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  1. The Bf 110 (both versions) wobbling happened to me, too. I think it happens when one of the rudders is just slightly damaged. It feels strange. Maybe this also applies to Peshkas, at least AI. One or two MG hits to rudder, and the AI absolutely can't keep in formation. Maybe aircraft with double rudder need some fine-tuning. New DM is great, otherwise.
  2. Well, i don't think I am limited by temps, I have some thermal headroom on all oht the rigs. Especially with the 9700K, it seems I got super lucky in the sillicon lottery. MB prediction says it could do 5.5 ghz AVX with my cooler. I don't really belive that, but: https://valid.x86.fr/izw47p - see the voltage and temps. It is completely stable and i have never seen temps exceeding 70 degrees (voltage is on auto). Its really strange. BTW, if anybody wants to ask anything about that hardware, comparision or something, just ask...
  3. As I have quite a few rigs available right now, I will have to do some testing, when I will have some time for it. Rigs I have available: Rig 1: Ryzen 3900x, MSI Creation X570, 32 gb 3600 cl 16 RAM, RTX 2080ti, x72 Kraken 360 AIO, Fractal design meshify S2, 5 140 mm intake fans, HP Reverb, 4K VA monitor ABBA, stock - I have tried lots of BIOSes an settings, performance of each vary. This BIOS is not the best in therms of performance - clock during playing IL2 is aprox 4300 Mhz, temps - spikes above 70 degrees Celsius. Rig 2: I7 9700K, ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E, 32 GB 3200 CL 16 RAM, RTX 2080ti, Fractal design Celsius S36 360 AIO, Fractal design meshify S2, 4 140 mm intake fans, RIFT S, 4K TN monitor 5.2 OC, no AVX offset - have only tried ASUS auto OC yet - this is the result. Voltage is too high (up to 1.4 V), temps OK (bellow 70 degrees celsius) Rig 3: I7 7700K, Asrock Z270 extreme 4, 16 gb 3200 cl16 RAM, gtx 1080ti, silentium pc grandis cooler, NZXT h440, FHD monitor 4.8 OC, no AVX offset Rig 4 Threadripper 1920x, asrock x399 taichi, 32 gb 3200 cl 16 4 channel RAM, 3x radeon RX 5700, FHD monitor stock __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Based on feelings, rig 2 is still much faster than rig 1 in IL2 (sadly, I really wish my 1st rig was faster :-) ). Even though their single core performance in Cinebecnh si aprox. equal, I get better fps on Intel in IL2. On Intel, I am also able to compress time by 8x, on Ryzen i can do that only by 4x, and sometimes just to 2x time speed increase. Does this depend just on CPU speed? On rig 2, I am locked on 80 fps most of the time. On rig 1, I am on 45 fps on reverb with reprojection on (perfectly playable, not much artifacts though) Performance of I7 7700K and 3900x seems to be equal, based just on the feelings. OCed I7 7700K micht be faster in some occasions, 3900x seems to be more stable - less fps drops. I will try to do some more testing.
