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  1. Unfortunetelly you can´t see all of the sorties
  2. 3 times passing through, every time I attacked one of them and destroyed Otherwise artillery positions are quite ok with their AAA....
  3. At the same map I found the northern red tanks convoy this time. And again, none of AAA were shooting at me
  4. Szia guys, we found red southern tanks convoy at Stalingrad1942WinterCounterAttack map yesterday. There were 3x AAA at the convoy, but none of them were shooting at us. Some kind of bug or mistake?
  5. Dynamic missions without GPS are highly welcomed, recommended and needed Thank you for your effort
  6. Ah, I would like to know all the information as well please :), because your server looks interesting
  7. If I may speak for Wolfert, we would like to know, if you´d like to build dogfight server like WoL or a continualy war like DED-Random and TAW? According to information about server and server rules it seems you are in the middle of them. Thanks
  8. To see custom skin, you need to own them also. And yes, badges are only for pre-orders.
  9. Henschel? Henschel has no gunners. Yaks were too lame
  10. 1st Czech Lions BLUE as always. +- 15 people +- 8 pm CEST
  11. Not here. To avoid crash at low level, use auto-level (by default shift+a)
  12. Seems to be stats page is broken ať the moment....
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