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  1. On a wellknown melody : "Oh Messi Ciao ! Oh Messi Ciao ! Oh Messi Ciao Messi Ciao Messi Ciao - Ciao - Ciao !"
  2. France is playing a boring football but I hope we'll win against Argentina... Germany win in'14, France in '18 ! We are better than anyone but we can beat everyone...Allez les Bleus !!!
  3. PatCartier

    Skins WIP ET RC

    Et ça continue encore et encore C'est que le début d'accord d'accord... Le premier qui me traite de Cabrêle... 😁
  4. PatCartier

    Houhou ......y a quelqu'un là dedans?

    Moi j'attends un peu pour le dire parce que je veux le n°10 comme Platoche. ⚽
  5. Looks great indeed ! Congrats !
  6. PatCartier

    Skins WIP ET RC

    Les travaux en cours...
  7. PatCartier

    More American Spitfire IX Skins than British.

    I don't think so : there is only Spad VII for Armée de l'Air in Flying Circus and plenty of british aircrafts... Or french wings was dominant during WWI. ++
  8. PatCartier

    il 2 1946 mods

  9. Thank you ! It will be a great pleasure to skin that yak.
  10. ok ! I think the ideal would be that the admins dissociate two separate forums: one for templates, the other for skins 4k. C'est la vie^^
  11. Hi Boo, I thought it was fine to post here. There are so much pinned topic that some skins will be on the second page. My two cents... ++
  12. I understand that you want everyone's work to be credited. This is also my case. I obviously have nothing against Pluton and I do not want to offend him. I'm just saying that I think that his template is not at the same skill as those made by ICDP or some other guys. S!
  13. I may be shocking some people, but I find that the Pluton template is not great. That's why I reiterate my request.
  14. PatCartier

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Agree with you but we need to climb high to have fun with P51's & Doras, so some waves of IA B17s should be usefull.
  15. Oh yes ! Please-please-please ! I would be like a child before christmas !