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  1. Papa_Bear

    Mod carrer, random skins wingers by squadron is possible

    it is very cool idea and i really like it but can you explain me where to place skins.cfg file? and if i understand only next file is skins.tab.eng and it goes to graphics folder?
  2. Papa_Bear

    My last give away

    i would like to have Po-2 Please
  3. i don't think you can get cd keys from steam they are hidden for safety and copyright purpose. i think only one thing you can do link steam account with official website account, and in the future if you buy on website you can still play in game with new modules
  4. 4. New Career mission "Troop concentration night bombing strike";5. New Career mission "Enemy airfield night bombing strike";6. New Career mission "Railway hub night bombing strike";7. New Career mission "Supply dump night bombing strike";8. New Career mission "River crossing night bombing strike"; I just wonder if these new career mission available to all bombers? and if so how often these are available in campaign if somebody can tell me i would appreciate
  5. I just finish campaign and it was amazing. You did amazing job with it, i especially enjoy starting in parking are and with engines off it was very nice change. Thank you very much for amazing campaign. one question are you planing to make any more campaigns in the future?
  6. Ii wanna ask what is purpose and advantage and disadvantage of interconnecting throttle and prop pitch, with interconnecting turbocharger controls. And for better performance it should be mapped RPM/prop pitch control with and turbocharger to different buttons or interconnecting turbocharger and prop pitch controls should be mapped on the same button?
  7. Papa_Bear

    P-47 D Skins

    Thank you for your'e work i'm appreciating
  8. Papa_Bear

    P-47 D Skins

    Can i request P47 skin? It seams it is very suited for this beauty. It is two different sides of the same plane. Thank you
  9. i have very noob question how to enable water injection on p47?
  10. Papa_Bear

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    is there are ts or discord channels?
  11. Papa_Bear

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    i know i am bomber myself
  12. Papa_Bear

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    its shame that there is not many flaying
  13. Papa_Bear

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    i so the videos of you guy flying and it look interesting so i did sign up
  14. Hello to all mission makers if possible i wanna request spitfire mk5 or mk9 campaign.
  15. Papa_Bear

    Need to wing up!

    hey man i'm flying very often il2 so we can wing up sometime in pair is more safe and fun