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  1. Having been few times in a ralleycar traveling 180km/h and I can tell you you do feel all the rocks and crap hitting the car! You do have the sound of the engine, wind and the tyres, but when a fist sized rock hits the bottom plate or other crap hits the chassis you dont only hear it..you feel it. Never sat in a ww2 fighter plane cockpit but I can imagine the assfeeling on those planes are very similar to ralley race cars. Very little cushioning and you strapped in tight. Basically...the closest thing you can imagine is to get inside a metallic trashcan, roll it down the hill and get your friends to throw rocks at it. It is noisy. I mean noisy! And you can all calculate what the energy amount is in a rock going 200-300km/h or a 20mm cannon shell going 800km/h and exploding inside the airframe. Of course in a level flight you dont have that much noise inside the airframe as you are going through different kind of medium..but still. Edit : Just had to.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQFPkebQ4mk
  2. One thing to consider is the body animation + actual latency in movements + G-forces and...and... On your present computers, be it i5, i7 or whatnot, imagine your shaded and rendered hand dancing around knobs and dials.. You trim one second, next second you fiddle that, the next you dib that, the next second you dribble that.. all the while pulling from negative 2 Gs to positive 6Gs. Everything would have to be calculated, like, if you would even be able to do that manouvering and how much time it would actually take for a strong 175cm and 76kg man with the upper body strength of X to do that. At the present we can tap the inputs in from the comforts of our lazyboys while pulling 7Gs all day long but in the real life you would have quite a bit different results.
  3. Wishing that the team would reap the benefits for their hard work, definitely! Not only that they would get their pay, but that could (would?) stimulate the community to do even more good stuff! And if the guys have decided to do it pro-bono...well frigging hats off in that case!!!
  4. I would like to play a devils advocate and disagree a bit on that. Why? Well, mainly because of our traditions how we have seen things. Our collective history of how things "should look like". That emotion is actually extremely strong. We all consumers have ingrained a visual tradition how things are supposed to look like, be it ww2, medieval or sci-fi films/games/whatnot. There are certain styles that we have grown accustomed to during the last decades while consuming different media. Middle ages should look like X, WW2 like Y and sci-fi like Z or Ö. If the producers, be it games or movies, take too much liberties portraying the standardized format problems might will arise. Things just dont "look" right...they dont meet our expectations. Say, Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg and cinematographer Januz Kaminski contemplated shooting the film in B&W (like schindlers list) or detuned technicolor in the beginning. They ended up with the bleach bypass process to get the the "feeling". We all know how it worked out. It looked authentic to us. And we loved it. And with the OR, same issues will stand that we have had in the movies and gaming : What are we trying to portray? What is the feeling? Most of the time, if not always, the super naturalistic way of presenting things might not be the correct one. In fact, it might be the worst one. Why? Because we compare the end results to the real world and we will end up being disappointed every single time due to technological constraints. So, it is easier, more efficient...and in the end, more immersive to create a vision, rules or a style how the world looks like. So no, OR or any AR systems are not going to be the ticket to 1:1 portrayal of the world we live in, but it sure as hell will make things more... Hmm... Awesome?! Just my 0.2€
  5. Wasnt this because Grumman/Boeing/McDonnelDouglas or whomever are owning the rights to the planes and they cant be incorporated into a game without paying crapload of royalties?
  6. Where was that stated? Cant remember reading that in the dev reports? Just curious. Edit : Grammar..
  7. In fact, that should not be any kind of problem. There are a lot of umm..institutions where it is required... The point is that the stimulus & queues in digital world (games) is inferior what we have in the real world. The normal spatial orientation that is affected by light, wind, pre-collected data and gargantuan amount of other affectors is totally lacking. So, basically, you cant navigate in a digital world if you dont have the required information to make your decisions. Even in a well done AI environment it would be crapload harder to do similar orientering that you would be capable of doing in the real world. What we can hope for is that the devs provide us good basic tools to make that happen, even if some of them would be simplified and "unrealistic". Imho, of course.
  8. As the devs have stated (if I got that right?) , the future lies directly where the path of BoS is heading. So hopefully there will be as long path as original Il-2 provided us. What will be interesting to see where the devs head (when, not if..I hope!) the title turns out to be successful. Be it to the early days (start of Barbarossa, france/euro) , mediterranian or Caucasus/Kuban/Kursk. I think the devs have good enough tools that they can check out where the main clientee is at that point and they will do their decision where to head from that on.
  9. Would be lovely to see the AI to do that kind of manouvres. Like, if alt=dive & evade // if not = limp home and bail.
  10. With the pines, winter light and everything, I can only imagine how how awesome some Winter war // Leningrad // High Arctic maps could look like... Defense of Helsinki while flying Brewesters or attacking the northern convoys flying Ju-88s or...or...or... Splendid stuff there, Zeus and the team.
  11. Indeed! And this is the key point. Far to often we (as clients, as enthusiasts) forget what kind of machine there is behind these products. The people, schedules, technological constraints, budget etc.. Would be nice that at some point the end users/clients would start to realize, even a bit, how frigging complicated it is to get anything squeezed out from the end of the pipeline. I appreciate that you can give that glimpse what is going on behind the scenes. A lot of that is obscured from people and that info can (hopefully..) give some slack to the dev team and give them a bit of slack.
  12. Absolutely brilliant post. Coherent, well written and a nice peek what happens behind the curtains. +1 Sir.
  13. Have to say the sound guy(s?) in general have done a astounding job! Bloody awesome work.
  14. Thx Miaow! Checked out few shots from stalingrad map and it seemed in many pictures that the buildings were "floating", like when you lack the shadows so the base of the building looks weird...well...like it would be floating on air. Thought that some kind of global illumination with warm color temperatures from the sun + cold color temps in the shadows from the blue sky might be to brutal for processing. Now that I look at the latest Zeus´s screencap properly the trees and fences does cast shadows. Obviously they are not optimized for closer inspection as the game is a flight sim, like they are not like from arma III. Wonder, If I may, does the DN engine support different color temperatures for the shadows? Like you can have that really warm light from setting sun and then the cold blue hues in the shadow areas? Seen some nice pics in the screencap thread but never thought that closely about the topic..
  15. +2. Falcons campaign gen was top notch, I mean it still is. So tech wise it definitely should be doable. But (if I remember right) the devs got burned by the buggines of the original release and dissolvement of the dev team. They never got the chance to introduce new plane content, ground targets and theatres like Il-2. A good, responsive dynamic campaign...oh man what I would give for one. Not the shitty campaigns where if you fail bombing one small truck convoy you suddenly lose half the gains your side has gained on the front... Or have to try to re-fly it again..and again..and again. It is nice to have the possibility to make a difference by pressing through your attack on a carrier but failing to bomb a lorry full of pillow cases should not make the whole eastern front grind into a halt..
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