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  1. probably because servers never run long enough for people to settle on them or to see them. I'm myself flying almost every day past almost 3 month i see only handful times servers being open and running
  2. time is very difficult for everyone especially for Dev. team and upcoming Christmas makes everything much harder than it is. So I'm urge everyone to be very patient and understanding. Even with tease difficult times Dev. team keeps surprising and producing better content then before. So please guys lets support team as much as we can. Every little helps
  3. is only one out of two landing lights suppose to be working on hurricane? or second one is decorative only?
  4. Greetings comrades i was looking for suggestion for decent mp server with good tank community, if there is one. I notice that on most of the servers nobody plays tanks. Are tank community dead on IL2?
  5. i have some questions does tank gunner turret control with joystick was implemented? if so how do you set up to work? because i cant use joystick for turret control or shooting. i able to use mouse for rotating and shooting i can use throttle to drive but not joystick for turret. if anyone have explanation or tip i would appreciate
  6. how do you access the update? i bought it via il2 store, and steam downloaded but in game there is no changes whatsoever ----- Answer from developer: See above post.
  7. Thank you dear developers for your hard work and amazing product created. IL2 Great Battles it is the best sim today on the market and Devs. Are most talented people iv seen so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  8. i have couple questions if i may. 1. is there are currently high alt bomber escort missions? if not are you planing to implement them? 2.is there are long range bombing or bomber escort missions? 3. is possible to set heavy or very heavy flak around the target? Thanks for answers
  9. Thank you i will keep in mind your suggestions for are next video
  10. This is my first edited video, i never used video editor so all critic and suggestions are very welcome to me
  11. i don't relay care what kind of bomber it is, but allied side needs some more bombers ideally heavy or medium. while axes getting bombers allied getting fighters. and war is always is win by bombers
  12. i don't know if was asked or not, but i will ask as well. are you planing to implement rearm and repair system on your server? and what is you think about it?
  13. your project sounds very interesting and i wish you the best of luck. and if you need testing i am would like to help
  14. i am well aware what it is and all story about b25 in game. I just saying that there is button in game in new carer as locked squadron plane with all other player planes
  15. well i came to cliffs only in past two month before i always play il 2 BOS. and flying bombers is great joy for me. and knowing i will be able to fly medium bombers i am existed
  16. Thank you Gentlemen for very good news. I cant wait for TFS 5.0
  17. ACG_PapaBear


    This question probably was asked many times but i will ask as well. Does Wellington or any other medium bomber will be player flyable at some point?
  18. I have two question most likely they was asked many times before but i gonna ask you anyways. 1. Does your server have AI? 2. if not do you consider adding AI? in my opinion AI planes would add a lot of fun on quieter servers where is not many players
  19. I do agree with you current mouse aim is just wrong saying nicely. couple updates back mouse aim was bad as well but it was playable but now is almost impossible to play. and on top of that what is the deal with turret sticking in the middle. i wanna be able to bind keys to my joystick and use it. unable to rebind turret keys is unacceptable by any standards and being early accesses is not exception
  20. are you guys gonna update Pz III L and T-34 STZ 1942 original tanks up to your standards?
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