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  1. ST_ami7b5

    DD today?

    But maybe of different kind
  2. ST_ami7b5

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    @NAKE350Done by different people...
  3. ST_ami7b5

    Would You Purchase?

  4. ST_ami7b5

    Would You Purchase?

    The first and the last jet I will buy in GB is Me-262
  5. ST_ami7b5

    Request: Allow configuration of icons.

    I use Ptk's mods and would like to see similar options in BoX/GB.
  6. ST_ami7b5

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    Time to move on...
  7. Me too. Have the docs and photos redirected to E: drive and haven't lost a single bit :)
  8. ST_ami7b5

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    https://warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com/shop/warthog-green-springs/ I've bought one and it works very good - much less stiffness - easy to install.
  9. ST_ami7b5

    Would You Purchase?

    None of them, sry. But this one anytime :)
  10. Well, it's good to backup your important data on some external media regularly... So when your comp dies, which it eventually will, you won't loose everything.
  11. You know, I'm an old school with 40+ yrs of IT career :) We used the C: drive just for system files. All data on D: E: ... drives. Agree on working backup strategy though. OK, let's move on ;)
  12. OK, ok, Zach, don't be angry ;)
  13. Already installed, no problem so far. Seems, problem affects users who have documents and photos stored on the C: system drive - which is not very wise anyhow...