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    Very much a huge IL2 fan. Flew all of the missions in the first release's campaign. First with external views then later on without.

    I flew a long time with a LW squad and still have friends from that time. My main love has to be LW aircraft. I now only fly with an RAF squad and we have a great time with co-ops. The friendships now come first and the game used comes second.

    Aside from that I've also been a mercenary in two USL (closed pit) campaigns, winning one. I have a number of nom de guerres which I'm not sharing here.

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  1. It also fits the Normandy map if a ‘41 or so version of that map is released. The images don’t show the IIb with 12 .303s but I presume that’ll be modelled. It is fugly though. von Tom
  2. Excellent - if you want any British voices for this I'd be happy to help. Tried to pm you but you can't accept any messages. von Tom
  3. Cambridgesherians or whatever the hell they're called. Norfolkians have 3 webbed toes. After living in the NW for a long time Ely is like paradise. von Tom
  4. Oooooh who's the other? I couldn't possibly comment about the yokels. I mean locals... von Tom
  5. In Ely we're wakened by the gentle rumble of tractors dragging trailers of mangelwurzels about and the occasional squawk of Ospreys flitting overhead. V-22s that is. That and the scream of my youngest daughter, otherwise known as Stuka or Queen of Darkness. von Tom
  6. Quite right. I didn't know that - thanks for the clarification. von Tom
  7. An observation... https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/908114/?tour=26 0.7% gunnery accuracy doesn't help with .50 cal AP rounds, yet even though you only hit with 14 rounds a 109 still went down. Interestingly though, with my limited MP time my gunnery accuracy on Combat Box is way less than on other servers. 10.6/11 on Finnish/WoL and 4.6 on Combat Box. Too small a sample to make anything of it though, Good sortie. I have no idea if the AP .50 cals are trash or modelled correctly. But, I trust the developers to look at it and if needs be make changes to whatever black magic serves for computer coding for either the .50 cals or the 109 DM. von Tom
  8. USAAF decision - plenty of research on it elsewhere. Here's another sortie log for you - https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/917307/?tour=26 Good accuracy in this sortie - weight of ammo on target counts. von Tom
  9. The angst in this thread is mind-boggling. It's like virtue signalling "I won't play because of x...." Get over it because the only one losing out is you, whoever you are. Do your research, present your findings in a bug report, and sit back and wait for the devs to look at it. von Tom
  10. What is the point of the video?, Pretty much every plane can fly straight or in very gentle manoeuvres without a vertical stabiliser including the P51. Personally speaking I have no idea if the .50s are underpowered or simply working as they should. Likewise with the AP opposed with the API. Same with the 109 stabiliser as it has always seemed weak whenever I get hit. I do however know that getting a hit at convergence range with .50 cals is a lot harder for me than with the more centre-lined guns of a 109 o 190. Same with La5 though they are fuselage mounted weapons. von Tom
  11. Book 1 is expensive because it appears to have the least printed and it is the rarest. If you want a copy you have to pay a lot. You will see that all of the prices are for used copies. Wait for the updated version. von Tom
  12. There is no due date for the updated BCRS books 1-3. I have all of the books and 4 and 5 are (in my opinion) superior to books 1 -3 in terms of content, photos, data and readability. I expect the updated 1 to 3 to be much more detailed than the originals and I'll be getting all of them to replace the ones I already have. My suggestion is that unless there is a burning need, that you wait for the updated versions and then buy them all direct. Get on Mr Bergstrom's mailing list and you'll get updates as and when crowdfunding starts. von Tom
  13. Does anyone know what the convention was for the RAF and USAAF to give meteorological data to squadrons during WWII? For example, did they ring through the cloud height from sea level or from whatever base they were ringing it through to? What about if the weather was awful? If anyone can point me to sources it’d be appreciated. von Tom
  14. My opinion - completely remove the HUD for all iterations of the game be it GB, FC or TC. Much more realistic and fun, and after a short while you don't even notice that you're naturally scanning the instruments. von Tom
  15. To the OP. My personal preference is the Yak-9 because the elevator authority at higher speeds appears reduced. This means smoother turns and more energy maintained. At slower speeds it turns into a 1b. Purely subjective feelings of course but it "fits" me better. von Tom
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