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  1. ST_ami7b5

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    I also play IL2 4.13.3m from time to time...
  2. ST_ami7b5

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    Thanks for the roadmap. 👍
  3. ST_ami7b5

    Forum Badges Not Showing.

    Tank Crew and Flying Circus 1 don't have their badges yet ( I pre-ordered both too). So nobody has them ATM.
  4. ST_ami7b5

    New "Quick Tabs" for IL-2 Forum

    Yes, and ignorable...
  5. ST_ami7b5

    DD today?

    To calm you all down a little
  6. ST_ami7b5

    DD today?

    This! And this! And... THIS!
  7. ST_ami7b5

    New "Quick Tabs" for IL-2 Forum

    I like it!
  8. ST_ami7b5

    Yak 1b conserving ammo

    Then you run out of cannon shells very quickly...
  9. ST_ami7b5

    Yak 1b conserving ammo

    My Thrustmaster Warthog JS has a two stage fire button, so I have mapped the first stage to MGs and the second stage to cannons. Had a separate buttons before, when I was using G940 JS, but TM has no other easily reachable button suited for cannon fire so I went this way now.
  10. ST_ami7b5

    DD today?

    Not hater at all, but I don't like the Jug
  11. ST_ami7b5

    Developer Diary 200 - Discussion

    And Pfalz D.IIIa too
  12. ST_ami7b5

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    The first and the last nice jet. Shark.
  13. ST_ami7b5

    RoF-v-Flying circus

    If you kill an AI pilot instead of seeing a collapsed body you will see an empty cockpit. Obviously dead pilot not yet modeled...
  14. Thanks JM! Excellent work! 👍