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  1. Type of improvement: Interface/Quality of life Explanation of proposals: When measurment units is set to Imperial, the convergence setting in the loadout screen should be in feet/yards and not in meters. Benefits: This would make the P-47's/Spitty IX's (and upcoming allied aircraft's) gyro sights easier to use, as we wouldn't have to convert from meters to feet/yards.
  2. I'm from the mid-west US, Kentucky specifically, with no southern twang. I just turned 19, and I have a voice. I do a small amount of streaming, but no experience with military comms before, but I'm sure I could learn.
  3. Been a while, hasn't it? I've been slowly adding different ID numbers to the aircraft for squad use. (And maybe a plane. It's been like 2 months since I updated this, I really don't remember 😛) Added: I think I added a G4, and a bunch of new ID numbers.
  4. On the announcement thread for Bodenplatte it lists the P-38L, but on the store page it lists the P-38J. I feel like the L would be more fitting as the J is from 1943, rather than the L being from June 44. The L was also the most produced model, but if the decision has been made then I'm probably not going to change it, I'd just like some clarification. Thanks.
  5. With the experiment of converting Elite: Dangerous players to IL-2 under the name of Varati Old Earth flight squadron being declared finished by what few members it had, it was decided that we would take the opportunity to change the name and redo the skins, but with a higher quality this time. When I made VOE's skins I always felt that they had turned out rather rushed but with college breathing down my neck I never really had the chance to do a complete overhaul. But, with summer break upon me, I have more time to skin and play the game. Thus leading to Pegasus' creation. I'm making an effort to produce higher quality skins this time, with color schemes and designs sticking closer to reality. LAST UPDATED: October 5th DOWNLOAD Examples Below Credit to: BlackHellHound1, Boomerang, ICDP, A-E-Hartmann, 5tuka, and Gustav05 for the templates. (Even if I haven't used it yet )
  6. P-40. I love it for its versatility, ability to take fire, 6 .50 cals, and instrumentation that I can read. My absolute favorite part of the plane though is its gear and flaps indicator. I love watching those little analogs move.
  7. Will you please consider making a version with lighter default weathering? I find that the weathering and metal chipping on this is to heavy. This wouldn't be a problem if the weathering was based on layers, but the weathering on the stars and nose is painted like that and as someone who isn't great at fixing up skins, it makes this template very difficult to use. Thanks.
  8. I sure hope it's possible to combine all of these colors. I want to be shooting rainbows across the sky in my P-40
  9. I have always looked up to this man growing up, and I am very sad about his death. He lived a pretty long time for someone with his condition. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008
  10. It's how I fly top cover for bombers, though normally it's only 1 or 2 bombers with 1 or 2 layers of single fighters above and behind
  11. Maybe the DD won't upload because their bandwidth is being taken up by uploading update 3.001... /s Also, that's a good picture Finkeren.
  12. Propeller controls can be found on page six of this P39 manual. Note that there is a (2) for our Curtiss prop, but it only refers to what to do in the event of a failure of the switch.
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