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  1. Did a long test session tonight and your suggestion worked much better for me (2x AA balanced preset). At altitude i have got stable 90fps. Only at the airfield and close to the ground asw kicked in. I suppose that is normal performance for my hardware, or do you guys aim for constant 90 fps? Another question what pixel density would you recommend for best balance visual/spotting? I don’t get the new Steam vr ss settings, under the application tab i have 100% for il2 and in visuals override 200%, oculus tray tool shows 1.42 pd. Thank you for your help.
  2. I´ve just checked it. Yes, preset ultra was active. Now i try with balanced preset. Thanks.
  3. Hey fenris, i took a long brake from il2 in vr since last year december. Back then i could play the game @1.3 pd with an amd 290 card with asw perfectly fine. Today i have tried your settings and i got not the performance i had hoped for. I had Steam resolution at 100% on the rift what is about 1.42 pd i suppose and exactly your graphics settings. I was flying on the WOL server on the kuban map and my frames where between 35-45 near the ground with forced asw. I have a 1080ti i7 4790k @4.9Ghz and 2400Mhz Ram and game on Ssd. Is the performance normal and what settings
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