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  1. 19//Rekt

    How UFOs Are Born

  2. ...as the days of Gabreskiing begin!!
  3. 19//Rekt

    Customizable Airmen (please read)

    I think they are going to update the Spitfire IX's pilot model. The current Standard Ivan is a placeholder.
  4. 19//Rekt

    DD today?

    I love watching the World Cup, but if we're looking at more accurate names for sports I would call FIFA's product: "Writhe on the ground in 'agony' until the referee stops looking in your direction." LOL
  5. The Yak-1s69 and LaGG-3 canopies are noticeably different from other planes to me (worse).
  6. 19//Rekt

    Request for a checkbox winterskin/standard

    Yeah buddy...sensible solution that I hope they can implement!
  7. Ah yes...effectively incomprehensible, yet written vaguely enough so that it can't technically be disproven. Plus it's funny if you end it with "in bed". On the topic, raaaid's idea reminds me of this quote: "When I feel G forces, I stop feeling G forces and be awesome instead." - Barney Stinson
  8. 19//Rekt

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    If your complaint is about entertainment providing bad role models for kids, then I certainly don't disagree...but I offer for consideration that they have been doing this forever; it's not a recent SJW or "liberalism" issue at all. I mean, this complaint you have could apply just as well to any of the big Hollywood names. Ironically, one of the complaints that women and people of color have when they step out into the spotlight is facing greater scrutiny than their predecessors for doing the exact same thing. In other words, there can be a thousand awful cartoons or action movies with Luke Skywalker or Rambo or Chuck Norris and nobody notices, but when it is Princess Leia or Wonder Woman or that guy Finn suddenly we care that it sucks.
  9. 19//Rekt

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    You made a comparison to Nazi indoctrination here: I was making the case that your point was logically fallacious because bringing up kids to hate Jews the way the Nazis did (for example) has nothing in common with empowering girls in a Star Wars cartoon. Re-read carefully what I have written and you will understand that I am not mad and was not accusing you of hating Jews etc.
  10. 19//Rekt

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Fortunately, unlike brainwashing people to believe that the Jews are the cause of all their problems, there is literally no downside at all to convincing children that the next hero could just as easily be a girl as a boy. You've been bombarded with pro-male (and likely pro-white) content exactly like this your entire life, but it finally upsets you when the unrealistically superior character propped up by a silly script is a girl? Do and believe what you like, but I challenge you to examine for yourself why you think "liberalism" is a bad thing. I spent a lot of years defaulting to a "conservative" mindset until I finally ran out of excuses to defend it. Progress is needed and I'd rather be a part of shaping it than getting steamrolled by it.
  11. 19//Rekt

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Honestly, who outside of the INCELsphere even cares about this? If people want to pretend that they're women holding back the Persian hordes at Thermopylae, that has absolutely [Edited] to do with my 9 to 5. More power to them. I can appreciate having a strong commitment to historical accuracy...but if that is truly people's motivation for getting upset, then I've got the sad news for them that they could put a female pilot model in the 109 in IL-2, or an all-female crew of the tank in "Fury" and it still wouldn't be the least accurate aspect of the overall experience in either case. I expect the same is true about the game we're talking about here or any number of other games or movies. No, I think the real issue in a lot of cases (if the shoe fits, wear it of course) is that insecure people feel that their status is threatened...like if there are women fighting with the Spartans or a lot of black guys standing down the Redcoats at Lexington or what have you, it somehow takes 'credit' away from white men or disadvantages them somehow in their interactions with others in 2018. Which is sad and hypocritical really, when you consider that lily-white dudes have until recently been more than happy to play the onscreen roles where a more "ethnically accurate" actor would have been appropriate, or otherwise minimize how the historical contributions of women and minorities were portrayed in all sorts of media (never mind the official record). It is largely, but not exclusively, a fact that white men have been the main protagonists of a lot of the historical contexts that make for good video games. It is also a fact that people want to feel like they are part of the action when they play these games...or a part of their society's/country's history in general. If adding a little ahistorical diversity helps games succeed by making girls/women and people of color feel included, then that is great. IMO the upsides of it far outweigh the "negative consequences" of somebody mistakenly thinking that there really were ladies at Thermopylae or that a black guy walked on the Moon or whatever else, LOL. White dudes have been comfortable enough with the negative consequences of burying these other peoples' legit accomplishments for centuries...we'll be just fine if the shoe rides on the other foot for a bit. If all that opinion makes me some dirty liberal SJW, I can live with that. When I see comments or memes that try to mock or trivialize women's equality or transgender or LGBTQ rights (it seems that few people are stupid enough to be openly racist anymore at least) I know that my rounds are on target.
  12. 19//Rekt

