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  1. I've just been gifted the Kuban map and as such have been casually "sight-seeing" but I can't claim to be familiar with any of the locations to state where this happened. I was following a train through the middle of no-where heading to the coast when it suddenly disappeared and a whole series of explosions went off around me. When I paused the game to start looking around me the loco and individual wagons were widely dispersed over what must have been an area close to 1km wide and were randomly accelerating across empty ground well away from any tracks until they crashed into buildings, destroying both themselves and several of the buildings. There was no sign of anything attacking the train, and no weapons I know that would do this even if this was an "attack". I presume this must be some sort of bug? HH
  2. The damaged cityscapes look fantastic and whilst the WWII stuff does little for me this speaks really well for what we might expect from the Arras map. No-mans-land in ROF was devoid of much interest; however bombed out towns modelled to this quality along with 3D trench systems, 3D craters and much general debris and clutter would be superb. So here's hoping this is truly a suggestion of what we may see for Flying Circus...... HH
  3. Well naturally when gifted the kuban map you have to fire it up straight away and the first place you go is the mountains.... I suspect with a bit of effort to scout out the best locations for screenshots and to establish the best times to catch the sun at dramatic angles there are going to be some truly great screenshots to be had. However until then here's a case of simply hitting screen grab within 60 seconds of initially firing up the map and firstly being impressed by the "more recent" map making technology, and secondly thinking if this is what the kuban map is like I'm going to need a new PC to wring the neck of the WWI Arras map when it comes out. HH
  4. Well paying work is keeping me busy at the moment, both a restoration project on a large and valuable scale model of a Ferrari (worth more than some families full size daily drive) that the client dropped and badly damaged, plus I'm trying to get sorted for an international miniature art festival coming up in mid May. Consequently work on IL2 has been almost non existent other than a few minutes to occasionally check in here on the forum. However by the end of May I hope to have a little more spare time on my hands to get back to IL2. I also lost a fair bit of time (though thankfully not work which I'd backed up to an external HD) when windows screwed up an update and got itself stuck in an internal loop where it wouldn't complete the update to make the computer usable, nor would it allow me to jump into safe mode or BIOS upon boot up to get it to revert back to a previous install of windows.... Still it is occasionally useful to start with a fresh install of the operating system on a re-formatted HD and reinstall all the software and data files you actually still use, rather than those that are simply there because you never got around to removing them. On another topic I'm not going to mention names should it embarrass them, but I will say what a great community this is as I continue to receive private messages of support and encouragement, and this morning one such message included a gift code for the kuban map... just because they thought I'd appreciate the scenery. So whilst I've nothing new to report, I've found here another screen shot that I don't think I've posed before. Cheers HH
  5. I've been through many discussions of this nature with model makers, whether it be planes, trains or automobiles. (where at the moment I'm discussing "Ferrari red" with a client wanting a large scale model restored). Plus as someone with post-grad qualifications as a museum conservator/restorer I've spent a fair while studying, from a more academic/scientific point of view, the behaviour of paints and pigments over time. Whilst it doesn't really move the argument forward, and if anything it takes it backwards, the biggest impact on the appearance of any paint or pigment is the light source under which it is viewed. Invariably when researching anything historic we are using a variety of incomplete references from different periods to infer an answer to our question... Any photographic image used as a colour refence is little more than a "rough guide" if that photo doesn't include some sort of official standardised/certified colour chart to gauge how the light source(s) has impacted on the appearance of clearly known and defined hues/tones. With this it enables you to work back to establish the hue and tone of the "unknown" pigment from its appearance in any partuicular photo. To be honest though psychological studies have shown just how poor the human eye/brain are at judging absolute hue/tone. What matters is not getting any one hue or tone "correct" but getting the contrast between different hues and tones correct. If everything is "out" by the same amount people don't notice they just attribute it to differences in lighting. HH
  6. Thanks for the answer even if it's not the one I wanted to hear. I had suspected as much, but I'll report back if I find a creative way around this. HH
  7. Whilst I really have better things to be doing with my time I've got little distracted with a "tangential" project which has prompted the following question; Is there any way to implement a bespoke normal map and associate it just with one specific skin, or can you only edit that aircraft type's regular normal map and hence in doing so change each and every example of that aircraft type? Cheers HH
  8. Whilst I really have better things to be doing with my time I've got little distracted with a "tangential" project which has prompted the following question; Is there any way to implement a bespoke normal map and associate it just with one specific skin, or can you only edit that aircraft type's regular normal map and hence in doing so change each and every example of that aircraft type? Cheers HH EDIT: Oops! apologies as I've just realised I've posted this in the screenshots section of the forum rather than the more appropriate skins section.
