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  1. This was just the heavy/overcast with a lot of clouds in the sky, clearer skies are no challenge to the GPU, the real frame rate killer is my groundwork/foliage mods. Generally I find that to be sure of always meeting/exceeding the 60FPs refresh rate whilst having all the graphics options turned up I have to run in a slightly smaller windowed mode, but that most of the time I can run heavy clouds at 4k without actually getting to the point of visible stutters.
  2. Well I have no kids to look after, but the last 12months have pretty much been fully occupied with other work so if my average hours per month on IL-2 has been zero then that doesn't equate to much progress on my modding of a project that started for ROF back around 2014. As for file size; the part of my mod work on the sky and lighting currently stands at about 5Gb and just over 1100files (many new , some placeholders awaiting replacements), though I'm sure much of that can be stripped back and scaled down. In part I'm my own worst enemy, when doing creative work prof
  3. Well after seemingly months I've finally found time to download and take a quick look at the work rowdyb00t has been doing modding the clouds. After various conversations, questions and private messages its not exactly surprising to see a lot of visual similarities in his work where he has been modding the same things I'd started on some time ago. Furthermore I don't want the following to be taken as criticism as I fully accept that many would say it is far better to have something we can actually download and use now, and which keeps getting improved upon, rather than just some guy that onc
  4. I'd love the time to properly learn HLSL coding but at the moment that's just not going to happen. I know a certain somebody on this forum is very much driven by the idea that the best way to fix everything is through re-writing all the shaders, and there are one or two things where that might really be the best way, plus if starting with a proverbial blank page I probably would do some things differently. However to be honest there are so many ways to skin the proverbial cat that it's really not that necessary. Plus I suspect one or two of the problems I'd really like to address may be a st
  5. Well I know the clouds and lighting in MS Flight-sim get a lot of praise , and that the new system in DCS is also getting a lot of praise, but I've said before that under the hood of IL-2 is a system that is in many ways just as capable, it just needs balancing so all the clever stuff works together rather than against itself. I know rowdyb00t has been putting a lot of time into his work in this area and has been showing a few decent screenshots of late. Where as I've been tied up with too much work over the last 18months, not to mention dealing with some sort of post-viral infecti
  6. not to derail the thread or deliberately mis-interpret compliments about other people's work but ... ... so much better to have museum projects in museums. I have a few too many museum projects about my home/workshop that would be better out of my way such that the money was in my account such that I could dispatch the work to the clients. The image below is a quick close up of part of one diorama currently taking up space in my workshop.
  7. I think you are starting to appreciate what I meant when I told you how much needs re-balancing as once you start tweaking one thing it leads to more and more as you can't change one thing in isolation without it impacting upon the look of everything else. Good luck with the ongoing work. HH
  8. Yeah I'd picked up on that, but cheers anyway ...it doesn't really do anything I wasn't already able to do already, it merely gives an end user the easy option to vary parameters I was modding without having to dig into the individual files to manually edit numerical settings.
  9. Well it seems an eternity since I last posted anything here, largely on account of having had a year of being manically busy with more work than I've seen in 20years of being a self employed artist( I think covid has curtailed most of my client's other expense leaving them excess cash to keep commissioning creative work from me). Unfortunately (or fortunately judged from the point of view of my own finances) that doesn't look as if it's going to change any time soon, where I've not actually flown IL-2 for about 12months now. Anyway just for the sheer rebellious need to say sod it
  10. I was of exactly the same mindset and ended up building my own 3D DLP printer to play with - the process of designing, building and experimenting with it was interesting but in truth it gets very little use even though I work professionally as a miniature artist and model maker. The reason being that a printer is little use with out high detail digital models to print, and that if the ultimate goal is to create physical models of obscure subjects that aren't already available from other sources, all too often it is faster to create those with plastic, wood metal and putty than by
  11. Trust me Rowdy... you'll not be finished... I've been unduly busy for the last year or so and not had chance to fire up IL-2 or work on my own enviro-mods where I know I am at least two or three installs behind the devs latest update. Consequently I'm sure I'll find things have changed (I know there is some sort of new haze options I'll have to look through). However in the odd moments I've been able to check in on this forum/thread it has been interesting to watch you progress through more or less the same route I'd taken ... I started back in 2014 when this was still ROF and on that basis I'
  12. A great theory but sometimes it is quicker to model from scratch than clean a poor scan, all comes down to scanner, intermediary software, 3d printer and of course the original subject you are scanning. I'd make sure any scanner you purchase comes with it's own internal software for outputting "watertight" meshes for 3d printing. Plus you need to check third party reviews before buying to ensure it does actually do what the manufacturers claim. Also bear in mind that the surfaces that scan best are those that are a drab matt finish... I'd hazard a guess that the sorts of details
  13. A high level of magnification in any photo will always show up weak points that don't look as good as you may have wanted, but the poorer aspects of your work are still such that many will aspire to reach that standard. I've produced models that when photographed have fooled people into believing they are the real life full size thing, but never when shown at four or five times their actual size, that is just unrealistic to expect. So yes the magnified photos do highlight aspects of your Pfalz that could be "better", whether I'd know anybody capable of reliably delivering better is another que
  14. I know the feeling ... just take solace in the fact you are building static models... I've spent part of the last week looking into to how to machine my own mod0.2 gear -hobb for then cutting my own bespoke micro gears for a somewhat reckless challenge that would require me to fit a reduction of at least 100:1 into a gearbox approx 6mm wide ... the same reckless challenge that has seen me in contact with specialist wire drawers to judge costs for producing bespoke shaped wire at approx 0.6mm tall by 0.3 mm wide. I could try machining rollers for use in a rolling mill but really sense I need
  15. Well "in theory" I'm manically busy on a huge , complex, (yet tiny scale) model making project with a tight deadline and have been working seven days a week without any time off yet this year. So naturally now is the time I get swamped with masses of other commissions and end up busy doing the "wrong" work. Consequently I have ended up spending all day dealing with a whole lot of stuff that's been piling up to package ready to dispatch to various corners of the globe, all whilst trying to snatch one or two photos for my portfolio before the work is gone for good. So
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