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  1. its a question of hitting something - here the IL2. If you hit the right place , you dont need the outer guns. If you dont, you also dont need them 🤪
  2. the -2a had one MK 108 on each side. this picture is not vey reliable.....giving the MG 151 30mm caliber 🥳
  3. didnt the 5th Airforce got its first unit with P-38 before any Ki-61 was active over NewGuinea?
  4. i talked about the allied planes we already have in game. And our P-38 version we already have is another kind of breed than the early P-38s flown out of Port Moresby in 1942.
  5. i dont forgott it, but for a Model 21 our P-38 is a little bit late, for that a Model 52 would be better. But that are only dreams - will not become true
  6. problem is the difference between a real war and a game..... Developers will never (at least during my lifetime) be able to close this gap.
  7. with a finnland map, yes. THIS is not IL-2‘46 with myriades of planes and their versions. Too much work and too small team here.
  8. typical Dogfight thinking.....how much 109G-2s (with modified DB605 to allow Notleistung) encountered P-51s in WW2 ?
  9. hell yes, Corsairs, Hellcats, Martlets, Barracudas..... wet dreams
  10. whatever will happen . Here is wonderfull read about british carrier operations http://www.armouredcarriers.com
  11. as nice these dreams are......honestly i doubt anything of it will come. Even „Battle of Sicily“ would be damn hot IMHO My personal guess for a next BoX scenario is a late war easternfront one. Our russian friends want fly their Yak-9U, Yak-3 and La-7 for sure. So most probably we will also see some more 109/190s - i guess a 190A-9 and 109G-10.
  12. whatever TeamFusion will do with the CoD engine.....a „Battle of Sicily“ for BoX would be great. Not to forgett we could have some other axis fighters than the typical 109/190 crowd. A small Norwegian battle around the Tirpitz would be nice - with the RN carriers , but what axis planes ( new ones i mean) .........
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