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  1. Oops! Based upon what went in and what came out this must have been a four-way head on collision (or at least two separate and simultaneous head on collisions).
  2. The concentric circles in the shadows of the clouds is a known issue in the stock game many (including myself) have posted about before. It appears at the apex of the skydome when there is a low angle of incident light striking the clouds, a situation most common around dawn/dusk, though there are other rarer occasions when the light strikes the clouds at the "wrong"angle such that this can be spotted in daylight. The problem becomes more pronounced the denser the cloud coverage simply because there is more cloud around for you to see that these shadows actually form concentric circles. The devs have made a lot of tweaks and improvements to the clouds of late, one of which seems to have ben to increase the amount of cloud cover present in "heavier" weather, but as mentioned above the more cloud in the sky the more noticeable these concentric rings become if the light catches them at the wrong angle. I've spent a lot of the last year with my own cloud experiments trying to get rid of this unsightly anomaly without success, so if others do figure this out and find a solution I'd be pleased to hear of it. HH
  3. When it comes to transport art, my mother is a big fan of maritime paintings as she shares my artistic interest in the play of light and shadow and how it creates atmosphere in an image, my father is more of a rail enthusiast interested in accurate and detailed reproduction of a recognisable subject matter. Anyway I've posted some of my own paintings before but here's a few of my own paintings done for family. HH Obviously "art" is a many and varied thing all down to personal preference where the only fair way to judge an artists ability is against how closely they achieve their own personal goals. However I am with you on the above. There is a lot of transport art, be it aviation, military, maritime, motor sport etc. etc. that is about the technical aspects of accurately replicating a subject in detail with lots of "action" taking place, things which all too often seem to get in the way of what I recognise as creating an "artistic" image. I know the box art for old Airfix model kits is popular but I do view this "genre" as a classic example of the sort of style that does nothing for me personally. It may be petty semantics that serves no purpose, but the vast majority of people that are called transport artists I prefer to think of as technical illustrators. However if I were to pick out one name that in my own opinion towers above others in terms of being a truly great artist that happens to paint transport subjects, then that would be David Shepherd. He really knows how strip back a subject and atmospherically paint its raw character, rather than get bogged down in replicating every little detail.
  4. Kind of you to say so, but given the drop in frame rate I've a lot to do to produce a mod that could deliver results like that for the majority of players.... Most folk already reckon they have to turn down graphics settings just to run IL-2, whereas with everything maxed out the stock game will render "heavy" clouds for me at about 130FPS effectively meaning that with a 60Hz monitor I'm needlessly wasting about half the processing power of the old/second hand GPU I was recently donated as an upgrade. That last image dropped the frame rate down to about 75FPs by using a lot more GPU.... I've been running various test to optimise things with my previous experiments, that last image was just a first "raw" "what happens if?" test of a few new ideas that pleasantly surprised me with how visually pleasing it was. The real challenge will be keeping that quality whilst making it run faster. HH
  5. Well at some point I am going to have to draw a line under all my tests and experiments and start turning everything I've learned into a useful mod, but as mentioned before it is really only WWI that interests me so I'd set my self a nominal red line for testing of up until the release of the complete IL-2 FC, and then at that point I'd look at all my test data and work out what I'd incorporate/amalgamate based upon how best I could get everything to work with the Arras map. So whilst there will always be room for further improvements and there's always the possibility of bugs and faults to be fixed, my somewhat unconventional ways of working mean that it is doubtful that this will go through anything resembling true alpha and/or beta stages. Given that I am effectively testing and refining values and settings before building the mod, I'd expect my first attempt at a useable download to be pretty close to what others might view as a final release. I know others I have spoken seemed to find it hard to believe I could be generating screenshots like this without first building some sort of mod in order to produce them, but I'll not bore others with the details of my unconventional ways of working. HH
  6. I've noticed similar "erratic" issues with mods-on mode even when I don't actually have any mods enabled and whilst I am far from sure of the cause I'm starting to suspect some sort of memory or cache clearing issue. There are occasions it seems that JSGME is not wholly removing all of a mods files when you disable that mod within JSGME. using the game to turn all mods off seems to avoid the issues but makes it impossible to clear one mod whilst still using another, other than disabling all mods then turning mods off to clear the memory and then re-enabling mods and applying only those you do want. If this is the case it might be said that the problem isn't directly the fault of IL-2 but the way a third party mod enabler interacts with IL-2
  7. Well of all the time I've put into my tests and experiments trying to work out how to get the best out of the clouds and lighting in this sim, I think the last 48hrs have possibly been some of the most productive. However it is often the way that after banging your head against a brick wall for some time that a break to do something different (in my case going back to plants and ground foliage work for IL-2) is all it take for your own sub-conscious to resolve problems for you. The following may be a bit more GPU intensive than I would have liked and may benefit from a bit of optimisations to see how far I can reign things in again without spoiling the look, but it is the result of a test to try out a few new thoughts and was still rendering at faster frame rate than my monitor could keep up with... HH
