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    Very much a huge IL2 fan. Flew all of the missions in the first release's campaign. First with external views then later on without.

    I flew a long time with a LW squad and still have friends from that time. My main love has to be LW aircraft. I now only fly with an RAF squad and we have a great time with co-ops. The friendships now come first and the game used comes second.

    Aside from that I've also been a mercenary in two USL (closed pit) campaigns, winning one. I have a number of nom de guerres which I'm not sharing here.

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  1. This is a superb piece of work. Is there any chance of incorporating tanks and the Prokhorovka map? von Tom
  2. I'm hoping the changes will fix the shimmering clouds effect - it still makes my eyes bleed watching aircraft in front of clouds. Keep it up though as it looks pretty much amazing. von Tom
  3. The admins of the site have jobs and families and don't see activating account registrations as our raison d'être. As it is, I see that your registration was activated on the 3rd March. To everyone else, registering on our forum gives limited access with full access only after the first week of OTU. If people apply they go through a 4 week OTU so they get to join us on Tuesdays and Fridays, but not on ops on Sundays. This is to allow us and them to look at each other to see if the "fit" is right. Flying ability isn't as important as being the right sort of chap. It works though and we're a pretty harmonious group. von Tom
  4. von_Tom

    Future for VR

    Chicken and egg. You need sales to get to VR. Without VR many folks won't touch it, so you're losing a sector of the market. Such a tough decision for them to make but it is what it is. I'd much rather TF turned their considerable talents and efforts to a desert or Malta paid-for expansion for IL2:GB. This might be too much of a problem in terms of manpower management for the current team. von Tom
  5. This is an excellent tool. Impressive... most impressive. von Tom
  6. Old pic - Red 7 when it was still owned by Messerschmitt Aircraft Company. von Tom
  7. You are helped by the brakes not being as strong in-game as they are reported as being in reality. The starting point is to nail the 3-point landing. Get that right and the roll out is easier. My method is quite simple: 1. Fly down the runway around 6-700m parallel - speed around 180-200mph. 2. When the end of the runway is at my 8 o'clock I start the turn. I tighten the turn as needed to get the speed to drop. 3. 160mph - gear down. 4. Almost immediately - 140mph flaps down. 5. Side slip or whatever at low power - tweak power so you don't stall. 6. Threshold at 90-100mph. 7. Hold it and the Spit automatically goes into a 3-point attitude as the speed drops. 8. Let it sink onto the runway. At this point you should be at around 80-90mph so the roll out is gentler. 9. Slam the brakes on, power up slightly and steer with pedals. Gently though. von Tom Edit: This takes practice but after a while you can tweak to suit or change things around if you need to.
  8. I've tested a few combinations and my favourite in terms of subjective feel" is: Pitch - non-linear soft centre, heavy spring tightened up then backed off 5 turns Roll - non-linear no-centre, medium spring tightened up then back off 5 turns I didn't like the soft centre for roll because there was a definite "bump" when feeding in pitch then roll. I didn't like the linear cam for roll because it felt like it took less force to move once I got out of the middle. Everyone is different I guess, and subjective taste may vary depending on extension length and so on. von Tom
  9. I’ve checked and I don’t feel any difference in force needed around the centre. It is obviously different to the Warthog because that uses a ball. I’ve stuck with the non-linear cams for pitch and roll but have eased off the tension on the roll. I’m thinking to just play with that for a while as I’ve never flown any kind of plane and will nevwr know what it feels like to fly a WWII fighter, so good enough is good enough. von Tom
  10. For roll do you mean CosmoSim - No Center (Linear) Which springs and how tight are they set? von Tom
  11. I'm not sure if I have that problem because I am still getting used to the different feel. I'll try it later to see if I experience what you describe. I kinda like the idea of equal force across the range of movement but I think the force ramping up quickly is a great way of reducing the stall but still allowing for panic to kick in if it needs to. I also like the extra force because it feels more like I'd expect from a WWII fighter. von Tom
  12. Tried my T-50CM2 base with the Warthog stick (7.5cm extension) for the first time today and it is... different. Playing IL2 using the non-linear no-centre cam with heavy springs. I tightened the heavy springs all the way down then released them 7 turns. I've used the Warthog for 10 years so it is quite a difference in terms of muscle memory. The Warthog has a wider range of movement and more equal stick force across the whole gimbal. The T-50CM2 base feels light around the centre and smooth but the force really ramps up quickly - it feels like it gets "heavy" too quickly rather than being a smooth build-up of stick force. That is no doubt a combination of cam and springs. In some ways as it is now is great because once I hit the extra force needed to get full deflection I don't really push and I tend to ease off a bit - this made me keep a bit more energy and black out less. I'd prefer having a heavier stick force around the centre though, just because it feels a touch light. My initial reaction was "hmmm" but at the moment it feels weird and I expect that in a couple of days I'll appreciate it a lot more. Those that have switched to MFG Crosswinds will understand the feeling - you switch over and think "I don't get it - what's so special about them?" then after a while you realise that everything in incrementally better than what you had before. Smoother, easier, more precise and so on. I'd like to know how others have their cam and springs set up. von Tom
  13. I do wish that sometimes folks would step away from the keyboard for a little while to regain perspective. Yep I'm guilty of keyboard bashing too... To me the idea of smaller maps has a great deal of merit. See https://il2missionplanner.com/ and look at the various maps, then consider how much of each map it used when you're online. It wouldn't necessarily condense the fun though because even a 1/4 map is still a huge playing area. Better might be new "small" maps say *cough* Malta and Sicily or Kirkenes to Murmansk... von Tom
  14. Check that the 2 small cables are correctly plugged in. From memory mine are crossed. If all else fails, uninstall them, replace any firmware, and plug them back in again. von Tom
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