  9. it is the common textures folder data/graphics/textures/common/ac_common.dds I'm not normally one to be overly critical of the devs work but it is a somewhat ugly bit of texture work, which is best left as very matt black. Lightening it and tweaking the alpha channel show all it's faults. I'm basically started again with it by taking the larger texture for the Vickers MG and resizing and positioning the different bits of it to match the layout of the common texture. So, what should have been a quick 30second fix has become somewhat more but the WIP shot shows that you can make a visual improvement. HH
  10. Thanks for the reply, but the texture you refence was the first I tried editing and it only affects the look of the MG's from inside the cockpit. I did eventually find the texture that affects the external view; it's one of the common textures hiding behind the anonymous name ac_common.dds it did however take a lot of searching and experimentation simply to find the correct file as it's not in the Sopwith camel folder, and then a bit more experimentation to work out which bits of this texture relate to the Vickers MG as it covers a lot more than just this one MG. Cheers HH
  11. Finally found it it's in the common textures folder and goes by the unassuming file name of ac_common.dds I was a little too distracted by the presence of a file specifically for the Vickers MG. Cheers HH
  12. I guess folks reading this are interested in skins for the camel and so might be able to address a question I posted elsewhere. There seems to be some sort of quirk preventing you from editing the texture file governing the look of the MG's... or more particularly I can edit lots of texture files whose names and contents suggest they relate to the camel's MG's but none actually impact of the look of the MG's as rendered in game suggesting the actual texture file is hiding elsewhere. Anybody know which file to edit in order to tweak the look of the MG's to stop them looking totally flat matt black?
  13. Hi, a quick question for skinners out there: - Which file do I need to re-texture to affect the look of the machine guns on the Sopwith camel as seen from the external view as it's not part of the main camel skin as with some aircraft? There's a large detailed MG texture (sopcamel_c_mg.dds) which affects their appearance when looking at the MG's from inside the cockpit but this doesn't affect the look of the guns on the external view. Intuition says I need to edit the smaller low res. file !sopcamel_c_mg.dds but I can't find what this affects, as even painting this texture all over high-vis pink with a light grey alpha channel seems to change nothing in game, and I'd have though such a bright pink reflective surface would be easy to spot if it was actually rendered in game. I thought perhaps there might be a common texture for Vickers MG's used across more than one aircraft which is therefore not stored under the camel file directory, and indeed there is ( vickers_c.dds). However when I edit this it has no affect on the look of the camel's MG's when viewed externally. I don't know if others experience the same as me, or if it's a problem unique to a quirk of the way things have installed on my PC but whatever I do (apart from the very end of the muzzle) the MG's of the sopwith camel always appear totally flat matt black. Whilst they should be dark and fairly non reflective, it would be nice to tweak things slightly just to get a hint of shaping and reflectivity into them so they look like a 3D part of the aircraft rather than looking like a 2D black hole cut out of the image. Cheers HH
  14. With my idealistic and perfectionist tendencies I'm not the easiest of folks to work with/for and I have pretty unconventional approaches to doing things, which whilst they get the results aren't the easiest for others to follow. Plus to be honest for me this isn't about the end result, it's about the challenge of the process and seeing just how much I can achieve and what I can learn whilst doing so. I'm not looking to discourage others from doing their own thing, but at the moment there's nothing about re-doing the sky/lighting/clouds that I need help with, I just need lots of spare time to plod through all the processes to keep tweaking things to fine tune a lot of stuff to my own liking. HH
  15. All part of the plan; - grey clouds and flat light with or without rain/snow are all possible
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