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  1. Although, speaking of keybindings being reset: My adjustable stabilizer axis keeps resetting the "invert" command I give it in the options. Any workaround or solution for this? It's a pain having to do it manually in the settings every time I fly a 109. (And yes, it only affects the 109 adjustable stabilizer axis as far as I can tell)
  2. Thanks for your inputs dude. It was indeed the pitch that had lost it's keybindings for some reason. Because I swear (and I have witnesses) that it used to work before. So I have no explanation why the keybindings where reset.
  3. Thank you. I think that's pretty much the same as I have. But I'll double check when I get on my computer.
  4. Will do so later. On a different computer as of now.
  5. The problem is on all IL2 and PE2 variants.
  6. So this problem is exclusive to russian medium and heavy bombers for some reason. RPM-control (increase/decrease) is simply not responding in any way. Even if I use it with a HOTAS (both HAT switch and buttons, I have no free axis to assign it to/try it on), on my keyboard with custom bindings, or keyboard with default bindings. Which of course means I have no way of flying IL-2's or Pe-2's. Super frustrating, to say the least. Just to be clear - the keybindings USED to work just fine just a couple of weeks ago. The problem started maybe a month ago, so I assume after a patch was released or something. For reference, I use a cheap Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X Flightstick. And yes - the same keybindings work just fine for any other aircraft.
  7. Thanks man! Appreciate it!
  8. New video up! Kill compilation in the LaGG-3! Enjoy!
  9. New video up on channel! Just a short multiplayer game!
  10. My internet is down, so no content upload for a while.
  11. Taking E-sport to a whole new level!
  12. Latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b8VoKUMhMQ Enjoy!
  13. Hey pilots and tankers! I just started my YouTube-channel, showing off some different BoS/BoM gameplay. Hit that subscribe button if you want to see more! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb2YE5d8SiKhNK9appQ3cbA
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