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  1. With the damper installed on my pedals(Slaw dora v2)I gain more control BUT I lose precision in the process. seems to work smoother on the brd pedals.(maybe because of its dual cam design(?)) Pretty good read here about the different pedals too:(agree with most of the stuff he said about the VKB pedals and SLAW, Interestingly the brd pedals seems to be the smoothest hence why the damper is probably working better on them? (Some guy claimed this is solved by pouring in new oil and grips, but then again, I didn't expect much from these ebay dampers anyways) Honestly, after testing out most of the pedals, I always came back to my MK3 pedals, however, after buying the MK4 later, problems started to appear. The right pedal felt sluggish and sticky, only the left pedal felt smooth, even after a new unit came in, so not sure what changed because I did not feel this on my mk3 pedals, So I stopped using the T-Rudders all together,I deeply regret selling the mk3 as they were the smoothest for me out of all the pedals and had zero problems with them, unlike the mk4. Just from playing IL-2 and playing with the rudder I can tell you that the Trudders have the smoothest operation/travel for me personally, I put pressure on both my toes and im in total control, I feel every small input. It's not really hard to grasp why the T-Rudders are the most precise pedal for me personally. you literally step on them with your toes, this is where you are the most precise with them, compared to pushing pedal with the entire feet. But as I said above, I sold them, and bought MK4 pedal from VKB, and problems started to appear with a new unit as well. So I'm not sure what's going on lately with vkb and its quality control.(not that I'm complaining,life-time warrenty) Also shipped the Gunfighter MK2 variant back to the dealer, got it back in a worse state than before(gimbal replaced), with a 50# spring bend on the Y cam, not sure how someone manages to bend 50# springs, but ok I take that i'm just unlucky with vkb products) Currently still using the SLAW pedals without damper, and I will keep using them until VKB or anyone else will blow me out of the water with new pedals.
  2. Just got an update for missing aircraft in the Premium Deluxe edition 😃
  3. Had the same problem, black screen on start mission or after I click "fly", I had to alt-tab a few times to get it to work. After resetting the bios to stock fixed the problem.
  4. I'm enjoying it a lot, really like the damage model clod and the rest it comes with.
  5. Well, I must say that the damage model in rise of flight feels a lot better. I hope that the devs will fix it, or make it up to par with the RoF damage model.
  6. you sure it's the 110 being over modeled?
  7. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/microsoft-flight-simulator
  8. I'm really suprised this hasn't been implemented yet, even something simple as a shift modifier on the joystick itself. even cliffs of dover has this function, and it makes life much easier.
  9. icecream

    IL2 In Space

    I do not think squadron will change this. we need stuff to do, loads of stuff, a meaning for most of the stuff like in EVE Online.
  10. icecream

    IL2 In Space

    I still think star citizen will be one of the best space games out there when all critical components are implemented. most aspects of the game really stand out, except for the gameplay, that is a bit gimmicky for now.. at least in my eyes, not much to do yet, other than the superb visuals,sounds,ships,scale,scenery etc. Yeah the game has been in development for 8-9 years, that's a long time, but I assume all these things take loads of time and code. I will definitely buy a package when we reach a good build when there is at least stuff to do and at a decent frame-rate, doesn't really matter to me if it takes another year(s), because I didn't spend grands and grands into it back in the days.. and suddenly people are dissapointed that it takes more than 9 years to develop a game of this scope. besides, the Real Virtuality(Arma) engine took them over 10 years to develop prior to release, if wikipedia has to be believed. but I assume that's because of the massive map(Chernarus being 223 square km).
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