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  1. Arrrrrgh ! You're killing me^^ I did worse in the beginning with a completely whimsical letter K typography when I had a lot of models in front of me...but that was at the beginning. Now I don't know if I'm gonna make a new version of the skins. Too bad you only noticed today! But thanks for these pictures of Sweet music and Maggie Zass that I didn't know. Maggie deserves a third version. But where did you find them? Hope to see some of your IL2GB skins soon, cheers 🤘
  2. Damn, we won't be able to fly it then? 😁
  3. Airborne ! P47s of 404 F.G. volume 6 "Thunderbirds" flown by Lt. William Lee "Elsie-Lil Butch" flown by Maj. Clay Tice Jr. DOWNLOAD
  4. Le miroir bouffe beaucoup de fps pour pas grand chose à mon avis. Mais ta config devrait néanmoins mieux tourner.
  5. Two screenshots to show you a new wip skin, 404 FG 507 FS.
  6. I think just four 507 FS skins more...and that's all !
  7. Airborne ! P47s of 404 F.G. vol5 "Sweet Music" flown by Lt. Don Swan "Pole's Vulgare Vulture" flown by Cpt. Edwin T. Pole 4k great template by ICDP DOWNLOAD
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