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  1. Sounds like a couple of Adult Film stars 🤣
  2. I'm not much of a WW2 Germany fan in general, but my favorite planes to actually play are the FW 190s. Speed, decisive armament, and responsive handling that seems to respond to my thoughts. BF 109 is probably second place on pure performance (and again armament). I like the P-51 for performance but its weapons let it down. P-47 and P-40 are dogs that are nice for transportation but that's about it. P-39 and Spifires are too sensitive in the pitch axis for my taste. Tempest is amazing but I think it's probably not accurate for the rea
  3. You jest, but one time back in the good old days I was conning my ship to a pier, maybe 500 yards to go when I felt the stabbing pain of SOED (Sudden Onset Explosive Diarrhea). Instinctively knew that I would not make it, so I turned to the Quartermaster who was also a qualified Officer of the Deck and said "YOU GOT IT, GREG", and bolted down the ladder to the head. Would have been a really bad deal on the Midwatch or something.
  4. Not going to lie, I basically gave up on this sim for the most part because it was just not satisfying to play for me due to the difficulty in seeing other planes. Did a quick mission last night and the combination of 8x AA and the new spotting was really superb. Spotting other airplanes still requires effort and skill, as it should, but it seems much more reasonable now. Can't put my finger on what is different (contrast?), but I like it. Well done!
  5. This right here is when I'm going to keep my mouth shut, where a younger MattS would have made an inappropriate metaphor involving household dècor.
  6. "P-39L, The submissive's choice"
  7. Same here. All of this stuff is very subjective; the only sensible approach is to try it with our own machines and our own dilapidated eyeballs and see what works better for us.
  8. Here's the thread I was remembering...not sure how it played out:
  9. It did happen to a P-47 pilot (Robert Johnson maybe?). Can't imagine it was common!
  10. Ok, thanks...perhaps that is a change? I remember an ancient thread on here where someone thought the model of the P-40 was displayed at a different size but it turned out to be because the range displayed was in miles. Or I could be losing my mind 🤣
  11. You can change it - click the wrench. The distance I believe depends on which units you have selected in the options. km or miles I believe.
  12. Haha, yeah they suck. I know that they're not real but I still hate them to a remarkable degree.
  13. You'll notice that our AI friends don't seem to have the same level of difficulty getting out of their damaged airplanes. The degree to which this game plays favorites with the AI is a Goddamned disgrace.
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