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  1. Airborne ! P47s of 404 F.G. vol2 "Rae" flown by Maj. H.G. Shook "Black Panther", flown by Capt. Robert F. "Speedy" Bealle before and after june 45 4k template by ICDP DOWNLOAD
  2. You're welcome chaps, happy you enjoy, thx.
  3. Airborne ! P47s of 404 F.G. vol1 The 404th Fighter Group carried out its first mission on 1 May 1944. Like most units of the 9th Air Force, the 404 F.G. took part in operations over Normandy, Holland and the Ardennes forest. It provided air cover during the establishment of the bridgehead on the right bank of the Rhine (Remagen) and took part in many heavy bomber escorts. 2 x 2 skins 4k: Pride o' Dogpatch flown by Lt Harry H. "Papy" Yokum before and after june45 BamaBoy before and after june 45 DOWNLOAD
  4. Can we expect the release of a ICDP 4k template for the Yak1s69 ? Édit : i've just seen it' already there ! Thanks for your great artwork Martin !
  5. These are late G6s. I prefer to wait for BoN to do some. ++
  6. Thank you very much. I will do some other JG4 G6s.
  7. Is this model a La5FN or a La7 ? Do you want a skin model-icaly accurate ?
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