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  1. Still not a single word about FC vol 2... 😒
  2. ^^ Tried. Enough of airquake, back to SP ;) More 'realistic', LOL.
  3. Supported so far as you can see. But if we buy everything this (very good) team offers to us just to support, there's no way we can influence further decisions as to the theaters and modules (GB/FC/TC). This is the first time I won't buy a new module. So far I've bought everything in RoF and GBs, but I won't anymore, sry...
  4. First one I will skip. FC vol 2 - instant buy Pacific - instant buy Malta - instant buy Africa - instant buy... but not this one, even that I love Me-410 dearly.
  5. "New features": ... 3) Improved Scenery objects density and draw distance and reduced haze for greater distance visibility. ... Never mind, just bought it Thanks for the link to the map - it's surely better.
  6. Is there really less 'haze' in PE? That together with horrible in-flight map are two main things I don't like in previous versions including UE. Otherwise the game is excellent for single players...
  7. Which is a pitty, because it was the Eastern Front which was the turning point in WW2...
  8. Has anybody bought the WoFF UE edition's 'extension' WoFF PE (Platinum Edition)? If so, what is your opinion - is it worth $24.99?
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