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  1. Great Mod! I'm enjoying having short grass around the runways 👍
  2. I'm guessing you burned the engines out because you left the RPM at 100% for too long. Once airborne in the Ju88 you need to lower the RPM to 2,400 and set 1.25 ATA. Keep an eye on the gauges. You can maintain this climb setting for up to 30 mins. Once you are at cruising altitude set 2,250 RPM and 1.15 ATA
  3. Hi Solitojorgesoo, No warning is generated, but read the second sentence in the first post......
  4. Hi Yardstick, I tried and it works for me. I copied four files: 04.briefing, 04.cs, 04.jpg, and 04.mis from steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\parts\tobruk\mission\campaign\campaign01_27 to ..\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\missions\Single I could select 04.mis in single missions and fly it ok. Maybe you should 'Verify integrity of game files' through Steam?
  5. 'Windows' key works for me.
  6. In Quick mission Mig 3 wing gunpods show for me. Check you have the correct option selected. 109 F-2 only has the nose mounted 151/20 option....
  7. According to Developers Update 2.010 posted May 11, 2017 a single flash red light from gunner to pilot means "we're being engaged".
  8. Unfortunately I have the exact same problem. Mission 05 "Dawn Patrol". The game freezes about 30 seconds after getting the "two minutes" message, after the attack on the vehicles. The A20 engine sound still plays. My plane is usually in grid 1330 with no particular action happening at the time. I did record a track when the game froze but it wont play back at all. I have to open the Task Manager to shut the game down. This ONLY ever happens with this particular campaign; never with any other off-line content or online play. i9-9900KS @ 5.00GHz, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, MB Z390 Aorus Master, 32 GB 3200 C16 DDR4 RAM, Samsung SSD 970 Pro 1TB I dont use VR. Thanks for this excellent campaign. A pity I am stuck at this point. I hope a solution can be found. EDIT: Managed to complete this mission today without having the game freeze. I can't be certain why it ran successfully this time but I can tell you I was using the latest game version (4.008c) and it was running in Mods Off mode. All the Mods had been uninstalled with the JSGME too. I hope this helps someone.
  9. You may be quiting the mission too quickly. Wait for the notification window to appear first. It might take 30 seconds or so to appear....
  10. This isn't an issue with this mod. It happens with the game in Mods Off mode too. If you choose an official skin then the hole shows correctly. If you use a custom skin (all the ones I have anyway) then the hole appears as this greenish color. I haven't been able to find the problem yet....
  11. Do you mean Historically Correct Colour Previews.zip? ? It's working for me. Make sure to login first.
  12. Hi Taffy, Login to your account @ https://il2sturmovik.com/account/ and go to your Profile page. The download link is the bottom option of the red box.
  13. I found the 'Historical Splashscreens' mod clashes with the cockpit photos. Turn that mod off and photos work ok for me.
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