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  1. Nevermind or at least learn from me and don't post stupid things without thinking. I messed with the startup.cfg file back in March when I was setting up VR and forgot that I did that. The game was being forced to start with HMD and resolution fixed because I wrote that in the startup file. Not clever but all fixed. Ceowulf<><
  2. Hi Guys, Can anyone advise? (Please speak slowly and loudly I'm a mac guy.) I am trying to play IL2 for first time in two or three months and want to play on my 4k screen not my Odyssey+ and I can't. The game seems to be stuck remembering only my VR graphic settings including "hmd enabled." I have switched from within and without. I have switched and restarted the game. I have tried unplugging headset and restarting PC, etc. Edit: I used windows mixed reality and steam VR. How can I force the game to accept NO VR and 4k not 1280x720? I don't want to delete
  3. Before I bought ROF I didn't play anything really and hadn't played a sim since Aces of the Pacific. I watched all those youtube trailers a lot, just for fun, and now I've bought and will buy every plane you guys make. (I especially liked the video with Reflected's Flags and Lies.) And awesome news about the AI. You guys rock. Ceowulf<><
  4. If I can add anything on the FC damage model, which I really like, it’s that it seems intuitively to result in the right spread of reasons an airplane goes down. I think Unreasonable addressed this statistically a while ago and I like that idea. So many should go down out of control, so many on fire, so many break up, etc. We don’t have footage but we do have reports and after reading a lot you get a sense for the ratio. I haven’t kept stats as I’ve played but it feels about right. By contrast ROF gave way too many wings off and no where near enough down out of c
  5. I’m writing just to echo, let’s hope for a good job even if it’s later on. For me, I plan on supporting Flying Circus in every stage of infancy. We don’t have another. Ceowulf<><
  6. I would really like to go MP more one day, I loved MP in ROF. But: 1. I have little time due to a busy RL. Therefore usually out of practice. SP is easy 2. I hate flying around using my whole monthly game time (two hours) looking for a pixel dot. I hate up close icons almost as much. Modified icons anyone? 3. I can’t do teamspeak because of RL circumstances. One little fat kid vs everybody on the playground... Still, one day I hope to find more time and come on. Modified icons alone would tip my scales. (I mean hel
  7. I upgraded to a Virpil Mongoos T50 from a MSFFB2 last year and what a difference. It really did improve my gunnery dramatically but also my whole sim experience. Ergonomics of handgrip are amazing. It’s my favorite piece of kit. I use a monster extended desk mount and a 150 cm extension and have it center mounted at lap height. Center is better than side for me, having tried both a lot. Nothing on the hardware side was hard to install. Just don’t be a caveman with the connector plugs, they look breakable. Took month of checking tracking 27 time
  8. Hey BlackSix, I just want to write while it's fresh on my mind. Fortress Volga mission #3 is one of the most fun SP missions I have played. What a hot mess! ...just the way I like it. I've replayed it a few times just because I don't want it to be over with only two kills. (Here's what I like about it if feedback helps you: Short commute to work. Busy world, fog of war. Different flights with different objectives. Often, cool to see a real war on the ground. Good challenge without playing the same exact dogfight over and over.) I haven't played Sea Dr
  9. Hey Guys, I know this thread died a while ago but I want to write back into it since I was one of the askers last summer. "Is VR in FC worth it?" I run a I5 6600k OC@4.5 and a 1070 and I'm coming from a 40" 4k monitor on which I maxed all settings at 4k with FPS usually in the 60s. I picked up a Samsung Odyssey Plus for $300 and have about 8 hours in FC on it. Even having to drop visuals down and also having less than awesome frame rates, VR in WW1 is really awesome. Seriously, if you haven't tried it and you're on the fence, at least get a second hand VR headset
  10. Awesome, thanks for the update. Can't wait to fly the 262 in VR. To answer Jason's question in the Stormbirds interview, this customer would LOVE a P80. WW1 to Korea. Great Battles can run the whole guns dogfight genre. And can't wait for Arras map. High hopes! Ceowulf<><
  11. Guys, Sorry for the fire and forget. @BlackMambaMowTin Yeah, I was surprised I could jump in for two hours first time, too, because I actually get carsick sometimes. VR is definitely a weird experience. I found the first time I was sweating a little and it wasn't hot and also, more embarrassingly, I keep having a dream where I do a split-S with too little altitude and see the ground rush up to me upside down. @Uffz-Prien I'm getting used to re-centering. Now when I get it, I leave it alone instead of fiddling so much. Settling into the gunsight feel
  12. About Virpil Controls, I have their T50 Mongoos from a year ago and it is the best piece of flight sim kit I have owned. I love that thing. However, I really wish they would take the U.S. market more seriously. For one thing, it would be nice if their products could be ordered from a U.S. distributer with normal shipping times. (Like stocked items and such.) Also, it would be good to release all the manuals in English. If there is any competition for sim pit gear at their quality level that isn't custom (or back order forever plus two weeks) I don't know about i
  13. If we are so lucky as to get FC 2 and beyond, it would be cool if the maps could be sewn together for career. Otherwise, you could be stationed at the wrong airbase and always be worried not to fly out "the combat area." Ceowulf<><
  14. I have never tried PWCG but Flying Circus is probably a great place to start. Thanks in advance! Ceowulf<><
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