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  1. Hi all the wise. I just started to use joystick Gremlin software with my console (throttle, flaps, etc.). Windows recognizes it but Box doesn´t.. what could be the reason? Tip, please...
  2. Yeah, I got this console about six months ago and I´m very pleased. The vintage outlook gives you a certain feeling while flying. Also it´s very handy and compact by it´s size. The buttons and swithes are very easy to learn to use without looking which is good forinstance for those using VR- glasses. The amount of buttons and switches is sufficient and therefore your keyboard is practically unnecessary while playing your game. As far as I know this console can also be used, not only with ILSturmovik Great Battles, with DCS and Clod.... so, I recommend this product for everyone in the virtual s
  3. Well, if I set the deadzone edge to a 100%, it may go down to the bottom, but very slowly...
  4. Does anyone else have problems to setup x52 work properly in BoS? Mine works fine in the old IL2 Sturmovik- sim but in BoS pitch and roll move just a little bit so it´s very diffult to fly. Changing USB- port doesn´t help, updating drivers doesn´t bring any relief either. The joystick is brand new, I changed it ´cause thought it was just that stick but no, same thing again. There´s a pic attached. Can anybody help?? Antsu
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