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  1. Hello Alonso, I would suggest to use fast values from ryzen dram calculator for samsung B-die, revision A3/A2/B2, rank 2, 2 DIMM modules, frequency 3800 Mhz - I should be a good start. Just fill all the suggested values in your BIOS.
  2. Exactly. Only thing I changed was motherboard, I swapped Asus TUF B550 for ASUS STRIX B550-A. Results are much worse tham with 2080ti. Maybe i could try it with resisable BAR off, but I doubt it would change the outcome. I didn't have time to actually play the game on my 5600x system, I just tried one QMB flight, and it was locked on 90 Hz with Reverb G1, but I guess 1080ti could manage this too. It is possible that those performance issues are caused by some subobtimal settings etc., and someone more experienced with radeon settings, or with more time to tweak the settings could s
  3. VR benchmark 5600x, 6800xt: 2021-01-29 18:45:42 - Il-2 Frames: 3904 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 65.067 - Min: 51 - Max: 88
  4. Yes - it is definitely an issue with Navi 21 cards - that outlier you are talking about is mine 5600x. With 2080ti it did aprox 117 fps in cpu test. With 6800 XT it did only 92 fps. Similar settings, just newer BIOS on 6800 XT test, and reisable BAR on.
  5. Hynix CJR/DJR's aren't the best for overclocking, but you can definitely gain some free performance OCing it, especially its frequency can be raised easily. Tightening the timings seems to be difficult though. On the other hand, dburne's 14 CL b-dies are generally considered great for overclocking, and I doubt you can get significantly better kits than those. If I remmember correctly, WalterScott runs similar RAM on 4000 Mhz, CL 14.
  6. I managed to get reverb g1 running on radeon 6800 xt. Firmware update of the headset is necessary - you have to manually find the file on HP site. There is no info on the issue whatsoever, so this might be helpful to somebody. I will try to run Il2 with this combination, but according to poor 2d performance, my expectations aren't really high. Some other games run just fine, so this low performance issue seems to be il2 related.
  7. Those should be samsung b-dies, and 4000 Mhz should be definitely possible with them. I have them too, just NEO version optimized for Ryzen.
  8. I am not expert myself. What model of ram do you have? 3200 Mhz cl 14 kits are usually samsung b-dies. I have similar kits on my ryzen system, and achieving 3800 Mhz, 16, 16, 16, 32 was really easy with 1.390 V. With some more voltage it could definitely do 4000 Mhz and more, but on Ryzen, I am limited by infinity fabric speed. Memory overclocking can quite time consuming though.
  9. I believe you can OC your ram to 4000 Mhz easily. 3200 Mhz CL 14 ram are usually good kits...
  10. Yes, previous CPU test with 2080ti was as expected, so i could be driver issue, problem with resisable bar, or something. Can not test more - I am on my primary system now. Also, I get black screen on my reverb with 6800xt - it does work at all. This Nitro+ 6800xt SE will be sentenced to one year of cryptomining, it seems.
  11. OK, so I have just tried to benchmark 6800xt on: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 6 Core - 12 Threads, PBO auto, auto OC +200MHz, 4850 MHz during benchmark, FCLK 1900 MHz MOBO: Asus TUF GAMING B550-PLUS Memory: 2x 16Gb dual rank, F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC, 3800 MHz, timings/subtimings not optimized – left on XMP - 16-19-19-39-89-1-666 (tCAS-tRC-tRP-tRAS-tCS-tCR-tRFC) Resizable BAR on Something is obviously wrong here: CPU test: 2021-01-19 18:41:18 - Il-2 Frames: 5508 - Time: 60000ms - Avg:
  12. Will try. I just hope my Windows is operating under UEFI mode, but i think so.
  13. 6800 XT for my secondary system has been delayed, bud I should get it tomorrow, so I will try to benchmark it with 5600x.
  14. I'd love to say I am skilled, but the truth is that it is purely hit or miss o my side. Trying dram calculator timings on my "secondary" system, 5600x, 3800 RAM, 1900 FCLK, MCLK brought no success yet. On the other hand, I have been more successful in buying stuff, and managed to find radeon 6800 XT in stock for my secondary system. So I am looking forward to bench it when it is shipped.
  15. Yes, you are right - two homes, and one office. I have I7 9700K 5.2 Ghz system too, but i guess the performance of Intel systems are well known now. Just for fun I could do benchmark on my mining system - Threadripper 1920x, 3x Radeon RX 5700, but I doubt anyone would play on system like that 🙂 UCLK on 5600x is 1900 MHz too. You are right about timings and subtimigs. It is just XMP settings. Memory kits on this system ale Hynix DJR, so "stock" xmp timings are not so tight, and its tuning is not so easy as b-dies. With ryzen 3900 and 3900xt I was able to tune those kits beyond ram
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