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  1. Question may be stupid, but how does srs simple radio work on DCS ? What I understood, it is in fact a mod which is installed at the player, and on the server, which makes use of the radio commands available in game ? And the VOIP part is managed by a program developed by a third party ?
  2. Being annoyed by bad players comes back often, but is not valid. Using a PTT button takes away a lot of the trouble, and for the screaming or unpleasant player, all you need is a mute button. Having a radio system in play does not prevent people from using TS or Discord nearby. A team A on TS could coordinate with a team B on discord with a PTT key. But the integration of a "realistic" voip with a link to what will be the marshall mode, could be really extraordinary. Marshall mode has been pushed back on the calendar, there may be a reason for that.
  3. We have already discussed this subject several times, as there, and Jason had been closed. But what was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow?
  4. If the technochat is to be removed on the servers for a certain level, the one that exists should be more educational. Rather than displaying a simple icon on the side of the screen, it should link this icon with the corresponding geauge, with a highlight of the concerned geauge for example, to explain to the novice player what to check and what values he should target. Only information without gels will remain, such as the selection of bombs etc. Because some messages are inevitable of course.
  5. The naval aspect can be a big part of the challenge.
  6. https://www.dday-overlord.com/materiel/navires And there are many !! I do not expect them to be all represented, but at least those present earlier in Italy.
  7. Hello The mod 3d migoto makes it possible to turn the head virtually 20 ° more, and many other things useful for the VR
  8. Battle of France, I do not believe it too much, it would be necessary that the GOOD frame of the card slips or widens on the right. But I believe more in an appearance of BOB collectors aircraft and a later modification of the existing map, but only after another European opus like Italy end of war. The end of the war in southern Italy, seems to me the most logical as official opus, which will bring essential improvements that will be an advantage to go under the coconut trees.
  9. I guess it will be part of the differences between the 2 versions announced
  10. This is a very good announcement for me. Normandy is an exelent choice. The plane set is exelent. And this card can be declined in 4 versions. After / post DDay Battle of Britain And WW1 version I hope the AI planes will be a flyable day. I will finally be able to fly over France !!!
  11. I would like to have 2 versions of Normandy, beginning and end of the war. With the corresponding aircraft of course. Beginning of the war for the battle of England, and end of the war with the addition of the wall of the Atlantic and the preparation of the dday and the after dday. If the next BOX is not the pacific, I think it could be a profitable opus for the IL2 series. Normandy is a wish that comes very often. But a BOx about southern italy sicily malta would also be welcome and would allow the appearance of aircraft carriers in the game.
  12. When you see what you think is a police car, far off the road, and you're looking at the steering wheel, the zoom button ...
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