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  1. Bravo and thank you for this function. It is now up to us players to make the best of it, to convince you to go deeper down this path. 👍
  2. Vodka + soda stream = russian beer 😁
  3. What do I expect from Normandy ??? It is a joint work with the post scriptum teams !!! 😅
  4. Apparently, the limits of the map have been set, can we have more info on that ?
  5. After many tries, I managed to get a sharper image. FXAA x 4 on the game, then I changed anti-aliasing settings on NVDIA one after another. So the cockpit and the near outside is sharper, but when I zoom in the result is really not satisfactory. There are too big differences between what I can identify and what can identify friends in 2D. And many of us have noticed it with the same VR headset (HP reverb). I am not an isolated case. I hope that more work will be done on this subject.
  6. The ability to choose different zoom levels is nice, but the zoomed image remains of poor quality. It looks like a magnification of pixel mash. I am unable to recognize a 109 from a spitfire at 500m !! We attacked a port in stukas at 4000m, my colleagues on screen were choosing the boats to hit, and I could not differentiate the boats from the docks. I really don't find the new zoom system balances VR / noVR players The zoom images of 3d Migoto were sharp, and we could easily distinguish the shapes, the game can not match this quality? The rest is very good, I can't wait to try this P47, and I hope that the next one will be the Hurricane.
  7. I used reshade to increase the contrasts and enhance the colors. Today I no longer have the rights, and my HP reverb whitened the images. When I complain to a friend about the "fog" on the map, tell him that he doesn't have one on his screen. I'm tired of flying with a permanent white veil whatever the weather conditions. Or Il2 should include a color saturation and contrast setting.
  8. They had planned 2 version of the map, before and after dday. I would have liked a 3rd, before the Atlantic Wall, for the period of the start of the war.
  9. I know, but I cannot imagine a boat like the Uss Nevada not to shoot all its periphery on at least 4 targets at the same time as it moves tactically. The ships in this opus should not be static objects, but real floating fortresses. The chanel is a capricious sea with difficult weather which can raise large waves which can influence the course of the boats and their behavior. The weather and sea state is something that I would like to improve for BoN. And will be an improvement which they will be able to use for the rest in Italy, Sicily, Malta or in the Mediterranean Sea in general.
  10. For a heavy ship, there can be 7 AI. AA Front right AA Front left AA Right back AA Left back Front axle guns Rear cannons Helmsman. I expect a lot from the Normandy opus. I hope that the card will be faithful to the reality of this era. It will be great to see civilian life on this map. Cows, horses, trawlers that sail on the coasts, sea birds, tidal cycles, automobile traffic etc etc. The region was very busy even in wartime. The realization of the Norman hedgerow will also be of great importance, because scenarios of tank battles can be very interesting. I can't wait to have the first planes !!
  11. This is the compass deflection curve. It helps the pilot correct the angle deviations depending on the heading. A compass that you rotate 360 ° may have small errors because of the metal parts around it. The curve gives the amount of error depending on the direction.
  12. Hello When I forget to launch it, I immediately feel that something is missing from my flight. It brings me a real complement to VR. It seems that with the latest version of the DM, the impacts are better felt, added to the improvement of the sounds, it reinforces the insertion. Thanks Jason Thanks André
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