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  1. is there any news or estimated times when you gonna be reschedule, or if you gonna be reschedule?
  2. Updated with P-51, bf 109G2 and G6, bf190, P-40 Tempest mk5 p38 and b-25 and with Tactics and techniques manual of 1942. If anyone have specific request let me know if i gonna find it i will post it as well
  3. I did made some effort and gather some Original manuals of aircraft, and some guides. For these tho interesting to reed about it some of them are in Russian and German but most of them are in English once and if i gonna find more original manuals i will upload them more. below is are link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tfU0AWz4A5xFu0-BmnhWIMJ1eoMF3Adm?usp=sharing
  4. can i ask you where do you find this chart? i would like to have are look at it if that is posible
  5. o i will gonna enjoy it allot Thank you again
  6. Thank you very very much KG_S_Big_Al_the_Allo I really appreciated your gift Thank you again good sir
  7. Stegosaurus i would like to have u2vs please
  8. i understand thank you very much
  9. ah i see thank you for clearing up things. I just wanna ask are you intend or have plans to implement cold start to yours campaign generator?
  10. Hello to all. I just downloaded PWCG latest cold start version and i having hard time to start mission with the engines cold and i seem cant set same skins for squadron. 1. can anyone explain me how to start missions with engines cold if that is even possible. 2. and as well it would be nice if anyone could explain me how to set up squadron skins
  11. i was thinking exactly about same feature, i just didn't realize it isn't implemented in the game
  12. i notice as well a lot of people turning up for the missions but jumping of because there is no join in progress for the missions. is there possibility to include join in progress or that is something not possible?
  13. i assume it is, there is full engine controls and management, there is no gps marker. from my experience it is like any other good realistic servers but this have all camera controls. I assume he will remove eventually all external cameras
  14. Hi Vander I was today on your server and it is very nice and i did enjoy it a lot and i was looking for something like that for long time. And i notice couple things that can be improved in my opinion. Fist need to remove 3rd person views completely and second need to add some more AI at the moment missions feels very empty and it would be nice to increase they skill level, because fighting AI don't give any challenge they fly in strait line or in level turn. But that is my opinion don't take personal, apart that mission are very nice and enjoyable
  15. it seems i have are bug on mission 2 with oil system failing from 10 attempts it fails all the time and that leading to engine die. i don't know if that is intended or is something on my end
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