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  1. Great idea...but I don't speak English well enough to really talk. It's a pity !! ++
  2. I made this skin. May be some others to come. But it may not be the most appropriate way to distinguish each pilot from a patrol...
  3. Will this mod affect the perception of in-flight contacts ? If so, in what extent ?
  4. I am surprised by this development because I had not felt the need for it. By working on the alpha layer, it was possible to achieve a look that I liked. We'll see what happens, maybe it'll be even better. However, on the screenshots Martin shows us, the diffuse effect seems a bit exaggerated to me. In addition, although most of the time the planes didn't shine very much, it happened sometimes nevertheless. There is no single truth about this. It all depended on the time, the place, the intensity of operations and other variables as well. Anyway, I'm glad that the developers are committed to getting the best possible rendering. I'm curious to see the result. We're counting on you Martin to find the right balance.
  5. Some improvments but not ready to upload...🤔🤨🤪
  6. @200th_Taro Hi, do u know if there is another picture of this big ass ?
  7. Non...je renonce vite.
  8. Have a look there : http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=452&t=207356
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