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  1. As for me colours are too "tropical" in FC. Very high saturation I fly with -100 Vibrance via ReShade, try it, it seems like more realistic for me.
  2. Salute @J5_Baeumer! Heavy AAA zone are marked on map only when you fly Entente. Can you fix it plz?
  3. You are absolutely right FourSpeed. We have even bombs on Entente planes not working correct now. And I`m sure we will explore a lot of other bugs during tournament. Why not to wait for FC release?
  4. I didn`t fly Spad a lot but yes, it feels different in FC. And it is not as good in zoom as in RoF, maybe it is just feeling. I didn`t investigate it and didn`t compare speed.
  5. Flight model is the same. Be carefull gentlemen, some people on russian forum are already banned for posting that flight model is different from RoF 😁
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