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  1. indeed, there were some 410s with the 37mm FLak 43 in Action. But the Masterplan was to equip the 410 with the 5cm KwK and to replace the 110's 37mm Flak 18 with the Flak 43. Galland wanted a mix of 5cm KwK and Mk103 armed 410s in the Zerstörer force to fight the US heavy Bombers.
  2. the "funniest" point for me about its weapons is, that it could NOT close its bombbaydoors completly when loaded with 2-SC500 bombs , they were too fat. With the smaller SD500s it worked. German engeniering as its best
  3. well, my BMW V8 engine needs around 20litres in town - dont tell Greta 🤣
  4. and an improved radio equipment.....VERY important in gameplay 🤣 https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf_Fw_190#/media/Datei:Fw_190_A5_A6_Wiki.jpg
  5. in IL-2'46 i always prefered a SC250 over a AB250 ............................ not to talk about the SC500 over the AB500 with its few SD4HL bomblets. There was a nice compare Video about these weapons (in game !) on youtube - not sure if it is still avaialble
  6. well ,the Mk.IV did not have these two stage Merlins AFAIK I would not need an extra bombarider station in game.....just Switch directly between pilot and bombsight ! nope, still a Mk.IV , just modified to carry thi 4000lb Cookie.
  7. 3 x 20mm ☺️ at least with the gondola in place.
  8. a C-6 is a C-6. All you described are different Ju88 versions, R & P (and C-5) to name it
  9. well, it had a working Radio, very good glass (compared to soviet glass) so you could see something outside without opening the canopy, good armament, was well build (!), good dive speed and acceleration. The P-39 was well liked and heavy used by VVS Guard Fighterregiments - has i to mention Pokryshkin! Over Europe or NewGuinea it lacked hight alt Performance. As already mentioned, no problem over the eastern front.
  10. it will be not much faster than a Ju88A. 500-510km/h without ETC under the wings. IF there will be a "no gondola" modification ad 20-30km/h.
  11. what you can do with every plane in game 😉 honestly, i realy would like to see that the team would put its limited resources in making the B-25 or -26 cockpit - without thinking to make the bombardier and gunner stations. C-47, waste of time IMHO
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