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  1. Yeah, I had my music studio here and needed those sockets at that time. Now most of them are not in use, but who knows, maybe some day again ;)
  2. I’ve used Kanttorin Kone console now for 2,5 years and have been very pleased not only with the console but also the service I’ve got from the manufacturer. I lost one button from the handle and saw that I could install a new one if I only had one. So, I mailed Kanttori to tell about my problem, and after 2 days I had the new button with all install information I needed. I, also, have got a lot of extra information about new and better software I can use with the console, for example switching from SV Mapper to Joystick Gremlin and how to use it. He does amazing job and I really do like the co
  3. Here is my cockpit with this new console. I absolutely love it! I also had the first (and bigger) two-engine version of this and I was very satisfied with it, too. But I must say that this smaller one-engine version is better and much more practical. And, besides, this has an engine selector which makes it easy to use with two-engine planes as well. With a little exercise you can use it without having to look at it at all (so I’m looking forward and confidentially to the next generation VR glasses). Very well made, stabile, precise and enjoyable! This console is handmade in Finland
  4. Hi guys! Here is mine, this is one of the first ”prototypes”. Got this early this year and been using since then. No going back, this is absolutely the best choice for me. Everything works like charm. It’s very easy to calibrate in Windows, but you don’t actually have to do that very often. It’s good to have enough of buttons, switches, knobs, trimmers and it’s also good to have some room to glue the name labels for them. Now I can, for example, easily and fast shoot white, red or green flares, trim my Messerschmitt 109 with the big wheel or adjust my bomber’s bearing when having autoleve
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