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  1. just wanted to start a similar thread, but since its here ill go on here: take a look at the Militarysim -Squad- and its VoiP system, it is not 100% perfect (mostly by languageproblems or missing mics) but its working very good, youre split into squads and you cant talk inside that squad, the squadleader can talk to the other squadleaders and suddenly 40 people pulling the same rope could work here the same way, join the server, join a flightgroup/wing/squad whatever you wanna call it, one that feels able to will lead the group and can do tactics with the other groups , maybe combined with different markers on the map to be seen by the whole team (ofc only to be done by the lead to prevent chaos) and maybe with a local radio so you can talk to all teammates inside visual range
  2. theres a serious Problem in Cheating beeing related to your Nation (the general view of people around the world), fueled by latest sports and political situations, I guess it will take way more than 100 years to be cured. The same thing like all germans are generalized as Nazis even if alot of people in germany dont even know a small piece of its countrys crimehistory
  3. realize how much fuel it carrys and how far you could go with it, most of the time half fuel or even 30% are more than enough, you can calculate via the ingame range (one of the big squares on the map is 10km X 10km ) and 200 kilogramm less fuel makes you climb better, for the counter try to start and climb with the 1800kg Bomb with full fuel load (its a real battle to even take off without using additional grassrunway)
  4. i sometimes feel like theres a lot of latency involved when the bullets dont take effect , since theres bulletspeeds of 1k m /s millisec. definetly count on high pings (i also wondered from day 1 in this game that theres no ping shown in the statspage)
  5. for me it was a Steamsale that gave me DarkSouls 2 for 9,99€ , why not try it ,and it fully got me and i guess DS3 will follow instantly after ending, just once in around 3 weeks i felt like dying in the air instead the 30th time vs any fantasyRPGboss that twohits me :D
  6. fuel is a big thing in the stuka, a full tank gives a huge range ,which is not even almost needed, most of the time i do bombing runs at 30% and only the really far targets get me on reserve (ofc cruise settings and fuel saving settings) makes taking off and maneuvering way easier at 270km/h you need 2m11s to travel one block on the map (the big one = 3 small blocks) and a full tank with 840!!!liters gives 3:40 hours at 300km/h at 5k altitude ,do your math that tool is also good to have : http://il2map.info
  7. is it a licensed gladiator or just a bad copy ? cant find a price or a possibility to order besides polskie language ? and heared about its not coming with the gimbal mechanics which is the only reason why i would buy it
  8. Gladiator pro 240€ ? -> BOK -> Gladiator Pro hotas ???€ BOK -> inbetween Gladiator ? lets wait till mid nov. :/ btw. i wonder how to get those Game owning golden signs under my profile pic ?
  9. next time i´ll check before believing in any rumours -.-
  10. noooooooo, all plans for weekend killed pls just restart, i want to be able to jabo if i feel like !!! not to forget that im having way better overall performance compared to "the other server"
  11. just joined a turret position and got server message to leave or be kicked, i left immediately and recieved a death for it ? is it intended ? maybe to save bombers from bad or trollgunners that shooting the rudder,elev. or else, if so i can understand it , but a death
  12. No need for grinding anymore, just enter your profile on the official Homepage (click the Big Il2 logo at the top of the Forum) with your logindata you use for the gmae, and on the right theres a point called activate unlocks, and you get all weapons/skins for all planes and yes , going alone is quite difficult in the 190 vs good pilots ,also the fcked up renderdistance of 10 km is plain shit when up at 7k, not sure if its a ball around the plane or a cylinder ,if ball - 7k would mean you can spot only in a 3 km circle directly underneath which is blocked by wing and belly
  13. this thread is so cool! I really enjoy this story that gamers help in rebuilding history !
  14. Why, just why are all people so obsessed by getting more more more of everything, i think a good first step would be to bring the existing stuff to a perfect state, otherwise it will be soon like a know f2p wannabe simulator that promised bombercockpits for years and nothing happened, instead they brought like 10 more bombers without cockpit and also, theres no need for full planesets, single planes to buy would be enough, a 15€ price sounds way more interesting to many people than a pack of 8 or 10 for 50/80€ , in some 300 hours ive dont even touched some planes i have available
  15. as you pass by you see different layers of the 3d model and yes it annoys me too (will dx11 fix it) while looking down and trying to fix a green plane over a constant shapeshifting appearing and disappearing trees, sometimes a game of luck
  16. Nobody needs another Wingthunder of Liberty server that luckily collected all the MP players !!!! the Tactical Air War server will be back inbetween days, maybe even hours!!!
  17. I can do Testflying 8 Hours a day ,just need food, water and sometimes a scotch and cigarettes , im no testpilot but i will improve fast and i have small autistic disorders (in a good way) i can be a machine - employ me !
  18. Im going at a relative good ping of 80 at WoL and nearly always have bad stuff happen like disconnects ,undestructible targets, enemies rubberbandzooming away or into me , popping visible out of the nowhere. (Even gunfire out of a blank screen) while in SP everything dies as expected. Did you ever thought about the Wings server is just a really bad performance one ? or thought about something thats called lag compensation, (the same problem the CSGO official matchmaking servers have)
  19. Type of improvement: Change the way the scratches on the cockpitglass get visible Explanation of proposals: , they are scratches and not fat white bloblines that only kill immersion because the look like painted with a pen on the glass (on ultra settings) Benefits: visibility , Immersion
  20. so its not an issue of Opentrack but a weird thing is i only get it on fully zoomed out and need to do the same watching-around thing to stop the stutter
  21. i should definetly start to do recordings, and i will try to reproduce it this evening. was a BoM map at +4° at about 3k meters and im 99% sure i wasnt hit ,had the prey always in sight ,but theres also the groundfire !
  22. maybe wrong forum section ^^ just wanted to know if its a normal and known way the DB engine reacts or maybe a bug
  23. sure but i guess they can tell alot about the feel of the plane at the limits they are reaching
  24. how about asking those pilots that are flying the 109 G4 red 7, The G6 ,the G10, the E7 and a G12 which is a two seater that are restored and sometimes crashed into cornfields in airshows ? i guess they know the behavior of the planes !
  25. just did a hard pull up and cut throttle to zero from combat ata in the e7 and suddenly the engine stopped, radiators open and no wep used , was to force an overshoot and he had no gunsolution all the time ,just engine stopped like hitting E button and wont restart and no, no hands on keyboard
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