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  1. This new vidΓ©o looks really good !!! Does this also regulate the problems of disappearance / appearance of objects on the ground, boats and trains and trucks etc ...? Thanks devs !! πŸ˜‰
  2. Is it me or the planes are less visible when they pass in front of the horizon fog? But we can see that they are better off from the ground. Thanks devs πŸ˜‰
  3. Sicily or the south of italy seems the most logical to me for the future. And I would be very happy.
  4. yes and then maybe one day sicily or the south of italy. 🀞 And if we take a hit in the radio, SRS detects it and stops transmitting ?
  5. To late?? πŸ˜‚ Like every week!
  6. The idea of voice messages to indicate the state of the radio is interesting but I fear that on frequent changes, messages repeated many times may become annoying. The ideal for VR remains the discreet overlay in a small area of the screen to know the activity and who speaks on the channel. But it is not possible at the moment? Glad you are creating keys for the channels, do you think that would be possible for the volume? This feature is really great and adds a lot to the multiplayer of IL2, and the radio effects are very immersive. Really good job !!!
  7. Thank you Jason for this add πŸ‘
  8. Bravo and thank you for this function. It is now up to us players to make the best of it, to convince you to go deeper down this path. πŸ‘
  9. Vodka + soda stream = russian beer 😁
  10. What do I expect from Normandy ??? It is a joint work with the post scriptum teams !!! πŸ˜…
  11. Apparently, the limits of the map have been set, can we have more info on that ?
  12. After many tries, I managed to get a sharper image. FXAA x 4 on the game, then I changed anti-aliasing settings on NVDIA one after another. So the cockpit and the near outside is sharper, but when I zoom in the result is really not satisfactory. There are too big differences between what I can identify and what can identify friends in 2D. And many of us have noticed it with the same VR headset (HP reverb). I am not an isolated case. I hope that more work will be done on this subject.
  13. The ability to choose different zoom levels is nice, but the zoomed image remains of poor quality. It looks like a magnification of pixel mash. I am unable to recognize a 109 from a spitfire at 500m !! We attacked a port in stukas at 4000m, my colleagues on screen were choosing the boats to hit, and I could not differentiate the boats from the docks. I really don't find the new zoom system balances VR / noVR players The zoom images of 3d Migoto were sharp, and we could easily distinguish the shapes, the game can not match this quality? The rest is very good, I can't wait to try this P47, and I hope that the next one will be the Hurricane.
  14. I used reshade to increase the contrasts and enhance the colors. Today I no longer have the rights, and my HP reverb whitened the images. When I complain to a friend about the "fog" on the map, tell him that he doesn't have one on his screen. I'm tired of flying with a permanent white veil whatever the weather conditions. Or Il2 should include a color saturation and contrast setting.
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