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  1. It's less of an issue if you climb out at a good angle instead of going 90 degrees nose up like most people who end up bouncing me.
  2. You're not even making a coherent point, Please go be a troll elsewhere.
  3. He's making a sarcastic jab at the fact that German fighters often just climb to space and then complain when they can't see the attackers who are on the deck, I don't understand how the post indicates he has no idea what a contrail is
  4. You're trying to use the data to prove him wrong but you're asking him to provide it though. That isn't how it works.
  5. You're asking him to present evidence that would back up your point? How does that work?
  6. LW players seem to go to staggering lengths to try and explain why they keep losing when the answer is simply they just don't prioritise targets effectively. You have far more people joining LW because they wish to pretend to be Erich Hartmann and score 500 kills but really they end up getting maybe 1 or 2 and then wasting 3 planes. Meanwhile his VVS team counterpart has gone in a 2 ship with IL-2s or Pe-2s and decimated an objective. This isn't a TAW specific issue, it's prevelant on a lot of servers and isn't even limited to IL-2.
  7. That's all well and good, but Tony did actually provide a sourced claim, where as your frankly outlandish claim is merely an anecdote that we have no reason to believe.
  8. What muscles stop blood vessels in your eyes, eyelids and brain exploding from too much blood pressure?
  9. Whiners, complainers and crusty old men who love gatekeeping. The 3 pillars of the flight sim community worldwide.
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