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  1. 4 hours ago, 15th_JonRedcorn said:

    Don't forget to set the AA to 2 instead of 4 that's where most of the frame rate is being lost.

     Did a long test session tonight and your suggestion worked much better for me (2x AA balanced preset). At altitude i have got stable 90fps. Only at the airfield and close to the ground asw kicked in. I suppose that is normal performance for my hardware, or do you guys aim for constant 90 fps? Another question what pixel density would you recommend for best balance visual/spotting? I don’t get the new Steam vr ss settings, under the application tab i have 100% for il2 and in visuals override 200%, oculus tray tool shows 1.42 pd. 


    Thank you for your help. :) 

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  2. 48 minutes ago, 15th_JonRedcorn said:

    I just checked and I was actually getting similar performance to you, try this, lower the AA(anti aliasing) in game to 2, and set the preset to balance, it doubled my framerate on kuban summer map. That 4x anti aliasing hammers the framerate and I noticed barely any graphical difference. Trust me I hate jaggies.

    I´ve just checked it. Yes, preset ultra was active. Now i try with balanced preset. 


  3. Hey fenris, 


    i took a long brake from il2 in vr since last year december. Back then i could play the game @1.3 pd with an amd 290 card with asw perfectly fine.


    Today i have tried your settings and i got not the performance i had hoped for. I had Steam resolution at 100% on the rift what is about 1.42 pd i suppose and exactly your graphics settings. I was flying on the WOL server on the kuban map and my frames where between 35-45 near the ground with forced asw. I have a 1080ti i7 4790k @4.9Ghz and 2400Mhz Ram and game on Ssd. Is the performance normal and what settings would you tweak for better performance? 


    Btw the game looks stunning with your settings and Lefuneste‘s mod, thanks for your work. ;) 


    Best regards :) 



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