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  1. Haha, yeah they suck. I know that they're not real but I still hate them to a remarkable degree.
  2. You'll notice that our AI friends don't seem to have the same level of difficulty getting out of their damaged airplanes. The degree to which this game plays favorites with the AI is a Goddamned disgrace.
  3. Personally I find the HDR to improve my ability to see the bad guys on my machine, particularly against ground clutter. I haven't done a bunch of controlled experiments, simply have played it both ways enough to have a preference. I also have SSAO selected but can't tell if that matters or not.
  4. True disappointment requires hope 🤣
  5. Haha yeah my buddy flew P-3 Orions for the Navy and has a good story about let's call it an "extremely aggressive approach and landing" precipitated by a case of the S.O.S. (Sudden Onset Shits).
  6. The game's skins have mipmaps, right?
  7. "False. An airplane is an inanimate object and cannot say hello." - D. Shrute Fair points. The clipped wings are the only one that I see as being in direct contrast to what I was describing since it's a major exterior model (and FM) difference. Please understand that I'm not saying I like the idea of buying an AS separately, I just would not be surprised. Maybe the wing clip on the Spits should give us hope. THOUGH the 800lb gorilla remains of what kind of BOX combat would even make use of the AS/ASM capabilties? I feel like the P-47s are even a waste as it is 😕
  8. Hey man I think you might have missed the point here. Those changes you've listed are what turned the G6 Early into a new model sold separately called G6 Late. By extension the G6 late + AS fuselage change = marketed as a new model called G6 AS, in the same way that the Yak-9 and Yak-9T were presented separately. 100% accurate to say that is how the marketing has been up to now. One can acknowledge this reality while still wanting and thinking the sim should have the AS/ASM models. We might be pleasantly surprised to find it included in BON but I suspect we'll have to pay extra for it, if the past is any guide to the future.
  9. Yes, it was the black holes that were missing...but the new Normal look great, thanks!!
  10. Hello! Here you go (click to enlarge)...I installed your Normal map and let the Pe-2s shoot me. Unfortunately I was killed before he hit my right wing 🤣 I think the Alpha channel of the Normal Map controls these holes, but I could be wrong. In the mean time I have been using the Normal map included with III/JG2Gustav05's G-6 skin, which seems to show damage correctly and has black damage marks on the Alpha of the Normal, shown below:
  11. I find that the only sensible way to deal with them is to get myself something packing a Mk108 or two. Absolutely devastates the little bastards. 🤣
  12. You have encapsulated my entire life's story in 94 characters. 🤣
  13. Agreed. Comparing aircraft out of the context that they were designed for or actually operated in can't help but result in an "If my Auntie had balls, she'd be my Uncle" level of analysis. I mean, even in the hypothetical Eastern Front scenario, you know that the Americans are bringing steel matting for the airfield, 150 Octane fuel and an ice cream machine for the Mess Hall. 🤣
  14. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't post pictures of my ride without permission 😡 🤣
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