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  1. Yes they are, currently. However, remember that Intel is still on 14nm too..
  2. Yeah, just hopped on some full servers, and the frame drops are pretty bad there on the airfield, severe drops too.
  3. To me it looked like low alt chemtrails indeed. The patch is great, no doubt, It's just these two tiny details that are a bit too much imo.
  4. I agree as well that targets appear too big from mid to long range, zooming in reverts it back to normal size. I just played an escorting mission on the campaign and from mid-long range they do appear a little bit too big in my opinion.(unless it's a bug)
  5. TeamGroup ram can do some insane low-cas latencies.
  6. Try to max view distance in Arma 2 or 3, and see what it does in terms of performance to you, or rather to any system.
  7. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4015310/Warthog_problems_in_Windows_7_ "the fix for me was to go into the bios and disable "Intel xHCI Mode" in the "USB Configuration" section."
  8. Most of them are, they all hit a certain "cap" or wall. The only difference is, the other card will thermal throttle faster than the other, which means, lower clock core over time or instantly if the temps go rapidly up, or slowly. but most of them are fine, if you don't overclock(pushing core and mem). just stay away from the blower style ones. and i'm saying ebay because ebay warrents the buyer, not the seller, and most cheap GPU's and deals come from there anyways. just get one with warrenty left, just to be sure. But the one you listed is more than enough. https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3141-the-best-gtx-1080-ti-graphics-cards-designs-asus-vs-evga-msi
  9. Get a cheap 1080ti off ebay, the RayTracing simply isn't worth it, that plus only 8gb on the 2080 compared to the 1080ti with 11GB vram.
  10. the the D15 beats most of the 240mm AIO's even the 360mm one's, so that should convince you. also, https://youtu.be/95Ujni7-fVM?t=104
  11. I'm afraid not, it's easily achievable with a noctua NHD15 even,(this cooler on par or slightly better than AIO's if you get it at a good voltage. The chiller was a 24 core running 5GHZ across all cores.
  12. Why i went with the tray, i'm not waiting another month for a boxed version 😄
  13. Maybe someone with a ryzen 1700 can chim in here, and tell us about the performance.
  14. For the amount of money spend on this build, might as well go with the m.2 drives from samsung and run the main OS on them. I know for a fact an m.2 drive blows an ssd out of the water in star citizen, difference was "apparent". But in a game's like this?, doubt it.
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