    Dice destroys WWII -Battlefield V

    Indeed...movies, games, written works of fiction that embellish and expand to a 'fantastic' degree from some kernel of historical fact or scientific reality are rather the rule than the exception IMO.
  13. Another thought that came to my mind: ANGLE OF CLIMB OR DIVE. This issue actually comes up a lot (usually in the form of complaints about flight models LOL), but the moral of the story is beware of both vertical zoom climbs and steep dives. Here's why... A vertical zoom does indeed convert airspeed to altitude immediately, and it has its uses...the danger is that no plane can outclimb a bullet, and bullets/cannon shells can ruin your day from 1km if the other guy gets lucky. So, doing a vertical zoom climb when there is any bad guy around you who has enough energy to lift his nose can leave you up on a silver platter to get picked off. Doesn't matter if he stalls and falls back to earth if he gets his shots off first. This is why you'll often see guys try a more gradual turning climb to lure enemies into a stall...just staying tantalizingly out of the gun engagement window the whole time. BF 109s are the kings of doing this...following them up into a spiral climb is a bad idea unless you really had a lot more energy to start with. A vertical dive does turn altitude directly into airspeed, but unfortunately does not give much lateral separation, so the bad guy can just stay up in his perch and follow you. After you level off (and necessarily begin to slow down to your level max speed) he can then do a more shallow dive to pick up speed and catch you...the whole time his engine will be adding energy and his induced drag will be at absolute minimum. Result: bad guy in your mirror but now at a lower altitude. Instead, if you need to run away try a shallower dive angle, jinking to avoid gunfire, until you either pull away or can try to get the enemy to overshoot into a barrel roll / scissor fight. Knowing how your plane performs at higher speeds compared to the enemy is useful here...i.e. diving to get faster than 600km/hr with a 109 on your Soviet fighter's tail may provide a great opportunity to abuse his stiffening control surfaces for a reversal or escape.
  14. I'm a trash pilot but the two biggest things that expend energy are: 1) Pulling back on the stick: Anytime you impose a G force on the airframe you are bleeding energy (some worse than others depending on the aerodynamics). The faster your plane is moving, the more G you will impose when you pull the stick a given amount, and the more energy you will bleed for a given amount of angular change. 2) Flying at low speed / high angle of attack: When you are in the slow flight regime/"back side of the power curve", the induced drag is enormous. It takes more and more energy to fly slower and slower. Advice based on these things: 1) Choose the times that you pull hard on the stick to achieve an angles advantage wisely. Understand that when you commit to a tight-turning "dogfight" your escape window may close...even if it doesn't you are easy meat for another guy joining the party with a lot of energy. 2) When engaging a target in the horizontal plane, avoid making a hard, flat turn. Instead make a more gentle high yo-yo to achieve the geometry that you need to take a shot, stay behind the bandit, and bank energy in the form of altitude. Or use a low yo-yo to get faster and closer. Either way, a hard flat turn just converts energy into angle so it is not usually a great idea. Google "pursuit curves"...learn when to use lag or lead pursuit to get what you want. 3) Along the lines of #2 above, if you must pull hard, do it at the top of a loop or oblique turn (use "God's G" to your advantage) and pull easy at the bottom where your speed will be higher. 4) Beware of getting very slow, particularly when climbing...you will burn a ton of energy just to stay in the air and be an easy target for enemies above you to pick off. 5) More important in planes like the 109, but make sure to use your rudder to keep the ball centered best you can. Flying in a slip or skid wastes energy. 6) Beware of accelerated stalls/spins...upon recovery you will usually be completely out of steam and will have to dive away to get your airspeed back up. There are a lot of other considerations and strategies that better pilots can describe for you, but in terms of an energy fight, whatever you can do to make the other guy pull harder on the stick (i.e. he's at the bottom of a loop and pulling up against gravity while you are at the top and pulling down, or forcing him to try to turn hard at high speed to shoot you) is going to move the energy needle in your favor.