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  1. I do agree with you current mouse aim is just wrong saying nicely. couple updates back mouse aim was bad as well but it was playable but now is almost impossible to play. and on top of that what is the deal with turret sticking in the middle. i wanna be able to bind keys to my joystick and use it. unable to rebind turret keys is unacceptable by any standards and being early accesses is not exception
  2. are you guys gonna update Pz III L and T-34 STZ 1942 original tanks up to your standards?
  3. Greetings Comrades i wanna ask you for help setting up racing pedals as ruder pedals. If anyone done that and could help me to set up i would appreciate that. My pedals are t 500 rs and i have Windows 10 pro
  4. Hello SYN_Requiem can i ask you to share your current Track ir profile. the one in download section on 2014 it seems to sensitive looking backwards, if i try to look backwards to the left it always pushes pilot to the right checking six makes sometime very difficult. I try to tweak it but i make it worst. if you could share it, i greatly appreciate that. Thanks
  5. i really like that idea of being able to repair and rearm your plane. but to work properly i think still needs to be polished
  6. I think i found the bug that prevents from finishing sortie if you used repair service on airfield. Mission is Normandy fantasy summer and map i think is Stalingrad summer or spring
  7. it seems there is some issues getting in to the server
  8. i having trouble to get started with cold start PWCG in 6.13 version. i didn't see separate download anywhere or there is something in config? Can somebody help me with it?
  9. is there any news or estimated times when you gonna be reschedule, or if you gonna be reschedule?
  10. Updated with P-51, bf 109G2 and G6, bf190, P-40 Tempest mk5 p38 and b-25 and with Tactics and techniques manual of 1942. If anyone have specific request let me know if i gonna find it i will post it as well
  11. I did made some effort and gather some Original manuals of aircraft, and some guides. For these tho interesting to reed about it some of them are in Russian and German but most of them are in English once and if i gonna find more original manuals i will upload them more. below is are link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tfU0AWz4A5xFu0-BmnhWIMJ1eoMF3Adm?usp=sharing
  12. can i ask you where do you find this chart? i would like to have are look at it if that is posible
  13. o i will gonna enjoy it allot Thank you again
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