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  1. Running 5.1 with my analog 5.1 headset the engine sound is much more noticeable, but the ram air picks up as expected. With 2.0/2.1 the engine is more muted but still very present with more audible air - air audio especially picks up as speeds increase, which is what I've heard in little baby airplanes like Cessnas so sounds about right. Looks like its time to get a much better 2.0 headset. Using SBZ audio card with CM Storm Sirus 5.1 currently.
  2. Zoom is because we are looking at a scaled down world. Zooming in brings the digital world, on monitors at least, to the appropriate scale for the most part. It isn't a limitation of pixels, it's that we are viewing through a smaller world. Aircraft spot fine at zoom because it's closer to real world scale. Making it easier to spot non-zoomed is making contacts larger than they would be because they are now scaled larger effectively making everything bigger than it would be at proper scale.
  3. Gun cam footage is neat, but worthless to prove anything other than biases.
  4. @=SqSq=Civilprotection I found a better source last night, but I just found this one: http://ww2data.blogspot.com/2015/06/soviet-explosive-ordnance-127mm.html And this has some info:
  5. @=SqSq=Civilprotection I see what you mean now. I can get through a couple hundred rounds and then sprites stop showing up on the ground. Eventually it seems to reset and I again see the sprites (or whatever they're called now). It didn't appear that way air to air as I wasn't getting through enough rounds to notice it. EDIT: And I do believe at least one of the VVS HMGs does have a small HE component to it but not 100% certain.
  6. The screenshots of damage are little help without actually seeing how you are shooting from a video. I always see damage sprites and I'm on a i7 4770k at 4.4Ghz with a 1080ti so I doubt it's lack of processing unless you have fps in the 20s. Most likely not hitting at convergence, or having your sight's center right on the aircraft at close range while most rounds fly past the plane. I set my convergence to 150 and I have to angle my sights half off the 109 to get at least one set of wing guns to hit the fuselage from dead rear when I get closer in than convergence. Sti
  7. DM is pretty awesome. Rifle caliber rounds and HMGs are awarded quicker kills with more accurate rounds to the cockpit/engine area at convergence, cannons do tons of damage but accuracy still matters just significantly less so. I haven't played against online players yet but QMB was what I'd expect and the Moscow MiG-3 career I started was pretty generous with 2 109s, 1 110, and 3 Ju88s across two missions using the default light MG and 1 HMG for the first mission while the second mission had that loadout plus the 2 HMG wing guns.
  8. "We're researching the possibility of moving the rendering engine to Deferred Shading tech. "
  9. I've tested a few scenarios plus online, I am unable to have contrails generated when climbing from ground. In QMB if I generate from altitude contrails should be at, they are present. If I climb, they never appear. Same in hosted WoL server. Has anyone else observed this?
  10. Yes, they all do. Some aren't as noticeable because the render stop for the terrain is equal to where the objects no longer render, or use tons of haze to mask it. In fact, in many of them you can see shaded circles varying from below your plane to the end of the terrain render.
  11. I get that people want to have better visibility of contacts without using zoom, but why not just play with icons rather than the insta-spot-super-big-dots?
  12. Although I don't play as much these days, I was incredibly worried about this aspect and the implementation of it. However, in my limited testing I think its done very well and I'm impressed with it.
  13. Cascade Lake-X is coming out in November. It's high end processors, 10+ cores, but they are selling at 50% of the previous generation which might knock down CPU prices next month. Just FYI.
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