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  1. and as nice this C-6 is, i would prefer a 20mm MG-FF/M modification for the A-4 tbh i know than it would lose its bombsight and a, as best, its divebrakes to gain some more speed.
  2. it was possible to replace the nose MG-FF/M with a MG151/20. So, if the gondola is removed the weapons should also be changed 6his way- IF we get the Gondola removed modification! Just to remember - a 109G-2 has than almsot the same firepower, just one MG17 less ! It was all about Range with this Ju88C-6 - nothing important for this game IMHO And i hope, even it was almost never used, it will get the ETCs under the inner wingsections to carry more bombs as a modification. To give the plane a reason to exist in (online)gameplay.If not, an A-4 is better always IMHO. the smart german aircraft development plan in WW2 - as they thought the war would be won 1942 🤐
  3. bombers, of any kind, making flyable only with the pilotstation (and a switch to bombsight) only might be a solution IMHO. If the AI routines of the gunners are not too much. And yes, for singleplay experience are AI aircraft very important for immersion!
  4. Axis planes for the allied side was always fun . in VOW we had Swiss 109E versus LW 109E (no 110C available in these times) finnish Hurricanes versus soviet Hurricanes and yes, a Luftwaffe versus Rumanian 109s (from G-2, G-6Late to G-14) - the reds loved the MK108 and we had a Mission were the soviets flew the Fw190D ............. i loved those COOP online wars
  5. i made my COOP missions in ´46 manually, so i can be wrong.. But was that coop generator software not made by third party guys?
  6. Winter 44 for a scenario spring to summer 44 ? 😉 meanwhile i expect more an AS modification than a MW50 one. future will tell.
  7. why for these westernfront battles ? there were no Stuka sorties in the west anymore at those times - suicidal ! Perhaps at night , dont know , but than not divebombing. Guess why the most Ju87s had no divebrakes anymore late in the war.
  8. Bombs ?! and, a Mustang Mk.I/Ia collector plane
  9. they need a map for the desired Yak-9U and Yak-3 and yes, the Team gets short of german planes (beside Bombers ) - only 109G-10 (WOW, another 109 ) and Ta152H come to my mind for those late war Scenarios....
  10. we are having this discussion for almost 20years now........but ok.
  11. the Fw190A-5/U17 was renamed Fw190F-3 There was no nosecanon in any 109 Emil, E-3 had MG-FF, E-4 had MG-FF/M ( M for mineshell)
  12. for that Normandy map i would like to see a Mustang MkI/Ia and a Costal Command Beaufighter.
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