  4. I have Rift S and Reverb (gen 1) currently. I used to have Rift CV 1 before. I received Reverb yesterday. Rift S is in my opinion better in every aspect except, of course, the resolution. To my surprise though, the difference between those 2 are not that big, and step from CV1 to Rift S is much more noticeable than step from S to Reverb. Rift S has much larger sweet spot, image on reverb is in fact crispier only in the center of the lenses. I can read the instruments in Rift S with no problems, so I can see the difference only on more distant objects, where you can see more details in reverb. But, again, only if those object are in the sweet spot. Rift S is also more comfortable (my nose cant fit properly in reverb) and has better buil quality, it feels more premium. Reverb feels crapy in comparision. What is strange OTOH, is that i get better performance on reverb (i7 7700k 4.8Ghz, 3200 16CL 16GB RAM, 1080ti OC). In cases where I am locked to 40 FPS on Rift S, i get fairly often 90 FPS on reverb with much higher pixel density (250% in Steam VR)... Next week my ryzen 3900x, so i can do some further testing. Anyway, I think I am going to return Reverb an stick with Rift S
  5. Well, I didn´t write any negative review and I am not willing to do so, but what drives me mad, and I can imagine that can push someone to write that kind of review, is amount of CTDs I'm experiencing playing this game. I´ve been playing PC for al least 20 years, but amont of BOX CTDs is i think 10 times more than in every other games I´ve played together. It can be very frustrating sometimes. Imagine a situation. You have some time, so you decide to fly some quick online sorties. So i take my MSFFB2, turn on trackIR. I run the game, log on. Than I try to connect to WOL, which sometimes take some time. After some unsuccessful attempts I´m finally there so i choose loadout and skin for my Bf110 and click on START button (= cca 15% chance of CTD). In case of no CTD, i begin the startup procedure (I guess it last 4 or 5 mimutes for twin engine plane?), roll to runway a begin the take off. During the takeoff in most cases I find my flight stick vigorously shaking because of the FFB bug. To get rid of it, you have to alt+tab (= at least 50% chance of CTD, works only sometimes), get to game menu to controls and key bindings, there change nothing and hit cancel (= at least 50% chance of CTD, works only sometimes), or go to input devices, turn FFB off and then turn it on again (= at least 50% chance of CTD, works only sometimes). So you get usually at least 1 CTD, if you want to play. After the CTD I usually get angry and forget to wait some time for track IR to load after the game crash, which I do not notice until i get to cockpit, so I have to quit the game and start from the beginning. When I get the same CTD after this, believe me, it´s hard not to throw ouf of the window everything around me, and I am calm personality. So, instead of quick flight you get 45 mins of anger. I know the cause of this is propably MSFFB2 (+ TrackIR maybe), which is old stick. But it is still popular stick and this is flight simulator, so IMHO it should work. Well nevermind, I had to put it out and I hope this way is better than bad review....
  6. My favourtie planes ale Bf 110 and Macchi. Well... I always loved outsiders! :-) Their stats are odd, though. Both Bf-110 and Mc-202 were very succesful designs in RL. It is definitely a fact that most beginers fly 109´s and that fact of course have to affect those statistics, as well as fact that "stat hunters" choose some planes more than others. Other thing is efficiency of russian guns, especialy berezins. 1x berezin a 1x SKAS on Pe-2 sometimes seem to be more than 2x mg-ff a 4x mg17 on Bf-110, and russian planes are generally more durable. Also maybe some planes, which aren´t flown as much as others, didn´t recieve that much attention and love from both the devs and community, I don´t know.
  7. It rolls fast up to 550 Km/h, turns quite good, it´s easy to fly coordinated. But you take full fuel, i stalls easily in tight turns.
  8. I think Macchi is much better than before. It handles really nicely. It´s definitely easier to fly. I have to test it more though....
  9. I think 109´s are pretty well modelled now. I don´t think they are useless, as some say. To me, it feels more realistic (according to historical references) and it is still top fighter in game with precious handling qualities (although i think some russian planes are better than they were and are modelled very optimistic, but thats not a big issue). I haven´t flown 109´s much before, but now I enloy them much more. On the other hand, I think recent FM update hit too hard other planes - bf110 and Ju-88. Particullary Ju-88 is now brick in high speeds, although Ju-88 was known for it´s high speed handling qualites. According to Eric Brown for example, ailerons and rudder stick forces were very low in the whole speed spectrum on Ju-88. Elevator forces were a bit higher, but automatic stabilizer helphed. In game Ju-88 is different. It is even more noticeable if you compare it to peshkas, which are mane maneuverable in high speed in this sim. When I exaggerate it, peshkas are more formidable fighters than bf110, taken into account their durability, insane berezins and handling (not to mention those gunners). Every bullet flying near bf110 set it on fire.
  10. Bf 110 wasnt bad turner, Bf 110 C shoul turn better tahn bf 109 F at low speed...
  11. No effect, this settings makes the stuttering even worse I think. Only thing that helps a little is increasing the camera smoothness.
  12. Fantastic update, thanks! Both 110G2 and new Fw are great! Both seems to be very realistic and fun tu fly. Great engine sound on 110! Does anyone get lower fps with new upadate, or is ti just me? I am playing at 4K, I7 7700K 4,6 ghz, MSI gtx 1080 armor OC. I used to have steady 60 fps. Now around 55 and stuttering. I think my CPU and GPU usage also dropped (cpu all cores max 28% ), but I am not sure. MS FF2 + TrackIR = stuttering bug still there on my setup.
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