. I love this photo. It looks like the way my squad attacks stuff - total chaos with near misses everywhere. The text taken from FB is: The ANZAC Strike Wing attacksBristol Beaufighters Mk X's from No 455 RAAF Squadron and No 489 RNZAF Squadron (together these two Squadrons formed the ANZAC Strike wing) attack German ships with a mix of RP-3 Rockets, 20mm cannons and 303. machine gun fire.13 aircraft can be seen in the photo, but more would've be present.A rocket salvo combined strafing run from an off-screen Beaufighter to the left just misses its target,
  6. These are the steps you need: 1. Go here - IL2 Great Battles Easy Mission Generator - Easy Mission Generator by Vander - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum 2. Install the generator and play around with it - make some co-ops where you only have 2 fighters or something. Or make it with extra aircraft that you can always tell to go home. If he cannot take off yet, make sure you start in the air. 3. Host from your own pc - go to multiplayer, co-op and create a server. He can then join. You may need to set up port-forwarding etc. Pay attention to the host settings too
  7. Yes because it fits my desk setup and the need to remove my joystick via the desk mount. In an ideal world I’d have a separate cockpit but I don’t think I could get THAT in the house without Mrs Tom noticing (especially as I’d ask her to put it together). von Tom
  8. Great! I changed to the no-centre Aviasim for roll, and soft centre Aviasim for pitch. Strong springs tightened then released 7. Much much better than a Warthog. von Tom
  9. Too many unknowns to know if you're hearing the Corsair or it is a directional microphone that is hearing additional engine noise from the front of the aircraft as the microphone turns. Either way with engine noise and ear defenders etc you'd only hear something very close if it was very much louder. Even then it might not register. von Tom
  10. In the spring sale email there was also an update about 4.6. I can't find it on the forum so I've added it here. There were a few pics but I've only included the ones I can't remember seeing before. von Tom Edit: I took the liberty of correcting 'chalk full' to 'chock full'. Because. Update 4.6 Coming in April We plan to release version 4.6 later this month assuming testing goes well. In this update, you will find an astonishing load of new content - Spitfire Mk. XIV for Battle of Normandy, Nieuport N.28 for Flying Circus: Vol. II and GAZ-MM 72-K AAA C
  11. 1942 (Edit - just seen this was suggested before) 'The game was released to the MSX, NEC PC-8801, FM-7, and Sharp X1. It was released to the Famicom in 1985 in Japan and North America in 1986. The Famicom version was developed by Micronics. A Game Boy Color version was also released in North America in May 2000 and the PAL region in the year 2001. The European games publisher Elite Systems later released versions for the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, and Commodore 64.' or 1943: Battle of Midway - Nintendo von Tom
  12. We've gone to a forum only because it is easier than maintaining and updating a website. Folks can register then see a limited amount of the forum unless they want to join and get past the first assessment flight. They're free to post in the guest section though. von Tom
  13. I use alt-tab a lot but mostly from the cockpit when I need to do comms stuff like start SRS or whatever. It works absolutely fine. This is from VR and it may be different in 2D. From what I remember of 2D it was better to do ctrl+alt+delete then hit task manager then click on the toolbar or start menu. von Tom
  14. Perhaps not... Hope you both find a home. von Tom
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