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  1. I am making one on a long extension mounted on a warthog base. But I'm looking for someone who knows a sofware able to "read" the info of the game to transmit them to motors step to step. The receiving part is already built. If anyone know?
  2. Never an update has been waited like this !!!
  3. Everything is in the title. I'm scared to lose my right to play.
  4. I am a former silent hunter player, and the idea of one day seeing playable ships on IL2 has always pleased me. But it would seem logical, in the optics pacific opus, that one day there are accessible ships. They say they want to diversify to get players from different backgrounds, TC for example, openly look for players on WOT who want more realism. If we consider that games like WOwarship have a large pool of players, we can easily imagine a similar desire to create support for them. Then, to imagine what it could be concretely playing, is difficult, because we do not know the limits and the difficulties that could meet the developers to realize it in a profitable way. But a ship captain position with a map table, radar, binoculars to designate targets, a system management screen / damage / crews, I would like a lot. Without necessarily having all the boat to visit of course ^^ As I took TC, I would take a "ShipComand" to 70 € without problems.
  5. I completely agree that a plugin is created to use cockpit radios. But we must take into account the high quality that the team wants to give to the game. Infact, a particular operation for each radio of each aircraft, and each period. We know, for example, that the Russian radio of the beginning of the war were settled before decolage, and were of a null efficiency, very weak range, very bad sound quality. The spitfires had only 5 preset channels etc etc etc ..... On the other hand, at the end of the war, the aliers had made a lot of progress, especially with ground control, guidance and coordination. Adapting all this to the game would be very interesting for me, but on the condition of respecting a certain "historical reality" and its peculiarities. And I think that would be very difficult for them. But perhaps marshal air mode, even without VOIP, will help some players to regroup more easily for a common goal. Subject already mentioned:
  6. Yes, let us dream in peace !! For a great opus pacific, I would dream of: Management of the aircraft on the flight deck and the lower deck. A boat / ground / air comuniquation system for radar guidance and flight deck occupancy. The diversion of the fleet facing the wind during takeoffs and landings. The possibility of air marshall to choose formations and direction of the fleet. A DM of the boats, which offers the possibility to the boats to die in different ways. That the boats can leave a visible wake after their passage, with remnants of oil if they are damaged by the tanks. Different conditions of sea state depending on the wind, and its influence on the movement of the boats. A weather that can be local by getting closer to the islands. A more vertical weather with the development of clouds turning into localized storms. The use of seaplanes for rescue missions. The possibility of plugin to use radios with TS (a simple radio revisited for the WW2) That's it that's all !! Yes I know I dream a lot, but I prefer to remain optimistic.
  7. Thank you all for this TAW, it's a great experience. Do you think it would be possible in the future to have moving targets? Like trains, convoys, convoys of trucks. That we can be encouraged to do in-depth research in the enemy territory. I appreciated the system of three lives, but I think it might be interesting to be able to regain them by doing something useful in the back. Highly the next ! !
  8. It's been a long time since we've heard of the LI2 that should follow the PO2 based on its sales. I would like to do really interesting transport missions in red sides
  9. Look at the first post, you have the keys to use to adjust the convergence.
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