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  1. first questions would be „how i start the engine and where is my HOTAS“ No flightsim can simulate the flying of manouvering small planes. As example, spinning ingame, easy - spinning in Cessna 152 „ wow, what is going on here....“ (own experience) And, not to forgett, to quote a retired A-10 Pilot fling this thing in LOMAC „dying is undermodelled!“
  2. like in IL2 years ago, when a generic Island map with Palms (wow, they lowerd the framerates...) and a Zero and Frank were introduced into the game before the Pacific Fighter Version.
  3. true, i played that - just forgot it ,it is ages ago. But just think about flying french and soviet (and british) fighters of this war in 777 qualitiy ! As is said, just a dream.
  4. i still dream about a Six Day War combat flight sim will never happen , i know. And 1C/777 should stay in WW1 & 2.
  5. i would count on the Meteor, to get an allied jetplane. the rest of the couple.......so much possebilities to choose from.
  6. the few G6AS produced were mainly used in the west, flying high cover for other fighterunits attacking the US big ones, at least that was the idea the Eastern Front was not the right playing field for this engine : DB605AS = DB605A with the bigger supercharger of the DB603 to get a FTH of around 7000m !
  7. if you dont mean Oleg's wonder AS(M)....... very late 43 beginning 44 IIRC
  8. Merlin 😉 Imagine a Griffon in a P-51 Airframe.......🚀
  9. the early versions, Allison driven, too ? The outer airframe kept the same IIRC.
  10. Hs123 Me410 , a hell of a combat plane, „just“ not a dogfighter.
  11. i dont think you would fly so hight to get benefit from the GM-1 System. it was ment to be used above full throttle height.
  12. wondering why a plane should lose speed when opening these gills, putting warm air to the back. Nothing was opend in the front part of the nose. Didnt we had this duscussion already some years ago at the ubi or simHQ Forums ?!
  13. if the later Fw190As were good fighter or not......Keep in mind, the reality is different in comparison to online Dogfightservers.
  14. the allies just put some better fuel in their „43-44“ aircraft and were prepared for 45 🤪 i dont mention the numbers and experience, allies more, germans less 😎
  15. the allied forces had so much more planemodels than the axis, hat was never a problem in IL2‘46 ! I would not see any problem to release allied collector planes without an axis counterpart! We are aircraft nerds, who cares the nation! I dont, i flew in old days in online wars as a III/JG53 and as a 8. RNZAF member - whatever was needed in the Hyperlobby slots.
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