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  1. Axurit

    Dissociate sound levels

    Adjust the volume to 100% on the game, suppression of the effects generated by the sound card, and adjustment of the levels on the mixer of windows. I found a lot of sound effects, but I think it's not normal not to hear bullets flying through the wings. It was often described as a slap on a double bass, or like throwing pebbles on a tin shack. And if it is normal not to hear it, it is not normal not to be able to feel it. See here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34291-gametrix-support-can-be-amazing/
  2. Axurit

    Dissociate sound levels

    Thank you for your advice !! after a few adjustments, I like removed my noise caps!
  3. Axurit

    Dissociate sound levels

    Hello everyone I think it would be interesting for many to dissociate the levels of sounds of the game. Currently when I fly with friends on discord or TS, I tend to lower the sound level of the whole game because of the engine is quite high. But by doing that I lose all the other sounds that are really much lower. It would be desirable to have as settings . -Engine -Interraction in the cockpit -Evenement on the plane -External event But I think there is a deeper problem with the sounds, because 1 year ago, I heard the enemy come closer and shoot, the impacts, the bombs the wind with the overspeed etc. etc. But now I only hear my screaming motor. Please work a little more on this element of immersion. TKS Dev's
  4. Axurit

    Join a group of players easily

    Still no information on MARSHALL mode and its functions?
  5. Axurit

    I would like use my radio !

    I am planning the locations of the controls in the cockpit, I still hope to use this radio animated but useless. Is a VOIP system so consumptive to bandwidth ????
  6. I have sound problems too, I would also like to separate the different volumes.
  7. Many stories tell the loss of visibility on the canopy after going through a fatal event. That would be pretty realistic !! I love this idéa !
  8. Axurit

    VR Quality of life improvement suggestion

    I quite agree with you, they focused the VR universe on the flying part of the game, but knowing the huge projects they have and the quality they bring with such a small team, I would not know their to hold rigor. But it's very true, everything that is not specifically part of the flight is quite unpleasant, and even flying the map is not practical, and the original zoom has nothing to do with the quality of the lefuneste mod.
  9. Axurit

    Tactical Air War

    Maybe one day TAW ww1 ??
  10. Axurit

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    Back done, could we have a synthesis of what was said by the players after analysis ?
  11. Axurit

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    Hi guys Berloga have a stat page ? What would you think of a berloga map in the kuban mountains ??
  12. Axurit

    Tactical Air War

    Thank you for this campaign, TAW is always for me something special, a particular pleasure to participate. I asked a question a few days ago, but no one answered. If it was possible to remove the technochat, would TAW adopt this parameter? I miss something about TAWs, they are the ships. Usable on big rivers, and especially on Kuban. It is a bit of a shame not to use the mountainous part for supply by the coast. Flying in the mountains, and the games of "cache cache" that it can offer, could change some huge flat plains. Thanks
  13. Axurit

    Tactical Air War

    I was wondering if there was the option of removing technochat, if TAW's founders would use it or not?