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  1. It's a good thing that Korea doesn't have any of that then, the technology level of the jets involved isn't any more advanced than late war WW2, just they have jet engines instead of conventional ones.
  2. That's all well and good, but Tony did actually provide a sourced claim, where as your frankly outlandish claim is merely an anecdote that we have no reason to believe.
  3. What muscles stop blood vessels in your eyes, eyelids and brain exploding from too much blood pressure?
  4. Whiners, complainers and crusty old men who love gatekeeping. The 3 pillars of the flight sim community worldwide.
  5. Others do not do the whole package better, It seems a bit stupid to change sim over because of the G effects...
  6. No but the game abstracts G force effects on the pilot, and doesn't do it very well I might add, where as other sims do.
  7. The maneuvering that I've seen has been so quick and erratic it really should be putting more G strain on pilots, but a lot of the time in IL-2 G force effects just don't seem to be present
  8. What I described wasn't a snap roll, and patronising tone is an epidemic within the flight sim community I don't wish to humour any longer
  9. Every time I've come up behind someone (usually one of those who takes the MP aspect a bit seriously, and predominantly they're flying the Bf-109.) They will pull some extremely strange and for lack of a better word seemingly unrealistic maneuvers. Now I have no idea what bearing this has in real flying but it's extremely irritating to be reversed by a plane flown by a man who's seemingly deflecting the stick randomly in all directions to force an overshoot, I know this is a sim but it seems extremely "cheap" and I think the reason it probably works is it abuses some shortcomings in the flight and G model of the game. Anyone else have anything to add?
  10. Honestly I'd rather just have GB dominate the entire IL-2 brand rather than 2 offshoots cock blocking theaters from eachother. No offence meant to the TF guys but I just have so much more fun with GB
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