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  1. Just a teaser^^ Wip of My Mozelle, flown by Major Tibbets, 508 FS.
  2. We can't see any of them Joe. May be it should be better if you try Imgur ?
  3. Airborn ! Five P47D-22 of 404 FG 506 FS Second version, many improvements (alpha layer, weathering) Normandy Front DOWNLOAD
  4. Thank you I am refining the alpha layer and making further adjustments to achieve a more finished result. I hope you like them as much as I do! What I'm particularly happy about with this P47 series is that I've recreated some of the aircraft from photos only as there are no decals or profiles for these aircraft that I know of: Snortin' Bull, Janie, Jabo's Taxi for example.
  5. Thank you very much but I just cleaned my glasses🤓 and I think that like every time, I will upload a new version^^ 😅
  6. Airborn ! Five P47D-22 of 404 FG 506 FS Normandy Front EDIT 4K-B, Major Robert F. Bealle The Blond Angel, lieutenant James K. Johnson Rae, Major Harold G. Shook Sweet Eloise, First Lieutenant Wilbur Vinson Old Hickory, Captain Jimmy H. Jones
  7. Follow the way > \IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\graphics\skins
  8. The main part is done playing with ICDP's layers, thx to him ! Airborn ! 2nd version many improvments 😅 DOWNLOAD
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