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  1. Might be because of the Field of View?(FOV).
  2. Yes, this game was amazing, played it to death when it came out, and later again on hardcore mode. really fell in love with this game, there were times when I thought "This looks real" or just some instances that looked so photorealistic if played with correct FOV. for example, the visuals inside the churches with the 15th century art/drawings looks so good, castles, cities etc. think I even found Chris Roberts on one of these drawings inside a church, but in general this game has some amazing visuals, and the fact that everything feels and looks 1:1 scale, this together wit
  3. check last post. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62152-game-hangs-on-start/
  4. Glad that we checked the other reports, because the first two reports with "nvwgf2umx.dll" fault module are related to the GPU.(hardware error) a strong indicator that it is the GPU: "I mean I have this problem since I have the RTX Duke 2080ti OC." however, try IL-2 first with the bios at default settings, if no effect, clean reinstall of windows 10(takes 10m on ssd) if you are still receiving the hardware error, then I would point it to the GPU, either by VRMs getting cooked or some hotspot. also one of the reasons why it only crashes in IL-2 is because, in IL-2 y
  5. It seems that it is not related to the GPU, I was expecting a error event code 144 or 141 if this was related to the GPU, which it isn't. just to be sure, all the errors in the "zuverlässigkeitsverlauf" are the same as the one you posted right? If so what I would advise to do is to reset the bios to the default optimized settings and retry, if same, you can do a clean windows 10 reinstall if you haven't already done so, this is usually the fastest way of knowing what is at fault, and will fix it most likely.(or try suggestions in the topic below) as I looked
  6. Please check what error event you are receiving in windows 10 from the freeze. start>zuverlässigkeitsverlauf and doubleclick the error message from the IL-2 crash and copy it here if possible.
  7. Open MSI Afterburner and try to lower these settings: (Power Limit and Temp limit)
  8. What I would do is reset the bios to default optimized settings, retest, if it is still happening I would suggest downloading MSI Afterburner: https://www.techspot.com/downloads/4895-msi-afterburner.html and lower the Power Limit and Temp Limit to 60% just to see if it acts up again.(you can also lower the Core Clock and Memory Clock by -100, so all 4 sliders) if the problem stops after these changes, it's clear to say that it is probably the GTX770 acting up.
  9. With the damper installed on my pedals(Slaw dora v2)I gain more control BUT I lose precision in the process. seems to work smoother on the brd pedals.(maybe because of its dual cam design(?)) Pretty good read here about the different pedals too:(agree with most of the stuff he said about the VKB pedals and SLAW, Interestingly the brd pedals seems to be the smoothest hence why the damper is probably working better on them? (Some guy claimed this is solved by pouring in new oil and grips, but then again, I didn't expect much from these ebay dampers anyways)
  10. Just got an update for missing aircraft in the Premium Deluxe edition 😃
  11. Had the same problem, black screen on start mission or after I click "fly", I had to alt-tab a few times to get it to work. After resetting the bios to stock fixed the problem.
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