  8. Ever have one of those realisations that is both a Eureka moment and simultaneously a "how could I have not seen it before!" moments. Anyway whilst this project still has plenty more challenges for me to conquer, that's one more goal I've just ticked off my list that I can work into this project once I start working all my test into a finished product Yeh! Three cheers for lateral thinking! And whilst I'm confessing to my own stupidity I'll just offer up a quick word of thanks for fellow cloud enthusiast, modder and forum member rowdybot as something he mentioned yesterday prompted me to go back and re-evaluate the way I test the changes I'm making leading to a better approach. So whilst not directly impacting on the changes themselves this should enable me to more quickly establish how each change impacts on all the others in terms of fine tuning those that are useful and rejecting those that aren't. Cheers HH
  9. There are ways around what you are asking for, and in part they are ideas I'd already got to work in my various WIP cloud experiments motivated by entirely different reasons to your own, however in part LizLemon is right in saying that they would have to come with other compromises. Not least would be that in this flight sim you would be moving as would the clouds, so even if they started as distant clouds on the horizon, you'd soon end up in the midst of them defeating the purpose of asking for such a mod. The best way to achieve what you wanted would be to add the equivalent of a second skydome which naturally centres around the player, but then you'd be getting into major changes to the protected core coding which I doubt that the devs would view as necessary, possibly even a retrograde step backwards as prominent features on the horizon that never got any closer as you move would throw off any perception of speed or movement.
  10. I used to be a big fan of all flight sims back in the 1980's -90's but was drawn back into Rise of Flight as I loved the way it handled light, plus it offered WWI planes which are so much more characterful... However MS flight sim 2020 has really sparked my interest, again because of the atmospheric lighting. Whether it turns out to be any good as a flight sim who knows as it always used to be a button pushing experience with no real feeling of flight. I've tried to like DCS but again it just feels like endlessly pushing buttons with a screen between yourself any any feeling of flight. If I want to spend hours pushing buttons and keys to program a computer I'll do so as I don't need a simulator for that. Too many sims these days have an insane amount of "content" but all of it feels a little flat and lifeless, At the moment MS flight sim 2020 looks too good be true but I'll watch with interest. HH
  11. Every artist has an interest in lighting and as clouds influence so much about natural light they are a key influence on the look of any natural subject, so as an artist that lives on the coast big skies and cloud watching are somewhat of a daily part of my life.
  12. I doubt there can be anybody as interested as me to hear the devs announcement of coming improvements to the cloud rendering in this sim, but as I posted elsewhere it is amazing how somebody else's throw away comment can trigger an idea... It is very rough and ready but based upon a comment just made in the diary discussion, and in no more than about five minutes I threw together a quick experimental "mod" to tweak my favoured graphics package I use for most of my IL-2 modding (well aside from pencil and paper which is where most of the problem solving gets done). I had a thought it might ease some of my efforts to better regulate the volume of clouds in IL-2. The following is by no means a great image but was literally the first thing IL-2 spat back out at me having tested this tool, and I think it offers potential worth exploring.
  13. I doubt you'll ever see that given the huge variety of settings already available and the fact that you can go in and "mod" to your heart's content if you want to change the clouds further. About the only thing that might constitute a major omission is the difficulty/inability to believably create tall cumulonimbus clouds. There's much about the new cloud system in IL-2 that is better than ROF, and it is certainly easier to mod, however the complex nature of the clouds in ROF gave pretty much limitless potential to create clouds any shape/size you wanted with nothing more than than windows note pad. When I put out my sky mods for ROF much of my cloud modding was done laid in bed with pencil and paper, and once I'd an idea of what I was looking to achieve I'd just type up a mass of coordinates as a text document to feed into ROF... the new game engine is much more user friendly in terms of cloud modding just not as expansive in terms of possibilities. HH
  14. I'd agree in that from what has been said it is not a major overhaul of the whole cloud system just tweaks to one or two of the shaders, however as we both know even the smallest change can bring about a big visual improvement. Oh by the way I keep quite a reference collection of photos of clouds, both my own and other people's but the link you provided me with for Rüdiger Nehmzow's cloud photo's are stunning and quite the inspiration in terms of what we'd both like to be able to recreate in this sim. I've attached one of my best cloud photos which is something I always keep in mind when experimenting with this sim.... one day we'll get to fly these clouds on a PC. Cheers HH
  15. Rowdy I suppose you've seen the devs new announcement about cloud improvements where I suspect we'll both be pouring over every little change and seeing what this will make possible? Who knows it may even allow some of the things you've been asking me about of late, I certainly like the sound of refined edges to the clouds as so far it has been a real fine balance between getting clear edges and having everything too opaque so as to loose visible shaping in the main body, or getting a visible structure to the clouds at the expense of a lot of ghosting around the edges. Still sounds as if the tall cumulonimbus are going to be a stretch for the game engine though. HH
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