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  1. Although I don't play as much these days, I was incredibly worried about this aspect and the implementation of it. However, in my limited testing I think its done very well and I'm impressed with it.
  2. Cascade Lake-X is coming out in November. It's high end processors, 10+ cores, but they are selling at 50% of the previous generation which might knock down CPU prices next month. Just FYI.
  3. Are you sure? I think it's the AI that is causing more CPU cycles to be used up. Each multi-crew plane effectively adds one to 3 AI units.
  4. TrackIr just works as long as your software is up-to-date and your game updates in TiR software is up-to-date, there are no settings in Il-2 GB. Start up TiR software and go. I don't center until I'm on the runway. nVidia 3D works as well. Cockpits are 3D, and it gets a bit less 3D and more 2D the further away something is from your view.
  5. Trying to justify making a terrible purchasing mistake and then blaming other people...
  6. Thanks devs and Jason! I haven't updated in over 6 months, just been burned out on games in general, but updated and did some flying/testing today and it's just as incredible as the day I first purchased RoF back in '09. The 109G14 really amazed me and the 190A8 is pretty outstanding! Amazing work guys, truly awesome! Hopefully by the time the P38 or P47 are released I'll get back into gaming/simming - but absolutely truly amazing work!
  7. I think that's it, I read something about better cooling which didn't make much sense.
  8. Madcop, they had several parts of the MiG-3 incorrectly modeled for the 3D model, someone pointed them out, and they were fixed. If there's a problem with the compressor air intake, point it out - it will get fixed. You're acting like's a sin against your bloodline or something. For everyone else that knows the P47 - are those cuffed props and won't that help low speed cooling? In the vertical for example?
  9. There was a nice night with whiskey by a fire.
  10. If you're having stuttering issues, and using VSYNC, try turning VSYNC off, then set FPS Target to "off" and re-enable VSYNC. If you're disabling VSYNC, try setting target FPS to off and see how runs. Then try VSYNC on with target FPS to off. .
  11. Based on a mod that removes part of the rendering? Starting to sound like the days of the Rendition API days where removing things ran well, but worked fine in other APIs from 3D card companies that actually accounted for them.
  12. The engine, for BoX, is multicore. I'd need to see some actual evidence that it runs on single core as it doesn't for me. The VR core issue would then be an API issue if that is how it is running the rendering process. The prop issue I bet is that the API is splitting renders between eye screens. An API issue.
  13. You base that on what? Output is quite fine up to 250fps, fastest it's output for me, so you again - you base this on what? VR is still version 1. It's still in it's own "can we make this work even properly" phase let alone "the best". It's like V1 3D graphics cards. Some worked ok, some didn't, coding to it was hit or miss. It also varied between the, at least 5, hardware manufacturers with their own requirements that could vary by a lot.
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