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  1. Great find, thanx a lot! And yes it works on my 1080p monitor Thumbs up!
  2. Again, no Korea/post WW2 for me. I have DCS for that. Would be happy if devs add more WW1/WW2 stuff rather.
  3. During this weekend testers will do final testing and on Monday we will receive/download the next version ;)
  4. Korea would be the first GB module I wouldn't buy...
  5. ST_ami7b5

    DCS news

    For my $20 invested into kickstarter I received Dora, Normandy map and WWII Assets Pack. Not a bad deal IMHO.
  6. Hi Stefan, good old friend , sorry for my (poor)English, but I don't speak German unfortunately. Actually I answered that post/thread by mistake, not realizing I'm in a German forum. All the best/viel gluck!
  7. Without the proper map there's no use to buy her however sexy she may look. I have all DCS WWII planes (and many others), Normandy map... but I am finished with buying some more planes until they are put into a proper historical context/map.
  8. ... as opposed to good old IL*2 1946 There my AI team mate almost forced me to take my proper position (in finger four formation) 'defending' his own one
  9. These days I fly more and more 1946, which is... well... somehow strange.
  10. As somebody already said, WOFF and WOTR have 'soul'. And VERY good AI. So I fire them from time to time as well as ancient 1946 with it's endless number of planes and theaters And for flight fidelity/feeling of flight and nice graphics i choose BoX. And sometimes CloD or DCS or RoF. Many to choose from, depending on my mood
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