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  1. Right after you land and start rolling, pull the stick all the way back and hold it there and increase throttle to stop a ground loop from happening. From there it is a matter of practice to determine how much throttle to give it to avoid the ground loop. *You hold the stick back to dig the skid into the ground to use it as a brake. When you want to make a quick turn, you can let go of the stick or slightly push forward on it to go "light" on the elevator to get the plane to turn the back end of it. Takes practice but eventually becomes a natural thing.
  2. Brief description: joystick disconnects then reconnects mid-game Detailed description, conditions: my joystick will sometimes disconnect and reconnect mid-game, when it does I have to quit the server, then quit the game. Then restart the game, re-join the server, setup my flight again and hope my joystick does not disconnect, wasting what little time I have to fly. This whole process eats up so much of my time that most of my time in the game will sometimes be spent loading, re-joining and setting up instead of flying. Please Help!! Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10 Microsoft FFB joystick i7-4770k CPU 8GB memory TrackIR
  3. I checked your server... It says I'm still in it flying. I am, and I can verify this as fact, not in your server.
  4. I did some laps in the F4 at an airfield on prepared taxiways and on the rough grass and I can definitely tell a difference in both those instances.
  5. Yeah, confirmed slightly better fps. The single player second campaign's initial mission I was getting 27-28fps on runway. Now it hovers around 35-38. Overall flight fps performance was doable, avg 50 fps. I will be happy to see improvements like this to continue!
  6. ..."6. Campaign text briefings now include additional weather information and player wing composition;".... ...My god, man! They do hear our faint cries... ...I'm stuck trying to figure out what "dumping limits" are...
  7. Nevermind! Saw the forum post!
  8. Brief description: Being shot in multiplayer can be so quiet it is masked by running engine noise or it is silent. While on the other hand shooting at another plane the bullet impacts are so loud you think it's you being hit. Detailed description, conditions: Flew my first multiplayer game, was being shot and hit from direct six but didn't know until I looked back and saw a plane chasing me and my plane leaving a trail of smoke. There were no bullet impact sounds. I looked back because I heard the faint sound of gun fire and wanted to see what was going on. I know this has been reported before, but it is a persistent problem up to the latest patch of 1.201. Additional assets: Your PC config data: Windows 7 64bit, GPU: AMD Radeon R9 380, CPU: AMD FX-8350 4ghz oc 4.2ghz, onboard Realtek sound, dual-channel speaker setup, IL2: BoS Balanced graphics settings
  9. You mistake me for someone else. I forgive you. But I wont justify you're assumption that I'm a 'noob' who doesn't know how to use clouds. The rules are simple: If I can't see him, if I literally watch him disappear into the clouds as I run away, and then make a turn or two and he still follows me through heavy clouds and shoots me down while he's still masked by the clouds from my view, I'm going to call it what it is. Please don't confuse me for someone else again. It agitates me.
  10. I've had two instances where I used clouds vs AI, the first one I lost the AI, or the AI gave up and went home. The second one, he followed me up and while I couldn't see him through the clouds, he clearly saw me and shot up my plane. AI can't see clouds? I'm not sure about that.
  11. ..I went trudging along some random sim forums to find out how to smooth out TrackIR motion when I ran into people talking about lowering the max frames to your min avg fps so that the CPU has time to catch up with the GPU and each frame is then rendered with a consistent frame delay creating smoother gameplay. So: You sacrifice your higher FPS for smoother ground handling, low alt-flying and overall a consistent game play feel. Something like that, anyway... Seeing those posts I instantly thought of the jerky physics on the ground without the fps cap, which is where my PC's performance goes all over the place. But then I set the fps cap and was actually surprised how much smoother everything "felt" on the ground. Sure, I lose my max fps of 60 up in the air, but I feel more connected with the smoother game play. Also, with this setup, I've maxed all of the gfx options and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference in the feel or fps. Also, also, this does help smooth out the TrackIR jerkiness that is annoyingly obvious when the FPS is jumping all over the place. Can I get a "the more you know" rainbow ?
  12. Moore's Law is every two years anyway, and Intel has announced they're slowing down. Also, it's not actually a fact-based 'law' but a guideline chip creators went off of to stay innovative but not bubble-bursting innovative.
  13. "So we were standing there in line for the talkie, and around the corner comes the biggest girl you've ever seen. And I'm mean, not just wide, be she was amazonian in height!! Oh this? Ah, cannon round. Pretty lucky, eh? Anyway, so this girl... "
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