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  1. Yeah...I keep looking for the big "N" on the ground but I don't see it.
  2. This is also a great tool for translating incoming chat insults in War Thunder!
  3. Rekt

    DCS news

    "It's a MANssiere!"
  4. I have typically flown Soviet, and lots of Lend-Lease at that...but did some QMB recently in BF 109s and I'm kind of liking how the other half lives. The speed! The turning! The effortless climbing! Fantastic machine. I don't think I was able to appreciate it as much earlier in my IL-2 experience because I was such a trash pilot and my TrackIR setup wasn't so good.
  5. Rekt

    DCS news

    Hahaha that was well played 不不不
  6. Rekt

    DCS news

    Let's see you try to dogfight with an underwire digging into your ribs!! 不
  7. I'm not an anthropologist but I suspect that depression is so prevalent now because modern life is much different than what we've evolved to face. We developed as relatively low-tech pack animals suited to be physically active all day and sleep when the sun goes down. Instead today we're isolated, constantly bombarded with information (much of it negative and most of it pointless), sedentary and quality-sleep deprived for the most part. That plus the fact that a lot of our food is trash doesn't help. I don't believe in any higher power but I'm glad if it works for you. And of course you might be right LOL. I think people forget that simply enjoying one's time on the planet is a valid purpose/reason. Maybe try to help the next guy a little bit to do the same and you'll be contributing more than most of these other a-holes are doing. (Edit: that last bit was not directed at you personally...I mean in general if we each do a little to be helpful it adds up to a lot.)
  8. Not to be confused with the much tastier Queijosene 不
  9. Rekt

    ME 262

    There isn't any SP content for any of the Bodenplatte aircraft yet...SP/career mode comes with the final full release. That along with the map is actually the big work of the dev...that's why they roll out the planes as they are finished, otherwise it would be a long time with nothing delivered.
  10. I'm preparing to be disappointed, TBH. In the IL-2 multiverse, the lightly built fighters that are like a roller-skate strapped to a Formula 1 engine are king.
  11. Glad to hear you got it sorted! With controllers and all that, you never know
  12. I don't know why, but this reminded me of how the pipes and fittings on USN/USCG ships are color-coded based on what liquid they carry. If I recall correctly, yellow was for fuel or oil, purple was JP-5 fuel for the helicopters, blue was fresh water, green was fire fighting water (firemain), and in a beautiful stroke of comedic irony sewage was a bright metallic gold color. LOL.
  13. I noticed this too, thanks for confirming I'm not crazy不 Not sure what I am doing wrong with turning, then. If you have a track or something that would be great to see. For what it's worth, I don't use any of the automatic engine stuff. Agreed.
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