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  1. A very happy birthday to Jason with a little delay !! Q: We know that there are 2 versions of the map for Normandy, before and after Dday. But would it be possible one day to see a version appear, the battle of England, without an Atlantic wall? Thank you
  2. It's good I found, I had not researched enough ...
  3. Hello André Happy New Year to you !! I have a little problem. Simshaker asks me to update, but I can't find the link. Thank you.
  4. Very nice these terrain deformations. Seen from the plane there may be a little more feeling of relief. We can clearly see the depression of the passage of the caterpillars, we can hope that one day the bombs will leave a hole where they explode ?? 🤩With these effects I really can't wait to be able to cross the bocage in a Sherman !!!🤩
  5. Salut rafale22 Mais dit moi, tu as largement ce qu'il faut pour afficher ton jeu dans un casque VR, ça ne te branche pas de te retrouver assis dans un cockpit ?
  6. Italy for me, but keeping the hope that B.O.N. receive a transformation into B.O.B.
  7. This new vidéo looks really good !!! Does this also regulate the problems of disappearance / appearance of objects on the ground, boats and trains and trucks etc ...? Thanks devs !! 😉
  8. Is it me or the planes are less visible when they pass in front of the horizon fog? But we can see that they are better off from the ground. Thanks devs 😉
  9. Sicily or the south of italy seems the most logical to me for the future. And I would be very happy.
  10. yes and then maybe one day sicily or the south of italy. 🤞 And if we take a hit in the radio, SRS detects it and stops transmitting ?
  11. To late?? 😂 Like every week!
  12. The idea of voice messages to indicate the state of the radio is interesting but I fear that on frequent changes, messages repeated many times may become annoying. The ideal for VR remains the discreet overlay in a small area of the screen to know the activity and who speaks on the channel. But it is not possible at the moment? Glad you are creating keys for the channels, do you think that would be possible for the volume? This feature is really great and adds a lot to the multiplayer of IL2, and the radio effects are very immersive. Really good job !!!
  13. Thank you Jason for this add 👍
  14. Bravo and thank you for this function. It is now up to us players to make the best of it, to convince you to go deeper down this path. 👍
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