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  1. In these troubled times when many of us will have time in front of a computer, we should not hesitate to talk about and praise this network games.
  2. I am not a developer, and I do not know the feasibility of adapting the netcode to more than 100 players. They have production priorities that I am not able to judge with my knowledge. And I'm sure the day they'll be able to do it, they will. It may already be planned without our knowing it ...
  3. Hi Yes, Jason recently explained that Air Marschall Mode has been postponed to improve it compared to the original idea. They plan it for Normandy. Which lets my imagination hover pleasantly. 😏 We didn't have more details, but it could be a very interesting step in multiplayer development.
  4. Nice !! Glad our sim is doing better and better! I also hope that the release of FS2020 attracts even more people around the sim in general. Of the tens of thousands of new civilian simmers, perhaps some will switch from the dark side of the military propeller sim. We can perhaps hope for the development of new FFB hardwares etc. Very good continuation to us !!
  5. It depends on many things, the color of the plane, the ground, its position in relation to the sun etc. In general you should try to focus on the likely routes of the enemy. It can be a difficult exercise in concentration, depending on the season. But in good conditions you can see from above 4000m Good flight
  6. Hi André It seems to me that this version adds the vibration bug between missions. I often have unexplained vibrations, while I'm flat under autopilot Am I the only one ?
  7. With vr, the map is big, but we can look on the side.
  8. I know about bass shakers, but I don't want to use this technology. I think this material is very expensive for what it is in reality, they are just coils with a mass in a cylinder, and the lowest frequencies are still high. I have a réalteus which will not be used for anything if André does not support it, I thus think of dismantling to recover the engines, to have them on places of my cockpit and to feed it with the electronic part gamtrix of the jeatseat. And can be pass on different engines, which turn more slowly and with a better range of motion induced especially for certain effects like rolling impacts and engine failures. I found 0 / 12v frequency / voltage transducers, but it still makes me want to buy a sound card, and it adds complication and lowers the chances that it will work with a correct result.
  9. No one can tell me ?, i don't want to throw my money out the window another time.
  10. It seems to me that aircraft carriers and American planes also present in the Pacific, were engaged around Sicily and during the Italian campaign. This period would be an excellent choice for a logical development of our favorite sim.
  11. To summarize. @André ? Is Simshaker able to drive each engine separately from each other? Can we affect an effect on a particular engine? Are we able to adjust each level of vibration for each effect? Thanks for the precision. I have ideas to improve my pit !!!
  12. -IRRE-Axurit

    Future for VR

    Je voudrais plutôt dire que si COD passe en VR, ce sera un succès garanti. we could do a survey, but I'm sure of the result !! Drainant également les joueurs de DCS déçus par leur module WW2. J'avais déjà COD, mais je l'ai acheté à nouveau pour le soutenir, et dans l'espoir de revivre le BOB en VR.
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