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  1. Well I have several careers ongoing and I recently picket this one up. I flew this particular career for the past few days before the reset was done.
  2. Hi everyone, I was flying my German career with 30+ hours. Already promoted to Hauptmann for a while now. And then after completion of the latest mission, when selecting 'New Day' I was demoted to the lowest rank, and all my stats were gone. Everything was reset to 0 and I got my Pilots badge.. again.. The only thing that remains is the timeline. Has anyone else experienced such thing? And is there a way to fix it? I hate to start from scratch after all the time that has gone into this career.
  3. Alright, new day, new chance. I’ve figured it out finally. Probably I was too fast binding the keys, which resulted in the game recognizing buttons instead of axes. So I got everything running fine now, no problems anymore. I learned a thing or two along the way. Thank you to everybody for their tips and suggestions. Have a good one.
  4. So, I finally managed some time to try out the things you’ve said. I did unplug every device and start adding one by one. After the first time the game recognized the Throttle Quadrant, but I had to switch it with the Hotas Throttle (The notification about new controller like you’ve mentioned). It pops up in de “devices” file in de IL-2 folder. The thing is however, the throttle quadrant works fine now, so is every button and switch on the Hotas, but the Hotas levers and switches on the levers don’t work anymore. I tried playing with the device file, deleting both throttles and restarting the game. The only option I get is changing the controls from the Hotas to the quadrant, but not vice versa. I did try to install Joystick Gremlin, but I get a error message and can’t complete the installation. I will try Vjoy soon. I have all the latest drivers installed. So, I’m glad the Throttle Quadrant is working now, but it’s annoying the Hotas Throttle works only half. Thanks for the help so far! It has been really useful.
  5. It only shows rudder, throttle and joystick. Beside that, I have a keyboard, mouse, headset and TrackIR connected and of course the throttle quadrant. I read that IL-2 supports up to 8 devices? But I don’t think headset and TIR counts?
  6. Yes, it shows under Windows devices. I can calibrate en test de axis. Seems fine. I’m running the game via Steam. I’ve never seen any message about new devices or whatsoever. Nor do I have a login screen. But I’ve openend the devices.txt and it doesn’t show the throttle quadrant. Only my T-Rudder, and both Hotas throttle and joystick.
  7. I have used different USB ports and restarted the pc several times to no avail.
  8. Hi everyone, I just bought the Saitek Throttle Quadrant, thought it would make an exccelent addition to my Hotas. But it seems the game does not recognize the thing. I tried it on FSX and Rise of Flight, it worked perfect. But not in IL-2. I did some research on the forum and web, and it seems people are using the throttle quadrant with the game. Am I missing something?
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