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  1. Bought everything for RoF as well. Probably not buying FC just yet.. unless it will have everything from RoF imported(planes mostly) Still enjoying it though. 🙂
  2. I've had the MK3 version and now the MK4 version as well. I also owned two MFG Crosswinds, and a custom russian pedal bought off the il2.RU forums(seen below) for pure comfort and pin point accuracy, it's definitely the VKB T-Rudder hands down, simply because of the movement of pedal. with the VKB T-Rudders, I can take off straight in a perfect line without a single hitch. rudder plays becomes enjoyable, rather than a chore. the only downside on them is, no toe brakes, but I didn't even care about that to be honest. because I'd prefer this accuracy over toe brakes anyways. MFG are not bad pedals, far from! but I noticed that some units require a disassembly to get rid of some friction.(no big deal, takes 5m) at least my unit did. If you NEED the toe brakes, go with the mfg's. for the comfort and the pin-point accuracy, I'd say it's definitely the VKB T-Rudders hands down, simply because of the movements of the pedals. It's not that the mfg's are bad, it's simply how the pedals are moving that makes it night/day difference for me.
  3. 1440P165hz with track ir. there are still things keeping me away from VR and the head wobble/shake seems a bit too much from looking at certain videos.. is there no setting for that?
  4. If you are on 1080P then you will see some performance gains, really depends on which game too as well. anything above 1080P>(1440P & 4K) not really. major benefits, higher max frames, and higher min frames on 1080P. I have no idea what the effects are on VR though.
  5. I have no idea why you guys are recommending him to get a 32GB ram kit... really? it has no performance impact whatsoever in any game... oh yeah in one game it has a fps impact of 3FPS... and maybe star citizen, but that's invalid. the motherboard and the 32GB kit are simply overpriced and not needed at all.. like honestly what are u guys doing to this poor guy. Also, this is just an example of what you can buy under €2000 and with much better performance the case I have just put in because.. this is totally up to you what case you prefer and whatnot. loads of parts can be swapped here too, but I've just put something together as an example as I have no idea what resolution you play at, and which refresh rate? but I assume you play at 1080P, if 60hz then this might be "Overkill" indeed.. but you can always pick up an high refresh monitor down the line if that's the case. Just an example to the build that is posted above.. which I do not agree with but ok. this build is cheaper, and faster. just an very example, loads of things can be changed here, even swapping out the CPU to a ryzen isn't a bad idea, but you get the point. 1 x G.Skill 16 GB DDR4-3200 Kit € 109,90* 1 x Noctua NH-D15 cpu- € 89,90* 1 x Corsair RM850, 850 Watt € 112,90* 1 x MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Ventus XS OC... € 769,-* 1 x Fractal Design Meshify C TG € 89,90* 1 x Samsung 860 EVO, 500 GB SSD € 94,90* 1 x MSI Z390-A PRO, socket 1151 € 119,-* 1 x Intel® Core i7-9700 3,0Ghz (Turbo 4,7GHz)... € 369,-* € 1.754,50
  6. It does, but why would anyone buy a binned 9900K with a Noctua cooler in the first place..
  7. If you are buying an 9900KS or 9900KF, you are gonna overclock that thing above 5Ghz, in which power draw will not matter to these users, myself included.
  8. Had this yesterday as well.. deleted updates folder worked, but appeared again later. today it seems to work again. looking in the update log, there seems to be something wrong with the adress not connecting?
  9. Yes they are, currently. However, remember that Intel is still on 14nm too..
  10. I agree as well that targets appear too big from mid to long range, zooming in reverts it back to normal size. I just played an escorting mission on the campaign and from mid-long range they do appear a little bit too big in my opinion.(unless it's a bug)
  11. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4015310/Warthog_problems_in_Windows_7_ "the fix for me was to go into the bios and disable "Intel xHCI Mode" in the "USB Configuration" section."
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