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  1. Personal taste u UNDERSTAND ?
  2. A little 'foresight' we are talking online servers - yes well aware of the historical facts "You spend too much time typing, and not enough reading" I spent most of this evening pouring over research from the 352nd and 366th among others Good on yeah - the subject is about , how this plane set will play out online & how the community will use them in realty - keep up the good work
  3. any fighter without the ability to roll at high speed 'sux' you would have thought Messerschmitt would have learned by then
  4. Late war design allowed for high speed fighters 190 , P 47 , p51 to allow fighters to snap roll and change direction , for this you need a good roll rate .
  5. 262 had no roll rate , no point flying at high speed without one
  6. The rear view is already good in the Anton , Wait are you saying it gets better ?
  7. You will see P47's free hunting at high cover on MP servers that's the realty , it's not a bad thing , it what's P 47's do , played on War Clouds for god know how long , that's what P 47's do , looks like a lot new people here have never flew with P47's before Some one with experience here , low flying P47 's are just fast food for 190's
  8. Yes that was the historical reality , but that won;t happen online
  9. Bombers on the Western front will go there with out a doubt - they are all ready bringing the P47 into play, we all know they won't be flying below 5k for a start , some one needs to play top cover on the blue team . hell if 109's still lock up at 500 kph , we won't see many up there , if a P47 can just dive away at will sorry forgot all about the Dora
  10. r153

    the 109 G14

    Guessing this has been debated a few times and goes no where A pilot exerting all his strength cannot apply more than one-fifth aileron at 400 mph 400 mph = 643 kph hmmm
  11. try here Cares am just as happy in a 109 as a Dora
  12. r153

    the 109 G14

    No hoping it's competitive , just asking what people are expecting here
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