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  1. I found the 'Historical Splashscreens' mod clashes with the cockpit photos. Turn that mod off and photos work ok for me.
  2. Thanks for this Jade_Monkey it's very useful. I noticed a typo - You have P-51 D 51 in the heading of the Mustang page and the index instead of P-51 D 15
  3. I have the ASUS PG348Q UWQHD 3440x1440 34" curved ultra-wide monitor and use TrackIR. It's brilliant for BOS with 100Hz and G-Sync. You can't beat a big screen. My Pc is getting old (GTX 980, i7-4790K @ 4.00Ghz) but it runs it ok. Highly recommend it. I also have an oculus rift. It's unbeatable for immersion but I still prefer to use the monitor and TiR for the superb resolution. Much easier to ID targets!
  4. Not sure if either of these helps you. Do you have this in your startup.cfg? [KEY = track_record] fx_sound = 2 record_graphics_effect = 1 record_ground_vehicles = 1 tacviewrecord = 1 [END] Also I haven't used it but SAS_Storebror has made 'IL-2 Great Battles Recorder' which has Autostart track recordings
  5. dog1 you need to do this: Open the mission editor. Select 'Tools' tab at the top. Click on 'Convert Missions to binary in Folder'. (It's about half-way down the list) Browse to the folder that contains your mission files and click Ok. Then WAIT till the operation finishes, it takes a while. (At first it doesn't seem to be doing anything). When finished all the missions in that folder will now work 🙂
  6. Try launching the game with both Il-2.exe and also launcher.exe Both are found in IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game You download the game from the IL-2 website. Log in to your Profile. The Download link is the bottom option of the red box. The game installer is 168Mb.
  7. Disable your Mods. The ‘Historical splashscreen’ Mod will cause this to happen with the latest game version. You can set game to start ‘mods off’ in the startup file. Change the line: Mode=1 to Mode=0
  8. Yes you can. Right click on the box in the centre top of screen (which shows the same data) and uncheck the last item in the pop up menu "Display in 3D view".
  9. Hi, I can confirm the error, see the attached pics....First one from TAW server, second one from 'stand-alone' IL-2 mission planner. Note this was taken when the TAW server was stopped.
  10. Thanks Sokol1, I now have my brake lever working as an axis and the 'axis curve icon' now shows in right hand column. The first method of holding the lever on or half way didn't work. it still only recognized a button press. I had to edit the 'current.actions' file (using Notepad++). Mine was on line 169. Was: rpc_wheel_brakes, joy6_b18, 0| Now: rpc_wheel_brakes, joy6_axis_z, 0|
  11. +1 for Crosswinds. Hardware and software are premium quality and Milan is great to deal with. As for your location I'm in Australia and had no trouble getting them.
  12. The scroll wheel on your mouse will let you move all the way around your plane, at least when it's in the hanger. Not sure about in game....
  13. Hi indiaciki, The Pe-2 can be a bit tricky to land. I suggest you only use 15 degrees of flaps for landing rather than full down. Also you often need to keep a bit of power on when on approach. Don't let your speed drop much below 200kph. Keep an eye on your descent rate too as it is prone to bouncing. You can drop your dive brakes if you are coming in too fast and still land ok with them deployed.
  14. MFG Crosswind rudder pedals are by far the best I've ever owned. They are premium quality and customer service is great. Here is a link to the website http://mfg.simundza.com/blog/
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